Last summer I had the pleasure to meet Jim Lee, of Climate Viewer, in connection with my article, which identified the source and purpose of the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly.


It was one of a series I wrote—including my piece on firenados!


Not to mention my piece on lightning weapons!


Or my piece on the weather weapon emanating from the CHAIN HOME STATIONS, in connection with the resonant-cavity magnetron, which the Tizard Mission showed off, to the Rockefellers, and MIT, as the Americans said it was one hundred times more powerful than anything they had ever seen.


I hope that Jim will look into this early radar array, described in the link below, which, like the missile defense system he learned to re-identify, as mislabelled ionospheric heaters, was advertised as a defense against air attack.

Later it was mirrored in Canada, but the first Chain was used to determine the outcome of World War Two, as the British sent an unusual track of cyclones from their radar array, ostensibly designed to detect air attack, but, in reality, used to cause the hardest winter in recorded history, which determined the outcome of World War Two.


Those are the kinds of political uses of weather weapons you can read about in my articles—including the one below on the false flag attack of global climate change, planned to drive us to the United Nations (which hides Antarctica on its globalist flag).


Jim Lee knows his stuff, so I am pleased he did a podcast regarding the secret ionospheric heater near the Kola Science Center, in Monchegorsk, which I first identified, while a former director of HAARP had never heard of it, and my new friend had never found it, after many years of study, when I rightly connected the thing, and the associated sounding rocket, which they used to study its action, to the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly, as the weather it created was used for political purposes.


At first Jim Lee was puzzled, but then he figured out that he has been mislabelling these things, and his whole way of thinking changed, which the man explains in his video, “Norway Spiral and Russian HAARP: Solved!


I encourage everyone to watch these videos and to check out Jim Lee’s website: Climate Viewer.


And don’t forget: the fellow has another one, Weather Modification History, which is pretty cool.


But don’t just watch Jim Lee’s videos: you can make a donation through the link below (which doesn’t have to be much).


What I have taken from Jim Lee’s work—and I encourage you to be selective, as with mine—has inspired me to make connections in my own life and in history, which culminated, in part, in my article below, which contains links to my series on the psychological and historical use of weather weapons.


As I stated in my very first article on the subject, where I identified the hidden ionospheric heater, I believe our work should be used together, by free-thinkers, as Jim goes into geology and technology, and I go into psychology and history.


I hope he will agree: we are teaming up on the bastards!

The New World Order doesn’t have a chance.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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