Our recent election with the rigged voting machines, the prosecution of the former president, and the attendant control of the media has shown the United States to be the Banana Republic it is.

It will not be long until the CIA brainwashes a disgruntled lunatic to assassinate President Biden, so they can put in Kamala Harris.

The false flag attack will provide the NWO with the excuse for a crack-down.

It will lay the ground for a big gun grab.

The plan to violate our second amendment rights, in response to staged mass shootings, is called GLADIO C.

OPERATION GLADIO C is international in scope.

OPERATION GLADIO C is connected to multiple army bases including Fort Dix and Fort Hood.

But what about the operations at a different army base?

Fort Benning is the home to what was once called the School of the Americas but is now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.

Fed with our tax dollars, WHINSEC trains the homosexual cowards that infest our armed forces to commit war crimes in Latin America.

The trash are so bold that they killed an archbishop at the altar, after he gave mass, and they massacred innocents at his funeral, while they torture, rape, and murder nuns.


American interference in Latin America is tied to cocaine, just as the trillion-dollar wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan are tied to opium.

It’s part of the War against the Third World.

While the hypocrites in Washington claim to support democracy, they seek to destroy it.

But it’s not just cocaine that interests CIA.

Nor is it the oil in Venezuela.

They’re interested in something else.


General Smedley Butler won the Medal of Honor twice.

He spoke out against the Banana Wars, as he foiled the Business Plot, in which multinational corporations tried to overthrow the United States Government.

General Butler spoke out against the aborted fascist coup, including in his book, War is a Racket, but no one listened.

O.Henry coined the term Banana Republic, in his book, Cabbages and Kings, but no one listened.

Joseph Conrad wrote of Colombia and Panama, in his book, Nostromo, but no one listened.

It’s almost as though people are hypnotized….

It’s almost as though the news is disinformation….

It’s almost as though the television is a mind control device….

No wonder Americans think a Banana Republic is a clothing shop!

Do you think it could have something to do with Edward Bernays, who wrote a book called Propaganda, as he did public relations for the United Fruit Company?

Bernays brainwashed the American People not only to think that income tax was a patriotic duty, smoking was cool, and eggs and bacon were a healthy breakfast, but also to make bananas our most popular fruit.

Bernays brainwashed the American People to overthrow the democratically elected leader of Guatamala.

At the same time, the United States Government would purposely infect Guatamalans with syphilis, just as they infect us with Coronavirus today.

CIA lies behind it all, as Allen Dulles, the Director of Central Intelligence, and his brother, John Foster Dulles, the Secretary of State, served on the Board of United Fruit.

The United Fruit Company had enormous power, as it directed the homosexual thugs in the American military to torture, rape, and murder.

Dole and Chiquita are no different.

You can learn about these crimes in books like Bitter Fruit.

Don’t buy non-organic bananas, which are harvested with slave labor, watered with blood, and drenched with insecticides.

Buy banana clips, if it is legal for you to do so, in a private sale.

The enemy is coming!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

9 thoughts on “BANANA REPUBLIC!”

  1. Thank you so much for all your work. I just found your site. SO many questions but I’ll read for now as I’m sure you have covered them likely (tho specifically, I can’t help but blurt out now because I’m so curious – I personally feel that Santa Clarita may be it’s own hotbed of politics, have you heard anything similar re the valley? Includes Valencia, Saugus and Canyon Country)

    Again, thank you so much!


    1. Dear Iris:

      I think you’re onto something, and I would love to hear more of what you know.

      I always encourage people to set up sites of their own, and you can also use the comments here to share information from which other readers can benefit.

      I did take a quick look, and the area you mention does indeed look suspicious.

      You might be interested in my article on mapping Los Angeles.

      Otherwise, it is imperative that you keep your sleeping quarters safe, as indicated in my article below:

      Write me any time,



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