This is the fifth in a series of articles on shortages purposely engineered for political and economic reasons, as the New World Order tries to drive us to computers.

My first article concerned the manufactured coin shortage, as the New World Order seeks to drive us to cashless transactions using smartphones they can easily control and track.

My second article concerned the manufactured gas shortage, as the New World Order seeks to drive us to other things they can control:  smart cars and smart cities.

My third article concerned the manufactured car shortage, where a planned shortage of cars is caused by a planned shortage of computer chips.

And my fourth article concerned the sabotage that caused the shortage of computer chips.

Through the Great Reset, the New World Order wants to drive us to the New Normal.

Below, you can read a paper by the British Government about the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

That’s why we hear, “Build Back Better!”

They want computers to run every aspect of our lives.

But they don’t want us only to live in smart cities and only to drive smart cars.

They want smart ships like the driverless cargo vessels designed by Rolls-Royce.

And they want the smart ships to take everything we buy through smart ports.

They want us to redesign and rebuild every commercial seaport as a smart port.

Below you can read a paper about smart shipping by the British Government.

Montreal is a smart port.

Barcelona is a smart port.

Rotterdam is a smart port.

And so is the combined Port of Antwerp-Bruges.

Smart ports are European, so we should have them, too!

You can even have them personalized like the berets above!

Here you can watch an International Webinar where a European explains smart ports.

Here’s another European to explain smart ports.

Europeans are smart.

Plus they are sophisticated.

Smart ports are connected to 5g.

It’s part of their sophistication.

Here you can learn about smart ports.

Here you can learn even more.

Here the United Nations explains how to overcome resistance.

They come in peace.

But I still say we should pull out.

In Nations United, the United Nations makes its case: Covid is a unique opportunity, and the worst thing that could happen would be for everything to go back to normal.

According to the British Broadcasting Company, shipping delays, which created shortages, were caused because transport workers fell sick from Covid.

The British Government has forecast an increasing need for maritime officers, while it has also identified an increasing shortage among its seafarers.

But don’t worry: there’s an easy solution.

Rolls-Royce will put more people out of work by making autonomous ships!

All over the world, shipping has experienced serious delays, which have contributed to shortages.

Suddenly, ships have had to wait for prolonged times just to enter a harbor.

Delays drive up the costs of shipping goods.

Then, larger costs drive up the prices of the goods we buy—when we can find them at all.

Delays drive shortages and inflation.

Time is money.

Nonetheless, you can see from the chart above: although Rotterdam has a smart port, and it had fewer and smaller delays, it still had greater cost increases, passed along to the consumer, than Los Angeles.

The immense costs of building a smart port are not only borne by the taxpayer, but they are passed along to the buyers of goods.

This fact is shown by rising inflation in Europe, where smart ports are all the rage.

But the Europeans keep telling us: smart ports would fix all our problems.

They’re like the UN!

Ships were seriously delayed in Southern California.

There should have been plenty of workers to see the ships into harbor, and to unload them, but there weren’t.

Why couldn’t America handle this problem?

The National Guard could have been used.

It’s almost as though someone wanted people out of work, and shortages, as prices rose.

Who reaped the profit?

You can see “labor shortages” blamed in the infographic below, as the New World Order destroys people’s livelihoods, attempts to condition employment on vaccination, and tries to run our lives with computers, while its partners make billions upon billions from the attack on all life.

If you understand that coronavirus is a bioweapon, purposely released to drive us to false solutions, the whole thing makes sense.

That’s something I called in my article below—before the shutdown even happened.

The plandemic has been used not only to move countless billions to the government contractors who supply pharmaceutical solutions, but it will be used to funnel equally large amounts to the government contractors that supply shipping solutions.

And so we are told:  shipping delays, leading to shortages, would never have occurred if we had fewer workers to get sick, with fewer jobs, and ports were run by computers!

The answer has three parts:  fewer jobs, higher taxes, and expensive computers!

Under the Fourth Industrial Revolution, computers that run our lives are the answer to everything!

That’s why we need smart ports!

It’s the New World Order.

And it’s a plot.


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  1. Thanks, Tim, for your excellent research. I just returned home from a 45-day driving trip to visit family in the Midwest. I have tomorrow morning to recover before starting a graphic design project and then will resume my teaching schedule and start planning a couple of new fun projects on Monday! Eventually, I will get to reading Volume 2 of your book. I hope you are well, my friend!

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  2. Fighting Monarch, this article is Apocaliptical Holy Scripture, I’m sorry if I offend religious people. I’ve witnessed weird shortages the last few years. One is: less and less ATMs and people accepting cards so we are forced to use smartphones to pay the bills. I’m resisting. Another “shortage”: last year I went to a clinic to mark an appointment with the physician. The receptionist was there and told me to do it using sms or whatsapp (?!?!)and I said “but I am here personally” and she said it was the protocol. While living in Rio 6 years ago there was R$2 notes shortages and people were desperate because of difficulties with change but before I was in another state and there were plenty of 2 bucks notes and after I moved again, no shortage in the other state.


    1. Thanks for writing, my friend, and Amen! I always enjoy hearing from you, and it helps other readers to learn from you. You should set up your own site, because you always have something real to say.


      1. I don’t have a computer and I have kids, it’s a bit hard, I would have more stories to tell from my family background, from my father’s part everyone is a spiritual “medium” (v2k, voice of god, i2k, microwave harassment, devotion to n4tion@l s0c1al1s+ party and so on), and from my mother’s part freemasons and other mystery “schools” (school, yeah right) besides the v2k-i2k “mediums” 😦


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