What used to be called the School of the Americas is now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC).


You can learn about the crimes committed by the “students” of this organization not only in the article linked above, which contains more video, but also in the film, Hidden in Plain Sight, which has interviews with defenders and critics of WHINSEC.


Here is a further source of information about the crimes sponsored by WHINSEC, which have not gone away since it changed its name from the School of the Americas.


If you have a problem with the torture, rape, and murder of priests, nuns, women, and children being funded by your tax dollars, you can contact the home of WHINSEC at Fort Benning, Georgia, as you let them know what you think.


Maybe you can inspire them with a sense of shame, but I doubt it.


Still, it’s worth a shot, so I encourage you to call Fort Benning, as you let them know what you think, at the following numbers:  (706) 545-5516 or (706) 545-4043.


While you’re at it, you can call some of the other partners of these criminals.

The American Council on Education (ACE) accredits courses at WHINSEC, where students are taught to use blowtorches and pliers on the bodies of civilians.


Let ACE know what you think of them supporting the criminals at WHINSEC:  (202) 939-9300.

Troy University partners with WHINSEC, so you can let them know what you think of the organization:  (800) 414-5756.

Regent University partners with WHINSEC, so you can let them know what you think of the organization:  (800) 373-5504.

Florida Tech partners with WHINSEC, so you can let them know what you think of the organization:  (321) 674-8000.

Then you can use the link below to call your representatives in the United States Congress, telling them to defund or investigate WHINSEC.


Here’s some information you can use when you tell them about recent crimes committed by WHINSEC.


You might mention that you don’t like the fact that we have more than thirty trillion dollars ($30,000,000,000,000.00) of federal debt, part of which goes to fund WHINSEC, as the burden increases more than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) every minute.


At minimum, you can stop eating the bananas that support the Banana Republics supported by WHINSEC.


As ridiculous as it sounds, the consumption of this fruit, grown by Dole and Chiquita, who could care less whether you call them, is intimately tied to atrocities in Latin America.


Those bananas are full of pesticides anyway, so they are not good for you.


If you still don’t care about torture, or poisoned bananas, or tax dollars, remember that the criminals trained at Fort Benning are creating a wave of Hispanic immigration, as illegals move into our country—and this needs to be stopped.

Visit the School of the Americas Watch, founded by Father Roy Bourgeois, a retired naval officer and priest, so you can learn more, while you click on their action items, which will put you in touch with your federal representatives regarding more particular and related issues.


And, if you really want to go whole hog, you can check out the scholarly article, below, regarding the feasibility of suing the United States Government for its sponsorship of crimes through WHINSEC.

That article has some good historical background, too.

OPERATION CONDOR never went away, and we’re paying for it.

Anything that closely associated with Henry Kissinger can’t be good.


It’s time to shut WHINSEC down.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


  1. The controlling cabal have no shame, just a psychopathic desire to annihilate the majority of the world population.
    Where I reside in Britain, the policy at the moment appears to be the importation of extremely fit and healthy young men (very few, or none women or children) via boats and dinghies to our shores who arrive well dressed, with cell/ mobile phones and are very aggressive.
    I myself am not racist towards any group as my life over the last 30 years has been enhanced by immigration. The restaurants and take-aways and work-mates i had from many lovely people from different countries.
    I made many friendships from the those who chose to live in Britain and cherish those people as genuine friends. Unfortunately it’s now my belief that the ‘new immigrants’ are being used as part of the Kalergi plan, to bring about a civil war in Britain.
    I will possibly be severely reprimanded for posting this but I need to speak out, as not only the ‘British’ people will be genocided but the ‘useful puppets’ too. Not a great situation, but love your family and friends, and enjoy being on this beautiful plane of existence. Take care my friend.


    1. You are exactly right, my friend, and I applaud your bravery.

      The Kalergi Plan is well under way, as race-mixing is also promoted through the media. Failing our acquiescence, they seek to push us into racial hatred, so they can stigmatize resistance.

      I am not a Christian, but I wrote a church-friendly piece on the moslem invasion, sponsored by the masons, which you can read below.


      Also, there are some excellent but hideous articles, by another writer, to which I have linked below. Frankly, I cannot stand to read them because they describe attacks against our women in graphic detail.

      Here’s the piece on the importation of taharrush into Germany:


      Here’s the piece on the importation of taharrush into Sweden:


      And here’s the piece on the importation of taharrush into the United Kingdom.


      My earliest pieces on this website looked at the disgusting attack against the heroic South African reporter, Lara Logan.



      And, since the enemy is not only rapist but homosexual, I have touched on nearly identical attacks against General Charles Gordon (a.k.a. Gordon Pasha or Chinese Gordon) and American Consul Christopher Stevens, partly in my article against Winston Churchill, which exposes the homosexual mafia that seeks to run England, while it connects to the public schools and the Oxbridge colleges.


      These themes work through my books, which anyone can download, for free, below—and which I hope you read, while the press releases provide quick overviews.


      Among other attacks, MI6, CIA, and NSA sent my girlfriend, whom I met in your country, to Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, where they arranged her sexual assault back in the eighties, while they worked to destroy South Africa and Rhodesia, but they simultaneously worked to build sympathy in me for White Africa, through particular programming sessions and the arrangement of my life.


      It might sound odd to say it in this context, but my books are actually very funny and cheerful, as I ruthlessly mock our imbecilic enemies and I also, gently and kindly, make fun of myself and other good people. It is my hope, while my epic celebrates bravery, beauty, and strength, showing the enemy for the imbecilic scum they are, that the books also educate, motivate, and entertain people.

      Like you, my conscience will not allow me to stand silent–which wouldn’t do any good anyway, since the trash come for us all, in the vilest ways, no matter what.


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