Today I spent time making a map of MK-ULTRA activity in Los Angeles.


Maps can show us different things, so New World Order encourages us to ask computers and satellites for directions, increasing our dependence on NASA, USAF, CIA, and their affiliates.


I know I have gotten lost when I depended on a computer for directions, whatever the app, and computer programs have tried to steer me into bad neighborhoods, onto busy roads, and through ugly scenery.

lost very lost

Through their targeting programs, the scum at NSA and DHS use computers to send you the wrong way.

conspiracy paranoid

A road atlas puts you in the driver’s seat:  it helps you understand where you are and where you are going.

road atlas

Maps allow you to make choices instead of following the commands of computers.


Maps empower you.

map orienteering

That is why, when the modern state was born, in the 1500s, monarchs set about mapping their countries.

elizabethan map 2Likewise, our enemies in the surveillance state watch the earth, and our movements, constantly with thousands of satellites.

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The purpose of NASA is not to explore space–but to control the earth.


Different maps can show you different things.

map of los angeles

Different maps can give you a different perspective.

map (topographical) of los angeles

Making a map can be like journaling:  it can help you understand your own experience.


Since the scum in the “global intelligence community” are out to get us, as targeted individuals, journaling or map-making can help you understand the attacks against you and your loved ones.


It can help you figure out the patterns of your targeting.


I strongly recommend that people take the time to fill out the affidavit created by my friend, Dr. Katherine Horton, which helped me organize my experience.

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And I also recommend that people create private, public, or semi-public journals and maps.

ptolemaic sphere

Along those lines, today I put together a map of MK-ULTRA activity in Los Angeles, based on my own experience, the experience of targeted individuals, and my understanding of history and popular culture.


Ironically, this activity also helped me learn some new computer skills–although you could do it the old-school way with paste, pens, scissors, and so on.

old dog new tricks

Here is my map, which was fun to make.


I went to Pomona College in the 1980s, where the scum broke into our rooms to hypnotize, drug, and abuse us.


I recalled those memories only recently, since trauma-based mind control uses hypnosis, drugs, and horrific abuse to create amnesic walls in the mind of the subject.

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You can learn more about the methods the Illuminati use against us from Cisco Wheeler, the grand niece of General Earle Wheeler, the Head of Joint Chiefs of Staff–but what would she know about secret government programs?

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cisco wheeler illuminati book

Everyone who went to the Claremont Colleges, everyone who lives in the world today, is as targeted as California itself.

Click Here To Learn about the Targeting of California!


Richard Chamberlain went to my college, and he was used for t.v. programming, although I forgot to put him on the map.

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richard chamberlain thornbirds

L.A. is so heavy with activity under PROJECT MONARCH and MK-ULTRA, that I didn’t put anything to do with Hollywood on the map, and still I easily filled it up.

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That also goes to show that different people could make different maps.

I also forgot to put something about Howard Hughes, a real American who fought the monopoly of Hollywood.

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howard hughes plane

If you know anything about microwave harassment, the logo for his film studio looks very suspicious.

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RKO Pictures Hughes

The scum implanted Howard Hughes with cybernetics when they sabotaged his plane, to get him alone in the hospital, and they used this technology to drive him mad.

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v2k patent 2

Still I remembered to indicate the Illuminati trash that went to my college–scum like Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Kris Kristofferson, and Roy Disney.

Read More about Kris Kristofferson’s Crimes Here!

kris kristofferson

The Disneys are as bad as it gets, and Disneyland, a place I never went, is a massive programming center.


Susan Ford experienced horrific abuse at Disneyland.

Learn More about Susan Ford Here!


Susan Ford was run not only by the degenerate, Bob Hope, but by the war criminal, Henry Kissinger.

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Susan Ford grew up in the satanic community of Woodland Hills, where she experienced horrific abuse.

Woodland Hills 2

That was also the birthplace of one of my favorite Playboy Playmates, Patty Duffek, a connection that helped me figure out a lot of things.

Miss Duffek would move to Phoenix, Arizona.

Learn More about Phoenix Here!

Lynda.Hunts.Tomb.2Phoenix is a town controlled by the freemasons, full of weird ritual sites, and riddled with sexual abuse and mind control–but that’s for a different map.

Click Here To Learn More About The Symbols Of Phoenix!

capstone cathedral 2

Several Playmates appear on my map of MK-ULTRA in L.A., as they had connections to Los Angeles, and others have occurred to me since I generated the document.

playboy anna nicole smith los angeles

Playboy is like Disney for teenage boys and young men.


Disney looks wholesome, but it is used for mind control, and those who encounter the enterprise firsthand suffer in ways we cannot imagine.


Playboy is the same:  Many experience horrific abuse, but they do not remember because they were drugged and hypnotized.

playboy.hefner.ciaAt the Playboy Mansion, women were programmed and raped, while men were programmed and blackmailed.

playboy.cosbyAll were drugged.

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No wonder the Playboy Mansion had tunnels leading to the homes of Hollywood stars.


Similar tunnels ran under the McMartin Preschool, near Hermosa and Manhattan Beach, where my friends and I innocently swam and sunbathed while hundreds of children were sexually abused by a satanic cult.

mcmartin preschool

Similar tunnels run under the military bases that speckle Los Angeles.


I found fourteen bases in L.A., when I made my map.

aquino set

That’s no surprize since satanic traitors use tax dollars to abuse us.

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aquino presidio

Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino is a military intelligence officer who specialized in psychological operations and molested children.  This disgrace to the uniform was a member of Anton La Vey’s Church of Satan, he founded the Temple of Set, and he married a satanic cult leader, Lilith Sinclair.  

aquino and sinclair

I don’t know what Aquino says in the interview below, which I am sure is full of lies, but he admits his connections to satanism.

Roman Polanski is another child molester with ties to Los Angeles.

roman polanskiOne lady whom Roman Polanski raped when she was a girl spoke of her “training” at Vandenberg Air Force Base.

vandenberg map

She told me that Pepperdine, a private research university, was deeply implicated in CIA PROJECT MONARCH and MK-ULTRA.


Doesn’t the seal look like a broadcasting tower?

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Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla)

Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered by Charles Manson, a programmer for CIA who hoped to set off a race war.

1969: Police mug shot of American cult leader and murderer Charles Manson. Information about the Tate-LaBianca murders is detailed below the photo. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Charlie Manson lived on the edge of Los Angeles, at Spahn Ranch, where he brainwashed his family under MK-ULTRA.  

charles manson spahn ranchCharles Manson was associated with the brother of Brian Wilson, the leader of the Beach Boys, who grew up near Disneyland, before he started to hear voices in his head.

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brian wilson

It didn’t work with the Manson Family, but later CIA would use the beating of Rodney King to set off riots.

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CIA started race riots in 1964 and in 1992, and they tried again when they led O.J. Simpson to kill his white wife, Nicole.  Or did they set him up?  The man in the picture below does not look like a wife-murderer to me….

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oj simpson and nicole
Football star turned actor O.J. Simpson w. his arm around wife Nicole at the opening of the Harley Davidson Cafe. (Photo by Robin Platzer/Twin Images/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)

CIA used OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD to control press coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial and the Rodney King beating.


Just as CIA controls the film industry, the television industry, and the news, CIA controls the music industry.

Not only did Tavistock Institute run Cat Stevens from the very beginning, but CIA arranged his near drowning at Malibu to lead to his ridiculous conversion to Islam.

Click Here To Learn More about Tavistock’s Control of Cat Stevens!

Cat Stevens Head Covering

Jim Morrison, the son of an admiral, was part of the L.A. music scene.

Click Here To Learn More about CIA and the Doors!


He was brainwashed not only by the American military but with LSD promoted by Timothy Leary, who maintained a ranch near Palm Springs and later died in Beverly Hills.

Click Here To Learn More about Timothy Leary & his Ties to the Army & the CIA!

leary slogan tune in turn on drop out

Meanwhile, first in Laurel Canyon and then in Bel Air, my hero, Joni Mitchell, who has morgellons, was subject to mind control by the scum in the deep state.

Click Here To Learn More about Joni Mitchell’s Targeting!

joni mitchell 2

The Air Force Base at Lookout Mountain was used against everyone who lived in Laurel Canyon.

The Monkees were used to prime children for the Beatles, so they would do drugs, leave home, and join mind control cults.

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Meanwhile, Mackenzie Phillips alleged that she had an incestuous relationship with her father, John Phillips, of The Mamas and The Papas, who lived in Bel Air and promoted LSD, while fat Mama Cass killed herself through overindulgence.

mamas and papas california dreamin'

These are only a few of the people MK-ULTRA hit in L.A.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


12 thoughts on “MAPPING MK-ULTRA IN L.A.”

  1. Hi there! I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find your site! I was a victim of MK ultra programming as a child and my satanic ritual abuse was done in the tunnels underground disney world in Orlando Florida. I was a sex slave to my father who to the best of my knowledge was very high up in the Illuminati. I struggle a lot with this and have had a very tumultuous life and I’ve never been believed or seen any sort of justice. I was given LSD the night of my underground Halloween ritual and my dad and the other illuminati members dressed as Alice in wonderland characters and dressed me in a cat costume. I never even came across the phrase “mk ultra” until I was 22 years old! I am 29 now. I have lots of questions for you. I love Alice in wonderland and lsd and also flashing colored lights in my house but I wanted your thoughts! A woke friend of mine told that the flashing lights were part of my programming. I wish your email contact was available! Many blessings to you! I hope we get in contact via email!


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