I recently wrote an article regarding CIA’s use of Mia Khalifa, which I sent to her:

Mia Khalifa, Sex Kittens, & Second Amendment Rights

I am sorry she did not respond.  I would like very much for her to wake up, as I would all of us.

But I understand the nature of MK-ULTRA programming, which uses amnesia walls to create resistance to awareness.  I was there once–and, much like someone who had been hypnotized on stage, I would have laughed at the “suggestion” that I had been hypnotized.

(A common command, under hypnosis, is “You will not respond to anyone else’s suggestions.”)

When you combine hypnosis with sexual abuse, trauma, drugs, and electroshock–as CIA’s PROJECT MONARCH, developed by the Illuminati and the Tavistock Institute, does–suggestions are very hard to overcome.

In my article, I posted the following picture, to show that CIA had used Miss Khalifa to anger not only Muslims but also Christians–the two largest religious groups in her home country of Lebanon–for both geopolitical and perverse reasons:


Dr. Katherine Horton, an important leader in the Resistance, wrote to me as follows:

Excellent post. I would also point out how in the image where Mia poses as the Virgin Mary, her right hand is pointing at a heart nourishing the eternal flame, which respresents hell and Satan in cartel-signalling.

And, only one week later, Miss Khalifa posted this photograph on Twitter:


Why would an otherwise intelligent & attractive woman stand, with her breasts hanging out, next to a fat tattooed loser making the sign of the beast? with a dirty cup over her privates to symbolize them? and a bottle, next to the cup, to symbolize male sex organs? And why on earth would she retweet it?

When you see people acting out of character, in a way against their interests, the answer is simple:  CIA PROJECT MONARCH a/k/a MK-ULTRA.  This is cartel-signaling.  Our enemy is satanic.  And they love that hand sign….

Hillary Rodham Clinton




And as though that’s not enough, the Illuminati hypnotize people to brand themselves like cattle, just as they did with the royal heads of Europe around 1900, when they all got tattoos, or as they did forcibly with people herded into Nazi concentration camps.  So here is Mia’s Batman tattoo, because, as mentioned in my other articles, they love superheroines….

mia bat


And what’s really scary is the kitten ears, and the dazed look, a sure sign of MK-ULTRA abuse, not to mention the sexual symbolism below:


This is CIA PROJECT MONARCH sex-kitten beta programming.  Remember it the next time you see a woman with a dazed look wearing a leopard print….


And, hey, remember PizzaGate, which CIA mouthpiece Snopes dismisses as a “conspiracy theory.”  This seems an odd way to get erotic….


And, if you still don’t think a picture can be purposefully symbolic, how’s this?


Mia Khalifa is a woman who is otherwise intelligent, and she thinks she is just having fun, making a bit of money, and acting independently.

That is how Monarch controllers blind us to our slavery.


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Our enemy depends on our silence.



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