This is the fourth in a series of articles on shortages purposely engineered for political and economic reasons, as the New World Order tries to put the squeeze on people like you and me.

My first article concerned the manufactured coin shortage, as the New World Order seeks to drive us to cashless transactions using smartphones they can easily control and track.

My second article concerned the manufactured gas shortage, as the New World Order seeks to drive us to other things they can control:  electric cars, public transportation, and smart cities.

My third article concerned the manufactured car shortage, where a planned shortage of cars is caused by a planned shortage of computer chips.

The shortages are engineered not only through government action, and industrial choices, but through sabotage.

Renesas Electrical Corporation is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world.

One of its fabrication plants, or fabs, caught fire at the beginning of the Season of Sacrifice, celebrated by the Luciferians, so that production of chips needed for automobile production was significantly impacted as the fire hit automotive supplies worst of all.

The Lucis Trust, formerly known as the Lucifer Publishing Company, is a partner of the United Nations, which promotes a move away from the fossil fuels burned in the cars that have become so much more expensive because of that fire….

SBG1 and SBG2 in Strasbourg, an internationalist hub, burned only a couple weeks before, as another fire contributed to the global semiconductor shortage, which mysteriously affects cars with internal combustion engines, using the fossil fuels against which the internationalists stand, while sales of electric cars increase.

And, this year, ASML Holding, in Berlin, had a fire, on the satanic holiday of New Year’s Day, while it serves as a key equipment supplier to all major computer chip manufacturers.

But wait:  there’s more!

On another satanic holiday, February 22, 2.22, or 22.2, Samsung’s S2 foundry, or fab, was shut down, further impacting the ability of car-makers to manufacture automobiles.

So it was hit by rolling power outages imposed by the cooperation of government and industry….

They blamed Winter Storm Uri, the costliest winter storm on record, and the costliest natural disaster recorded in the United States, which struck during the satanic holiday of Lupercalia.

Two years earlier, Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) suffered a fire on 10.20.20, at its semiconductor factory, whose cause remains a mystery.

It’s kind of like the way President Kennedy was killed on 11.22 in response to his change in monetary policy, as he challenged the Federal Reserve, through Executive Order 01111.

Do you think these things are a coincidence?

Or are they sabotage combined with luciferian gang signs?

Is it bad luck that one semiconductor factory after another gets hit with what looks like sabotage, which looks like the work of CIA, MI-6, and MOSSAD, just as the United Nations, which is controlled by satanists, works to move us from fossil fuels, so that a shortage in semiconductors, combined with a shortage in gas, drives us away from automobiles?

Is it an accident that many incidents that look like sabotage, which look like the work of CIA, MI-6, and MOSSAD, which are controlled by satanists, as they promote these goals, just so happen to fall on luciferian holidays?

Is it a coincidence that they are all tied to the Great Reset, which grows from the announcement of the outbreak of Covid-19, on 1.1.2020?

The enemy are insane little punks, who spray-paint our neighborhood with gang signs, believe in the power of magic days, and bet on lucky numbers, as they drive us to the New Normal.

The freemasons, who love those gang signs, are behind it all.

Did I mention they control weather weapons, which can cause storms, floods, and even earthquakes?

Here’s a schematic from NATO, which should be read in connection with ionospheric heaters like EISCAT-3D, which has more than one hundred times the power of HAARP.

It was published in connection with a freak weather event that occurred on the luciferian holiday, Samhain, or Halloween, which ends the Season of Harvest.

On another luciferian holiday, the Winter Solstice, a flood struck Malaysia, so the main factory of BE Semiconductor, a major player in the business, was shut down.

This followed lock-downs affecting the manufacture and supply of aluminum capacitors, caused by the Covid Crisis, which I predicted on this website, so the global semiconductor shortage, which allows some to make billions from an engineered short supply, while we are driven to computers, and away from cars, was further exacerbated.

And then there was another freak event affecting the global supply of computer chips….

At the beginning of the Luciferian Season of Sacrifice, the same time as the fire at Renesas, a bizarre weather event struck the Suez Canal, so a large cargo ship carrying computer chips from Asia, blew sideways against the banks, blocking one of the world’s most important trade routes, and causing a massive traffic jam, with all shipping traffic suspended, for a full week, because of things that had never happened before, so the global supply shortages were increased again. 

Do you think these events, which suggest sabotage, as they promote a globalist agenda, lose billions for some, and make billions for others, while occurring on satanic dates, are simply bad luck?


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  1. Would be interested to read an article of yours about the davos meeting 2022. Cheers, and thanks for the many links your provide.


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