America is under attack.

The killing of our old people, the destruction of our economy, and the assault on our civil liberties through the bio-weapon of COVID-19 are only part of the New World Order’s attack on our country.

For a long time, NWO has staged mass shootings in our schools, churches, and public as they attempt to destroy our second amendment rights.

The FBI does nothing to stop mass shootings because they support them.

You can read more about the War on Terror, which has cost six trillion dollars ($6,000,000,000,000.00), while it increased terrorist attacks, in my article below.

The FBI is as fake as a three-dollar bill.

FBI “operations” are often led by an informant–such as Robert Childs, a convicted rapist and child molester whom they paid $90,000.00.

That’s not surpising since the deep state is run by child molesters, a fact outlined by FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson, who wrote,

The FBI has an accurate count of the number of automobiles stolen every year.  It knows the number of homicides, rapes, and robberies, but the FBI has no idea of the number of children who disappear every year.

They simply do not ask for the statistics.

Every month, every major police department in the United States files its uniform crime statistics with the FBI.

It would be simple for the bureau to add one more column to the statistics and get a breakdown of every reported case of missing children–not to even mention children who are kidnapped for ritualistic purposes, and, in some cases, murdered.

I am convinced that the FBI does not ask for these statistics because they do not want to see them.

But what would a man who worked for the FBI in a senior position for almost thirty years, ran anti-terrorism units, or investigated the mass trafficking of children know about these things?

Or what would Cisco Wheeler, whose grandfather’s brother was our most senior general, know about the rape, brainwashing, and trafficking of our children at military bases?

Or why would we be concerned about a member of the Church of Satan being an army colonel?

But, excuse me, I didn’t mean to exaggerate:  Colonel Michael Aquino left the Church of Satan, only to marry one of its priestesses, as he founded the Temple of Set.

As I point out in my article below, no fewer than four mass shootings under OPERATION GLADIO C can be traced to Fort Hood.

Esteban Santiago-Ruiz, who spent nine years in the military, said the government made him shoot up Fort Lauderdale.

He is one of many whom they train in their brainwashing facilities, as the government rapes its own soldiers.

Meanwhile, false accounts of shootings, through which the hypocrites arrange the slaughter of the innocent, are played through the same news outlets that determined the false results of the federal election.

These news outlets spread their lies about the coronavirus—not to mention every other damned thing.


The World Health Organization, an arm of the United Nations, is part of the plot.

Financed by the Rockefellers, who have planned SCENARIO LOCK STEP, the United Nations attacks our sovereignty.

The United Nations trafficks children.

The United Nations erects statues, on our territory, like The Knotted Gun.

Brave journalists and lawyers like Linda Thompson have died to expose the big lie!

Will you let them down?

Be prepared!

It’s what Jesus would do.

Before they take your gun rights away, buy an assault rifle with cash in a private undocumented sale (if you may do so legally in your state).

You can learn more about it in the article below by the National Rifle Association.


Turn the tables on the scum:  use your stimulus check to buy an assault rifle.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


  1. Interesting that Esteban Santiago was triggered for the mass shooting on Jan 6. FBI/DOJ/Homeland, etc., used CIA platform FB to target patriots, along with a number of Trump supporters on Jan 6 ’21 when federal agents and ANTIFA members orchestrated chaos at the Capitol.


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