When I wrote my two-volume masterpiece, which you can download, for free, below, I called my publishing house Hokahey Books.

In doing so, I have taken the motto of Rhodesia.

May she be worthy of her name!

Hokahey was the battle-cry of Crazy Horse, a war and spirit chief, who destroyed Custer’s Seventh Cavalry.


It is a good day to fight!

It is a good day to die!

Cowards to the rear!

Brave hearts to the front!


That was before a nameless coward in the United States military stabbed him in the back, murdering him, while he foolishly trusted the government.

Hokahey means bravery!

Pretty Nose knew:  she was a war chief of the Arapaho and the Cheyenne who led her braves in the destruction of Long Hair’s army.

I am proud to carry Seneca blood in my veins, as the Iroquois Confederacy fought the government, calling George Washington the Burner of Villages.

I am also proud of my books, which take guts to publish.

One of those books has a name my daughter will immediately understand, although you will need to read hundreds of pages to figure it out.

The second volume of my epic has a literary title.

In Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan describes an allegorical journey.

A man named Christian seeks the Celestial City as he travels through places like Vanity Fair and the Slough of Despond.

My journey, as described in my books, is one of fearless awakening.

While alluding to Bunyan’s work, I refer to a periodical of which he would not approve.

Like Edmund Spenser, in Book III of The Faerie Queene, which describes the adventures of a lady knight, Britomart, I treat sex, perversion, and bravery.

Like Edmund Spenser, I support healthy sexuality.

Quoting an English folktale, just as I allude to Mother Goose on the cover of my first book, Spenser advises the reader,

Be bold!

Be bold!

Be not too bold!

But, as Vergil describes the killing of Turnus by Aeneas, there’s also a time to say to hell with prudent behavior.

That’s what the brave ladies who posed for Playboy said.

It takes guts to get naked for the camera—even for art.

It takes guts to do the other things that Playmates did.

Jacqueline Sheen, a successful businesswoman who married an art dealer, wasn’t the only one who was comfortable on boats.

Karen Witter sailed a sloop from California to Hawai`i.

That’s when she wasn’t flying in hot air balloons.

Alana Soares was a pro skier.

And Morgan Fox is also an amazing athlete—one who helps others to a healthy lifestyle.

Marina Baker is a mayor, councilwoman, and journalist, who gets arrested for political causes.

And Bo Derek is an Honorary Green Beret!

As Sharry Konopski said, before the scum crippled her,

Some people in Longview are going to say it’s wrong being in Playboy. My thinking is, it’s like pressing a rose in a book. Someday, I’ll be a grandma–might as well get a picture of it while I’ve got it.

I get it, and that’s why I published my books.

Through my books and their brave photo-shoots, these excellent ladies, who were abused without their knowledge, attain κλέος.

The same goes for Kurdish warriors in the YPJ—who will not bow to convention.

 Viyan Antar is only one!

Like me, like Crazy Horse, and like these beautiful brave women, the heroic Kurds laugh at death.

We are immortal!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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