Fascism involves the cooperation of big business and big government to attack free people.

The crimes of Monsanto-Bayer are an obvious example of fascism.

Dole and Chiquita follow in the footsteps of United Fruit, as they commit horrific crimes in the banana republics.

Financed by the taxpayer, they employ criminals trained at Fort Benning.

Earlier they used the Marine Corps.

Defense contractors have grown rich from our longest losingest wars, which were fought in the parts of the world that produce the most heroin.

Blackwater, Academi, and Frontier, through which Erik Prince smuggles drugs, commits fraud and perjury, and threatens federal investigators, while the little shit perpetrates war crimes, provide another example.

The Federal Reserve lies behind it all, as the bankers partner with the government.

The Bushes financed the Nazi War Machine.

And IBM created the Holocaust.

A Malthusian agenda underlies the vaccines, as it does all medicine.

Vaccines connect to cybernetics made by Lockheed Martin, Google, IBM, Motorola, Raytheon, Procter and Gamble, and Rolls Royce.

These feed back to Big Pharma, while Havana Syndrome is misdiagnosed to sell fake cures.

It’s all part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the New Normal, the Great Reset, and Build Back Better.

Television tells you what to think.

So does the Internet, which grew from ARPANET, while start-ups are funded by IN-Q-TEL.

Bill Gates partners with the government while one of his companies owns LinkedIn, a second supplies your food, a third makes vaccines, and a fourth is the platform on which you are reading this article.

Panasonic is less obvious, but it’s equally guilty.

So is Nokia Bell Labs.

Nokia Bell Labs solves the needs of future humans.

Click Here To Visit Their Site!

Nokia Bell Labs is connected not only to defense work but to weather weapons, about which you can read in the overview below.

Nokia Bell Labs pioneered the mobile phones that are designed to be addictive, while they take you out of reality and subject you to mind control.

The United Nations wants everyone on the planet to have one.

Nokia Bell Labs supports the world’s largest known array used for weather and mind control:  EISCAT-3D.

More than twenty years ago, in connection with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Nokia Bell Labs openly developed prototypes of DNA Machines—otherwise called molecular machines, nanomachines, or nanites—already implanted in us all.

These form an important part of the attack disguised as vaccines, which sterilize people, kill people, and give them health problems.

Vaccines are promoted by public schooling, which forms one of the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto, which was promulgated by the bankers to begin with, while they financed the Soviet Union.

China’s their favorite now.

No wonder Nokia Bell Labs has provided research facilities used by scientists to win nine Nobel Prizes.

But Nokia Bell Labs didn’t just develop the line-of-site anti-aircraft missile system used in PROJECT NIKE, through which the MIM-3 NIKE AJAX, the world’s first surface-to-air missile, or SAM-A-7, and the greatly improved MIM-14, NIKE HERCULES, or SAM-A-25, were developed.

And Nokia Bell Labs didn’t just involve itself in OPERATION SLEEPING BEAUTY, as people had telephones hard-wired into their houses through a government-controlled monopoly.

When I was a boy, Nokia Bell Labs listed locations in Reading, where my mother grew up, in Allentown, where my mother went to college, in Union, where I grew up, and in Andover, where I went to boarding school.

When I was a boy, Nokia Bell Labs had exactly eight other locations in New Jersey and only ten other locations nationwide.

What a coincidence!


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