As many of you know, I continue to run this site, for free, writing more than three hundred articles, and publishing two books, which I hope you will download and share with all free people.

I have received almost two million hits, with more than one hundred thousand from England, along with serious enemy traffic, so I am thankful for your support.

Meanwhile, I experience constant microwave attacks, which I describe, and which I teach people to fight against, below.

These, involve, in part, the little boy, who thought he ran MI-6, Sir Alex Younger, and his successor, Chief Richard Moore, who keeps sending his goons to bother me.

I owe a debt to Doctor Katherine Horton, an excellent fighter to whom I apologize for my recent fit of spleen, since she identified this garbage, who was given an unusual name, Alex, like his master, Philip, so he could play Greeks and Turks, with the Prince Consort, before he was replaced by Richard Moore, who was taught Turkish ways, when his masters sent another boy to Istanbul.

Ian Fleming, who worked for MI-6, after he was barched at Eton, used to publish advance chapters in Playboy.

His cousin, Declan Howard, told me what pieces of shit the Flemings are, but I’m still going to take a page from their book regarding the advance publication of chapters from popular novels.

Meanwhile, Marina Pepper, née Baker, a beautiful lady, who posed for Playboy, and who served as Mayoress of Telscombe, and on the Council of Lewes, doing good, pagan-style, before she really started to fight In Sussex, only begins to inspire me!

I will be as brave as a Playmate!

So, below, please find a rough draft of the foreword to my third book, WonderWomen: Growing to Manhood under MK-ULTRA, as this fifty-page chapter begins to expose the roots of the attack, from Sussex, against all life, and the fight back, involving religious freedom, and the history of my daughter’s people.

Please download and circulate this advance from my book, to be published this summer, for free, as, together, we destroy the Friends of Hecate.

And, by the way, if Sir Alex would like beautiful sewn hard-back copies of my first two books, just tell the craven to ask me, because I will gladly send him signed ones.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


  1. Thank youi for sharing us. I will share my story too, SOON. I will give you all links. Woman who helped me was terminated on YT so we have to find some other platforms.


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