It’s a common profile….

Mahatma Gandhi was a sexual predator, who liked children, as he began by marrying a girl of fourteen.

He had teenage girls sleep naked in his bed, as they warmed his decrepit body, and he rubbed against them, and touched their privates, trying to avoid an erection, although, as he said on one occasion,

Despite my best efforts, the organ remained aroused….

One of his victims was his own grand-niece, Manu, whom he required to sleep naked with him, in what he called “nightly cuddles,” when she was seventeen and he was in his seventies, after her mother died.

Gandhi and his wife had been the guardians of Manu, but his wife died, shortly before this incident, leaving him as sole guardian, since he refused to allow his woman to take penicillin for pneumonia.

Manu was so brainwashed that she wrote of the encounters where her guardian molested her,

Bapu is a mother to me. He is initiating me to a higher human plane through the Brahmacharya Experiments, part of his Mahayagna of character-building. Any loose talk about the experiment is most condemnable.

I take a different view.

So did his doctor, Sushila Nayar, who bathed with him, slept with him, and massaged his naked body, as she wrote of the cover story,

Later on, when people started asking questions about his physical contact with women–with Manu, with Abha, with me–the idea of brahmacharya experiments was developed…. In the early days there was no question of calling this a brahmacharya experiment.

In letters that recently came up at auction, Gandhi wrote to his eldest son, Harlal, in Gujarati, a language in which he chose to express thoughts he did not want English-speakers to understand,

Manu is telling me a number of dangerous things about you. She says that you had raped her even before she was eight years and she was so much hurt that medical treatment was also to be taken.

As he advocated non-violence, saying that a person should fall at the feet of the rapist of his sister, not fighting back as the criminal killed him, Gandhi did nothing to avenge the rape of the woman who was his adopted daughter, while he required her to sleep naked with him, and she defended these actions as a spiritual practice.

Meanwhile, the guru forced Manu to walk through a thick jungle, where many sexual assaults had occurred, in order for her to retrieve a pumice stone that he liked to use on his feet.

When she returned in tears, Gandhi cackled with laughter, saying,

If some ruffian had carried you off and you had met your death courageously, my heart would have danced with joy.

Another victim was his grand-nephew’s wife, Abha, whom he required to share his bed, sometimes also with his adopted daughter, Manu, as their naked bodies lay together.

As he lay with his penis exposed, refusing to cover his genitals, his victims massaged his naked body.

The survivors who complained, depressed and weeping, as they were repeatedly described, in medical records, were labeled as psychotic.

That’s a common tactic of the New World Order, used here to defend its darling, Gandhiji, as psychology, a pseudo-science developed by army doctors, was politicized.

The whole thing makes Carl Jung, who listened to his patients, while he led people into a false sense of mysticism, look like nothing.

But it recalls Sigmund Freud, a mind-controlled pervert, who claimed boys wanted to fuck their mothers.

And it recalls Herbert Marcuse, another pervert, who was run by Central Intelligence, and the State Department, as he molested children, and he married a girl who resembled a boy.

Gandhi called his molestation of girls “experiments,” because he said he wanted to see if they aroused sexual desire in him, as he refrained, allegedly, only from ejaculating, while he pawed their naked bodies.

But don’t listen to me.

Prominent leaders of India’s freedom movement, such as Vallabhai Patel, J. B. Kriplani, and Vinobha Bhave, confronted Gandhi over his immoral abuse of vulnerable teenagers, while they split from him.

Two editors of his newspaper resigned because of their boss’s immorality.

R. P. Parasuram served as Gandhi’s private secretary for two years until he quit, writing a sixteen-page letter, describing, among other things, Gandhi’s “experiments,” since his conscience would not permit him to keep silent.

Even Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, to whom the child molester, Lord Mountbatten, the last viceroy and the first governor-general of India, pimped his wife, called Gandhi’s advice to newlyweds “abnormal and unnatural.”

While Gandhi told husbands and wives to refrain from sexual activity, he required boys and girls to bathe and sleep together.

He required married women to sleep naked with him, while he told them not to have sex with their own husbands.

Today, westerners, who call themselves feminists, and multiculturalists, make excuses for their hero, claiming his perversion was acceptable by Indian standards.

But wait:  there’s more!

Gandhi met with Margaret Sanger, a racist and eugenicist, who founded Planned Parenthood, as she engineered the deaths of millions of unborn black children, sterilizing women, while misguided feminists regard her as a hero. 

Gandhi wrote letters to Hitler, addressing him as a friend, while the Fuehrer met with Lothrop Stoddard, a Klansman who helped Martha Sanger to found Planned Parenthood.

Nonetheless, his relationship with Nazis in Planned Parenthood, and his letters to Hitler, did not prevent Mahatma Gandhi from carrying on a homosexual affair with a South-African Jew, Hermann Kallenbach, while he kept a photo of his bodybuilder-boyfriend, the only picture next to his bed. 

Like his pals in Planned Parenthood, Gandhi often disparaged blacks, whom he regarded as racially inferior to Indians.

Gandhi’s position was more moderate than that of his American colleagues:  as he forbade his married followers to have sex with each other, he advocated voluntary sterilization, while the American Eugenics Movement forced people, particularly women whom they branded as insane, suffering from female hysteria, like Gandhi’s victims, to be sterilized against their will.

Like the Roman Catholic Church, which is full of child molesters, Gandhi opposed the use of condoms, and he viewed natural sex as something low.

When he lived in South Africa, Gandhi cut off the hair of girls in an attempt to stop a political leader from sexually harassing them.

Winston Churchill called Gandhi out, though he was even more of a gay scumbag, attacking women in other ways.

Still, Winston Churchill and Mahatma Gandhi have one thing in common.

They are both lionized by the New World Order, as Hollywood, a place full of child molesters, makes adulatory films about them both.

What’s that about?


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  1. This is grand exposé of a truly sick person. The photo of him fingering that baby girl literally made me sick to my stomach.

    Thanks, as always, for your excellent research and articles. People need to learn that these high level sickos are *artificially elevated* to their positions, through Tavistock, Hollywood, and all the other CON institutions and agencies.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. He doesn’t even look indian. HIVITE that who he is.
    INDIA HAVE HIVITE GROUP THUGS worshipped KALI. KALI symbolises DEATH of nature, WINTER. ALEXANDER the Great moved far away from Greece for HIVITES to INDIA.
    In pre-Islamic Middle Persian (Zoroastrian) literature, Alexander is referred to by the epithet gujastak, meaning “accursed”, and is accused of destroying temples and burning the sacred texts of Zoroastrianism.
    330 BC: Alexander the Great conquers parts of Central Asia and parts of northwestern India


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