I am proud to say that, as this site grows in popularity to almost two million hits with traffic from military installations in Antarctica, Greenland, and Iran, my books, which you can download for free, below, have roughly ten thousand copies in circulation after their first year.

I couldn’t do it without you, so I hope you continue to download, share, and read my books, not to mention the more than three hundred articles available on this site for free.

Let’s fight the scum together!

My third book will come out this year, and I have already posted a preview of its foreword, which you can download below.

As indicated there, and in my other writing, the amazing women who posed for Playboy have an important role in my story, as their beauty, bravery, and accomplishments are celebrated.

The enemy used mind control to place a series of women in Playboy, so they uncannily resembled women in my life.

They have done similar things with movies directed at me.

They have done similar things with internet directed at me.

Especially given the traffic on this site, it all makes sense since the internet, television, magazines, and all mass media are tools created by the Tavistock Institute.

Like your television, your radio is a mind control device.

So is your internet.

And so is your smart phone.

The enemy’s plans often misfire with sleepers, but they misfire even more with people who educate themselves.

I would like to help you be one of those people, as I would like you to help others by reading, downloading, and circulating my books and articles.

The enemy’s plans would never work on me, even as I slept, so you can read all about it in my books.

More particularly, you can now read, download, and share a further preview of my third book, where I describe a series of beautiful women placed in Playboy, just for me, between 1983 and 1991, as their lookalikes appeared in my life, while the scum in the deep state sought and failed to manipulate us all.

The excerpt is extremely funny since not only do I make fun of myself, as a foolish teenager, but I feature the imbeciles at MI-7, Army Seventh, and their affiliates.

Laugh at the fools with me, as you enjoy a taste of things to come.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


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