This summer I have been writing the third volume of my series, soon to come out, while you can download the first two volumes, for free, below.

This inspires me to do research, living up to the example of my teacher, Miss Murphy, at Andover, who told me, back in the eighties, that I should I write a book, something you can read about in my first volume.

Miss Murphy was no Playmate, but she was a good teacher, who loved the romance of history, the interplay of great men and great women, like Napoleon and Josephine, to which I have added the spice of conspiracy.

I have touched on my family’s connection to the Shelleys of Michelgrove, in the foreword to my third volume, which you can download, for free, below.

The chapter that follows is better and funnier, not to mention sexier, as I make fun of myself, and my programming, in the eighties, while I expose the plots of MI-7.

Now, as I write the later chapters, I am reading the diary of Frances, Lady Shelley, who with her husband, was a dear friend of the Duke of Wellington, who often gave her the honor of riding next to him on parade, as they reviewed the tens of thousands of troops who defeated Napoleon.

Miss Murphy would love it!

Sir John was pals with the Prince Regent, George IV, so my cousin once kicked the royal posterior in a mad prank.

And his wife hung out at Althorp, where she had crazy pillow fights with the ancestors of Lady Diana.

The Shelleys had an ancient castle, from which the Illuminati, and the Freemasons, drove them.

They had racehorses, from which the greatest descend.

And I mean racehorses.

Did I say racehorses?

Plus there was an occasional dog.

That’s Sancho, with a pheasant in his mouth, above, with Walton above him, Cobweb above him, and Phantom above him—plus here’s Priam winning a famous race.

Here’s another of Priam, whom experts regard as one of the best horses to have raced up till that time.

They’re almost worth the sale of the castle they caused, as mind control forced Sir John to gamble, losing money, so he had to downsize…..

But most of all, Sir John and Lady Shelley had virtues that don’t require old blood or fancy ways:  pride, bravery, and kindness.

Not to mention a real marriage with children!

One time, Sir John lent his friend and cousin more than one million dollars, in today’s money, without paper or interest, and forgot about the whole thing, until his pal paid him back twenty years later!

I highly recommend that people buy this excellent book, which parallels the experience of me and my daughter, as real travellers experience bad food, odd characters, and beautiful landscapes, met with a sense of adventure, humor, and just plain fun.

It reminds me of my own travels, with my daughter, to Maine and Florida, Hawaii and Alaska, Chicago and Seattle, the Blue Ridge and Cape May, as I spent all my money all the way down Holiday Road!

You’ll be reading bits, with my analysis, worked into my third book.

But, in the meantime, read along with me:  check this one out.

It’s cheap, and it’s a hoot!


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Our enemy depends on silence.


  1. Wow, a third book! Congratulations, my friend! I’d better set aside some more reading time to finish Volumes 1 and 2. I’m getting there!😉


  2. Congratulations.

    SOS! Please share this information with anyone you can get, especially people who can help with deprogramming of my father’s relatives and MK ULTRAthemselves.

    MY MEMORY ABOUT SOKOLNIKI INSTANT INFORMATION: 9 may, 13 00, 3 rd floor, maternity hospital (родильный дом – RUS), 1812 house, Sokolniki (Sokol — Falcon, 1812 East side of Moscow district).

    Who I am: I am the firstborn of a virginal mother.

    I was born on 23 September, SUNDAY, 1990, 10:00.
    I also lack memories before 1993 and I have memories after 1994. I have PTSD with fragmented memories because my father was a MK ULTRA MK DELTA victim and he sacrificed himself for me not being part of the MK ULTRA.

    1993 year. Year didn’t show up in the memory but 3 year is when MK ULTRA MK DELTA starts (Fiona Barnett). 9 may 1993 was SUNDAY just like my birth date. Amnesia also blocked all memories before 1993– yes, the loss of my father was that traumatic.

    DESCRIPTION OF THE ROOM: Sun from window touched my skin at 13 00 — window at the EAST or SOUTH side. Room not wide, not big, with just one window and with wooden panels from cherry (brown and orange colors of wood) and it fit more pre 1812 and medieval houses than modern. It has a brick column in the room or it was the entrance to the room.

    Orange curtain covering the window wasn’t long — a window was opened and I saw the top of the tree. Visible top of the tree from the window. Tree was 3 floors high in 1993.
    I have never seen wooden walls in maternity hospitals in Russia so it is more like a place where people live than a hospital. I have visited the district a lot in my childhood.
    I lay with my legs to a window with my brother (he may be my brother on my father’s side, not the same mother, but she had a pregnancy after me). My brother has dark blond hair and a blue shirt and jeans. Jeans are clothing we don’t wear at home in Russia so they both are about to leave.


    1. Thanks for writing.

      As you may know, among other things, your birthdate, which falls on the satanic holiday of Mabon, like my nephew’s, is interesting.

      Using hospital-induced labor, Caesarean section, or cybernetics, remotely controlled, to send a mother’s body into labor, or to cause the birth of a child, the enemy will often arrange a significant person’s birth–not to mention their death and other significant days–on solar or luciferian holidays, as indicated in my article below.

      Victor Rothschild is a classic example since, according to his soul contract, he was born on the quarter day of Samhain (Halloween), at the end of the Season of Harvest, and he died on the solar holiday of Ostara (The First Day of Spring or Vernal Equinox), at the beginning of the Season of Sacrifice.

      In the Soviet Union, it was particularly easy to induce labor with a shot at the hospital, since a mother would not have a say as to her medical treatment.


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