In my third book, available, for free, below, I describe the secret atomic program and the use of cybernetics to relay ideas to scientists.

You can learn more about the secret atomic program in my article on the Tunguska Event.

You can learn more about the use of cybernetics in connection with the secret atomic program in my article on Walter Russell.

He lived in a palace just up the road from my house, while we both lived on top of a secret military base, while the palace and the neighboring castle provided a secret meeting place for the nabobs of the New World Order.

That palace was connected to the Federal Reserve.

Someone I encountered in connection with my research was Rudolf Brunngraber.

Like Victor Rothschild, who was born on the luciferian quarterday of Samhain, which ends the Season of Harvest, while he died pursuant to his soul contract on the luciferian holiday of Ostara, which begins the Season of Sacrifice, Rudolf Brunngraber was born on the luciferian holiday of Mabon, just like other targeted individuals, with whom the enemy fail, as they use cybernetics, hypodermics, and caesarian section to induce labor or birth.

Rudolf Brunngraber wrote a novel called Radium about the secret nuclear program and its connection to the Rothschild Family, which ran Swannanoa Palace.

Rudolf Brunngraber wrote a novel about radio, which was used to transmit ideas into scientists’ heads, just as sound weapons are used against us all today.

Rudolf Brunngraber wrote novels about the Opium Wars, and Heroin, as the Deep State has continued to fight losing wars, enriching defense contractors, driving the government into debt, to be paid by the taxpayer, to the central bank, while the wars are fought in the regions of the world that produce the most opiates.

Rudolf Brunngraber wrote a novel about Cuba, while the scum in United Fruit, which has morphed into Dole and Chiquita, commit crimes in banana republics.

Rudolf Brunngraber wrote a screenplay about what he called the World Global Union, while he gave it the date of another luciferian holiday:  April Fools.

Rudolf Brunngraber is as good as Joseph Conrad, while he takes on the New World Order.

I wonder why no one reads him anymore….

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  1. I read through this piece and then went to your article about the Russells. As soon as I started to learn about them, I was suspicious. I never bought any of their books or courses. Something just seemed “off” about it all. Are you saying that Walter Russell was actually a true genius who got targeted by the Rothschilds because of his Divine connection and then programmed by his wife who was really his handler? Or was he already a “Freemason” or whatever?


    1. Walter Russell was being used, as was his wife, and neither was a very nice person.

      They were both “a bit dippy” according their neighbor, and his so-called divine revelation was nothing but voice-to-skull radio transmissions beamed into his head, feeding him military secrets that had been developed in underground laboratories, which he mistook for his inner genius.

      That is the only explanation possible for an artist with absolutely no scientific training, and no access to a laboratory, successfully predicting the existence of the radioactive elements deuterium, tritium, neptunium, and plutonium.

      The New World Order’s scheme was to build up their bogus University of Science and Philosophy, through the doctorate granted to Walter Russell, by the American Academy of Sciences, as it connected to Scientology, Elizabeth Taylor, and various Governors of Virginia, who chartered the mail-order university, while Swannanoa Palace, like Royal Orchard, was used as secret meeting place by guys like Henry Kissinger.

      People who fell for it would listen to voices in their heads, mistaking them for divine guidance or inner insight, and see meaning in arranged coincidences, mistaking them for synchronicity, so they would come under mind control.

      Walter Russell did not only give presentations to military honchos, but he was pals with Thomas Watson, who headed IBM, and he gave presentations to IBM’s executives, while this company made the genocide of Jews, Poles, Gypsies, and others far more efficient through two government censuses and leasing and maintaining computers at the Nazi Death Camps during World War II.

      Daisy Russell, renamed Lao, which she pronounced as LAY-OH, while she claimed to be the reincarnation of Lao Tse, was a two-bit hustler who grew up in the shadow of the Rothschilds’ Tring Park, and worked for them in her youth, while she made money in a fraudulent mail-order business selling untested “beauty” products that supposedly did things like make customers taller.

      As the authorities cracked down on this kind of stuff, she switched to a different fraudulent mail-order business, using the bogus university to sell the inner beauty of the soul instead of the outer beauty of the body.

      I lived next to the palace for a year, while it sits on a secret military base, into which I was kidnapped, not remembering, because of drugs like hyoscine, for twenty years, while all sorts of Rothschild stuff surrounds the mountain.

      Virginia Davis Edwards lived next to the palace, as she saw the honchos come and go, and she also saw Lao Russell regularly disappear, and return worse for wear, as she was kept prisoner on the grounds by her handlers.

      I have also been privileged to meet through this website, and by telephone, a member of the family that owns the new black-helicopter site, which also connects to the English Royals, CIA, CFR, and so on, as it sits right next to the palace: Royal Orchard.

      You can read about the whole thing in my third book–once you finish the second, or you can just skip to the last few chapters.

      Something really interesting that comes up is the use of the anti-nuclear program by the cult, and its masters, to bring down the Republic of South Africa, as the South Africans, visiting the palace, listening to their “conscience,” and seeing synchronicity, became the only country ever to give up their nuclear weapons voluntarily, while they simultaneously gave up their republic, but, before, they held one of the richest countries in the world, with five hamerkop glider nuclear bombs to defend themselves, just like the one they tested to create the Vela Incident a/k/a/ the South Atlantic Flash.

      Then, after the fall of South Africa, the terror-mongering anti-nuclear movement, which had been so mysteriously popular, on mainstream television, with shows like “Threads” put out by the British Broadcasting Company, and enormous protests in Washington, while it was backed by the anti-apartheid crowd, mysteriously went away, never to be heard from again, although thousands of nuclear warheads still remain in circulation, for the last thirty years, in a world situation that is more dangerous and unstable, by far, that of Detente or the Cold War between the USA and the USSR.


      1. I’m blown away. So much insider info, my friend. I will eventually read in Vols. 2 and 3, but the last couple of links will offer some insights for sure. Thank you for taking the time to prepare this lengthy reply!

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