As I have written elsewhere, I am a third-generation survivor of CIA’s mind control programs on both sides of my family.

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I grew up in Westfield, New Jersey, which is heavily satanic.  Charles Addams was born there, there were regular ritual murders, and Fort Dix was only an hour south.  They even made a game of putting 666 in the newspapers.

The Jersey Devil – MK-ULTRA Programming Sessions in Westfield, NJ (1979)

westfield leader

There I was brainwashed at an MK-ULTRA programming center disguised as a soccer camp.

Wonder Woman – MK-ULTRA Programming Sessions in Linden, NJ (1976-1978)

Danger Island – MK-ULTRA Programming Sessions in Linden, NJ (1976-1978)

linden high school

Marilyn Lange, the Playmate of the Year, grew up in the same town and went to the same camp.

Marilyn Lange in Westfield – Satanists, CIA, and Soccer Camp

wychwood gatehouse copy

The sports teams in Westfield, New Jersey, are the Blue Devils.

blue devils

Later I would move near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, where the sports teams are the Blue Demons.

kennett blue demons

It’s hardly surprising since the DuPont family, a pack of satanic Illuminists who made their fortune on defense contracts and plastic, built Kennett High School.

The DuPont Family & the DuPont Company – Behind the Nylon Curtain

kennett high school

Kennett even has a robot team called Demon Robotics.

Demon Robotics 4342

demon robotics

That sounds kind of sinister since CIA uses cybernetics to promote transhumanism.  Robotics are big in MK-ULTRA.

Robot Women – Gynoids, Cyborgs, & Bionics

seven of nine

They’ve been working on this stuff for well over sixty years.

Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

More on Cybernetics & the Minds of Men

They used to use old-fashioned implants.

Patents for Mind Control Technology

v2k patent 2

But now they favor nano-technology, or smart dust, tiny robots ingested through our food and drink.

Smart People Don’t Drink Smart Water

smart water 2

Through PROJECT CLOVERLEAF and INDIGO SKY FOLD, CIA and USAF spray us with chemtrails, so we inhale smart dust.

Chemtrails, Smart Dust, & Mind Control – We Are Being Sprayed Like Bugs!

They are also spraying fungus, or slime mold, which combines with the smart dust to help it spread through our brains.

This makes mind-mapping possible.

As for those mushrooms, they’re grown in Kennett Square.  The town, whose school was build by a bloodline DuPont, is the Mushroom Capital of the World.

Kennett Mushroom

See those senders? The antennae on top of the water tower are used for microwave harassment–to broadcast signals to the cybernetics in our heads.

Microwave Harassment, Mind Control, and Misdiagnosis


How’s this for satanic cartel signaling?  On New Year’s Eve, a satanic holiday, they set up a giant mushroom decorated with lights, imitating the fungus adorned with nanobots that fills our brainstem.

A Primer on Satanic Cartel Signaling – Thunderbirds, Firebirds, & Phoenixes

Kennett Mushroom New Years

Speaking of satanic holidays, Kennett Square has a time capsule that was buried on September 11, 1998, three years before the attacks on the World Trade Center, to be opened on September 11, 2098.

Afghanistan – The Trillion Dollar Drug War the Deep State Started through 911

It sits in front of the Genesis Building….

genesis healthcare

On the other side of the edifice, also known as the Michael R. Walker Building, sits a black-and-white compass rose.

kennett square compass

You know? Just like the one at CIA headquarters….

cia floor

That symbol, known as the Star of Ishtar, appears in Eyes Wide Shut, by Stanley Kubrick, amid a host of other Illuminati signs.

The Hidden and Not-So-Hidden Messages in Eyes Wide Shut (part one)

The Hidden and Not-So-Hidden Messages in Eyes Wide Shut (part two)

star of ishtar eyes wide shut

Meanwhile, in Kennett, right across the street from the Genesis Building stands the Unicorn Block.  Spooks love corners, with views of two different streets, and two different addresses….

kennett unicorn block

The unicorn is another Illuminati symbol.

On September 11, 1777, twelve thousand British troops and five thousand Hessian mercenaries gathered in front of the Unicorn Tavern, in Kennett Square, before marching north on the King’s Highway to Chadds Ford where the Battle of the Brandywine, the largest battle in the Revolutionary War, was fought.  Afterwards, the British wintered in Philadelphia, and the Continental Army encamped at Valley Forge.

Battle of the Brandywine Map

The Star of Ishtar, the Unicorn, the mushrooms, and 911 are not the only Illuminist symbols that appear in Kennett Square.  There is also the V sign.


Here you can see Winston Churchill, Heinrich Himmler, and Vladimir Lenin all with that sign.

Illuminati, Masonic, & Satanic Handsigns


Churchill and Nixon thought of it as the victory sign.  So just as people in 1984, by George Orwell, live in Victory Flats and drink Victory gin, people in Kennett Square live in Victory Apartments and drink Victory beer.

Smart Television – Big Brother Is Watching You 

victory brewing

I don’t know when it all started; but there are definite markers from the American Revolution–with the Unicorn Tavern, 911, and the Battle of the Brandywine–and the DuPonts came here during the French Revolution.

illuminati revolution

Later, Bayard Taylor, a “diplomat” and “travel writer”–that’s code for a spy–lived in Cedar Croft right outside Kennett, where he wrote The Story of Kennett.  His picture hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Targeted Justice – More On My Trip To Our Nation’s Capital

bayard taylor

Something’s definitely going on in Kennett….


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  1. The artwork of Uncle Sam is missing the red stripes on his hat. Because of the Mandela Effect, the stripes that were in Uncle Sam’s hat have disappeared and the top of the hat is now solid white. Do you have any conjectures on the Mandela Effect?


      1. The Mandela Effect is only the weirdest, most bizarre thing I have ever come across in my life. You can’t be serious when you say that you’ve never heard of it, can you? Here’s another example, as related to this site: The book by the lady who was involved with Bob Hope is called “Thanks For The Memories.” This is a witty and very clever title, considering what the book is about. Of course, it’s a play on words of the famous Bob Hope tune of the same title: Thanks For The Memories. But get this, that is NOT the title of the Bob Hope tune. The real title is “Thanks For The Memory”, as in singular. Through the Mandela Effect, somehow Bob Hope has changed his tune to “Thanks For The Memory”, not “memories.” Brice Taylor would have named her book “Thanks For The Memory” to go along with the song, but she did not. The Mandela Effect is something weird and bizarre where subtle things have somehow changed, such as song titles, lyrics to songs, famous movie quotes, etc. What is the cause of it and what is the explanation? I don’t know. I was thinking that with your research on CERN and secret governmental activities that you would have already known about this.


      2. What I see is a play on words. It may be intentional, or it may be a mistake.

        Certainly, word play, often jejune, is a big part of MK-ULTRA. Sometimes neurolinguistic operators are trying to be clever, and sometimes they are just getting it wrong. In this regard, I have been thinking lately of White Noise by Don DeLillo, which contains a lot of this kind of stuff.

        For what it’s worth, I’ve posted some of my articles on V2K (voice to skull), NLP (neurolinguistic programming), NLF (neurolinguistic formulae), and forced speech below.

        I think an important thing to remember is that language is not reality, and the same word will always hold different meanings for different people–and that’s among people of good will who are actually trying to understand each other (without the additional complications with subhumans who have no desire to understand or communicate and hope only to mislead and destroy us).

        As you say, memory and false memory are a large part of MK-ULTRA, too. George Orwell writes in 1984, “Who controls the past controls the future.”

        Programmers are pure evil, they are stupid, and they are liars. Often they will try to make children believe their parents molested them, or they will try to make parents believe they molested their children. Or they will promote similar lies blaming others for the crimes they commit.

        Alternatively, programmers will try to dismiss actual recollections of abuse as “false memory syndrome.”

        That said, I’m always interested to learn from others, and I appreciate your comment. I hope you feel free to add more discussion on the Mandela Effect below or to add other comments on other topics throughout this site.


  2. The only thing I can add right now about the Mandela Effect is that when I first discovered it, it freaked me out. You almost had to pull me out from underneath my bed, where I was in the fetal position and sucking my thumb. 🙂 When I first heard of it I mocked it as a stupid, inane internet hoax. Someone challenged me to take 5 minutes and look into it. I already gave you the two examples above about Bob Hope and Uncles Sam’s hat now being all white instead of striped. Here are some others: Depends Undergarments changing to “Depend” (singular). The Snoopy guy, Charles M. Schultz’s name suddenly changed from “Schultz” to “Schulz.” Remember that famous line from Casablanca, “Play it again, Sam”? Everyone knows that famous phrase, whether they’ve seen the movie or not! But now, that line suddenly disappeared from the movie and it was never actually said! Really. You won’t find that line in the movie anymore. So, the reason I was in a fetal position underneath my bed is because we all know that Uncle Sam’s hat is supposed to have red and white stripes in it and not be solid white. And we all know that it’s Depends undergarments, not the silly-sounding “Depend”, etc. I’m not ready to concede time travel; that just seems too far-fetched and weird to be plausible. Some people think that CERN is doing strange things and creating these weird occurrences. I honestly have no answer, but the elites messing with things at CERN is a possible answer.


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