This is the second of a series of articles on shortages purposely engineered for political and economic reasons, as the New World Order tries to put the squeeze on people like you and me.

Two years ago, when I predicted the shutdown, and identified the coronavirus as a bioweapon engineered at Fort Detrick, and sourced at the Wuhan Military Games, I identified covid as a false flag attack released following Event 201.

Now, for two years, we have been seeing it happen—everything I predicted.

If you listen to the United Nations, they see covid as a chance to reshape the world through their sustainable development goals.

It’s all part of the New Normal, the Great Reset, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

That involves a war on fossil fuels, as the United Nations attempts to stop us from driving cars with internal combustion engines, switching us to electric cars, or, ideally from their perspective, driving us into cities where we can be more easily controlled—forcing us to use public transportation with limited options for us and unlimited surveillance for them.

The United Nations is not only a shill for one world government and a front for human trafficking, but it is the enemy of America.

President Biden has been unequivocal in his support for the United Nations, and its globalist agenda, while he sells us out.

President Biden, who briefly worked as a lawyer at my old firm, before he washed out to become a politician, has been very open in his goals to destroy our independence as he forces us away from fossil fuels.

Granted, the oil companies pulled back on production after covid hit, as planned, since people weren’t driving as much when the virus forced them indoors and online.

After that initial wave, and the stealing of the election through stuffed ballot boxes, courtesy of crooked voting machines, computers without paper, of course, Creepy Joe Biden moved in.

The day he was inaugurated, President Biden cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline, cutting off a valuable source of oil.

That’s why the president was sued by twenty-one different states.

Then, seven days into his administration, Uncle Joe banned new oil and gas leases.

Directly because of the president’s actions, our country became more dependent than ever on foreign oil.

But Joe Biden was far from done.

As he seeks to protect his shady investments in the Ukraine, dragging us into an expensive and unwinnable foreign war, Biden has used his presidential powers to cut us off from the oil we used to import from Russia.

No wonder our gas prices have attained record highs, as ordinary people take the hit delivered by a hypocritical and sanctimonious millionaire.

Just look at them.

That was the plan all along—to stop the use of fossil fuels the only way possible.

The only way that Joe Biden, the United Nations, and the New World Order can achieve their stated goals of moving us away from fossil fuels is to make petroleum unaffordable for ordinary Americans who cannot afford to drive their cars or heat their houses.

It’s for your own good.

But don’t worry, like his pal, Slick Willie, Creepy Joe feels our pain.

That’s why he’s tapped into the national oil reserve, which he has no plans to refill, while this slows, only slightly, the record rise in prices of gas, and it makes our country even more vulnerable since there will be no reserve when there is a more serious crisis.

It might look like incompetence, especially since it comes from an elderly buffoon, but the whole thing is their plan to put the squeeze on us.


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  1. Yet another way to skim more $$$ off of the sheeple. Luckily, I don’t drive a car and I seldom go outside to do shopping, so the inflation doesn’t impact me as much. Gotta thank the Federal Reserve and corporate greed for that.


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