Fascism involves a team-up between the government and big business at the expense of individual freedom.

This was apparent in Nazi Germany.

And it was apparent during the War in Viet Nam, which cost the taxpayer an adjusted amount of one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00), while more than one million people (1,353,000) were killed, in the war we lost.

Meanwhile, we have spent another trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00) on the War in Afghanistan, which, like Viet Nam, was started with a false flag attack.

Funny, our two longest losingest wars are fought in the parts of the world that produce the most heroin.

Erik Prince, who owns Academi and Frontier, just as he owned Blackwater, is one of many traitors who cashes in, at the taxpayer’s expense, while he commits war crimes and smuggles drugs.

Then, of course, there’s the phony War on Terror, which has cost us six trillion dollars ($6,000,000,000,000.00).

It’s not just about war-profiteering.

It’s not just about how much money the fascist traitors can make as corrupt politicians help them steal it from the taxpayer.

It’s about the torture, rape, and murder of human beings by satanic trash on magic days like 911.

The Holocaust never would have happened if corporations and banks had not made it possible.

IBM made computers to kill Jews, and computers are vital to the attack on humanity today.

Thomas Watson, the President of IBM, met with Hitler, as he received an award from the Nazis.

Like IBM, and MicroSoft, Raytheon works with the police state today, and the satanic homosexual rapist traitors in the Air Force use the super-computers at Schriever Air Force Base to attack Americans.

BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen used forced labor from concentration camps.

And, when Hitler hosted the Olympics, Coca~Cola sold the Nazis soda pop.

Standard Oil, owned by the Rockefellers, didn’t just provide the Nazis with maps and gas stations, as they built the Autobahn.

They sold fuel for U-Boats, while they committed other crimes.

Through KWIA, the Rockefellers funded experiments with human subjects.

General Motors, owned by the DuPonts, sold cars to the SS.

Ford made turbines for V-2 rockets, as its owner was awarded the Grand Cross of the German Eagle.

The rockets were later used at White Sands, as the Nazis developed our space and mind control programs.

Bayer, which has merged with Monsanto, a company that made Agent Orange but now makes our food, took part in medical experiments.

You can learn more about the merger between the drug and food companies–not to mention how they team up with government regulators–in the video below.

The Bush Family, with the Harrimans, built the Wehrmacht through Vereinigte Stahlwerke.

Barclays turned over information about their Jewish employees, Chase sold Nazi war bonds, and Deutsche Bank lent money to build the death camp at Auschwitz.

In Nazi Germany, and in Viet Nam, and in America, information is the lifeblood of the police state, as the scum target families. 

Today, they use the Internet, which has grown from ARPANET, a creation of DARPA.

Companies like Yahoo, Google, and Amazon illegally gather and share information about Americans.


That’s why Bill Binney, formerly of the National Security Agency, who has made informational videos with my friend, Dr. Katherine Horton, who worked at CERN and DESY, says Congress should defund NSA.

 Financed by IN-Q-TEL, a fund run by CIA, Silicon Valley crawls with spooks.

There, in Sunnyvale, next to the mind control facilities at Stanford University, the HQ of LinkedIn borders on Moffet Federal Airfield, which provides a home for the NASA Ames Research Center, and on the headquarters for the Army’s Seventh Psychological Operations Group.

Bill Gates did not buy this company, through MicroSoft, which now has six hundred and ninety million (690,000,000) registered members from more than two hundred (200) countries, while it makes its only income through the sale of personal information, for twenty-six billion dollars ($26,000,000,000.00), just so he could provide a free service for jobseekers.

Nor did MicroSoft acquire Skype, which had earlier run PROJECT CHESS, for more than eight billion dollars ($8,500,000,000.00), to provide us with free videophones. 

The Covid Plandemic is meant to drive you online.

Meanwhile, people foolishly post information about themselves on social networks like FaceBook, which started the day DARPA ended the LIFELOG PROJECT, through which a person’s entire existence would be tracked.

In Viet Nam, CIA ran the PHOENIX PROGRAM, using typical cartel signalling, as they tortured, raped, and murdered tens of thousands of innocent people.

In the PHOENIX PROGRAM, the enemy did not have the Internet, so they had to use more old-fashioned methods developed not only by the Nazis but by their masters in England.

In 1961, Roger Hilsman, the Director of the State Department’s Office of Research and Intelligence, hired Sir Robert Grainger Ker Thompson, KBE, CMG, DSO, MC, to advise the United States on police operations.  

As Sir Robert headed BRIAM, the British Advisory Mission, he claimed the War in Viet Nam could be won, while, on his advice, the National Police began the Family Census Program.

The Viet Nam Census was a lot like the Nazi Census.

Like the methods used with the Internet today, which the Englishman pioneered in Malaya, PHOENIX involved the coordination of military, police, and civilian intelligence.  

As on social networks, like FaceBook, family photos were key.  

A group photo was taken of every family in South Viet Nam, and the pictures were filed in police dossiers along with information about each person.

Meanwhile, FBI, which worked with CIA, at the International Police Academy, at Georgetown University, run by the Jesuits, trained officers for the Vietnamese Bureau of Investigations (VBI).

This led to a national identification program, much like that effected through birth certificates, social security, drivers’ licenses, and voter registration.

America has become a fascist country.

We need to take it back.

Stop helping them.

People give the deep state all kinds of information, and it is used against them.

Not only do people post personal information on social media platforms, but they even give their DNA to NWO.

Don’t be stupid:  protect your privacy!


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Our enemy depends on silence.


      By William Blum – Published February 2013

      [The United States routinely interferes with elections of dozens of other nations and even “installs” political leaders through various CIA operations, including CIA-led coups and assassinations of foreign leaders].

      Instances of the United States overthrowing or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

      •China 1949 to early 1960s

      •Albania 1949-53

      •East Germany 1950s

      •Iran 1953 *

      •Guatemala 1954 *

      •Costa Rica mid-1950s

      •Syria 1956-7

      •Egypt 1957

      •Indonesia 1957-8

      •British Guiana 1953-64 *

      •Iraq 1963 *

      •North Vietnam 1945-73

      •Cambodia 1955-70 *

      •Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *

      •Ecuador 1960-63 *

      •Congo 1960 *

      •France 1965

      •Brazil 1962-64 *

      •Dominican Republic 1963 *

      •Cuba 1959 to present

      •Bolivia 1964 *

      •Indonesia 1965 *

      •Ghana 1966 *

      •Chile 1964-73 *

      •Greece 1967 *

      •Costa Rica 1970-71

      •Bolivia 1971 *

      •Australia 1973-75 *

      •Angola 1975, 1980s

      •Zaire 1975

      •Portugal 1974-76 *

      •Jamaica 1976-80 *

      •Seychelles 1979-81

      •Chad 1981-82 *

      •Grenada 1983 *

      •South Yemen 1982-84

      •Suriname 1982-84

      •Fiji 1987 *

      •Libya 1980s

      •Nicaragua 1981-90 *

      •Panama 1989 *

      •Bulgaria 1990 *

      •Albania 1991 *

      •Iraq 1991

      •Afghanistan 1980s *

      •Somalia 1993

      •Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *

      •Ecuador 2000 *

      •Afghanistan 2001 *

      •Venezuela 2002 *

      •Iraq 2003 *

      •Haiti 2004 *

      •Somalia 2007 to present

      •Honduras 2009

      •Libya 2011 *

      •Syria 2012

      •Ukraine 2014 *
      AFGHANISTAN 2017

      Unless Americans study, THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME and THE PHOENIX PROGRAM, by Douglas Valentine, they will continue to live in La La Land!

      Start in chapter 13 of THE CIA AS ORGANIZED CRIME! This will show you what the CIA is doing TODAY and then you can go back and start reading the rest of the book.

      The CIA is the greatest Terrorist Organization, in the world!



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