The enemy just keeps doubling down on bad bets.

That’s a theme of my writing, explored in the foreword to my third book, available below for free.

And it’s something I wrote about in another article this year.

And it’s something I wrote about in a third article.

And it’s something I wrote about in a fourth article.

When something doesn’t work, and hurts them, while it makes me stronger, they just do it more.

Almost six years ago, they brought a friend of mine, into my house, to lead me to smoke cannabis.

Then, I could barely see them, and I fell for it, so they sent me screaming into a mental hospital.

That’s a typical Stasi tactic, along with gaslighting and gangstalking, employed by the Department of Homeland Security.

It’s called Zersetzung!

The weed I used to smoke on a daily basis would not have that effect on me today, but I don’t smoke because it is a waste of time and money that makes people not only lazy and useless but also vulnerable to hypnotic suggestions delivered by microwave harassment while they commit minor misdemeanors that could cause them trouble in life.

Three years ago, I decided to try cannabis, just once, to see if they would attack me, and they did, leading me to dump a quarter ounce my friend gave me for free, in the toilet, less than an hour after the gift.

Immediately, the lies, spoken by voice to skull started, that this was really a victory for them, and they would make me buy weed—which I could have easily done, any time, over the three years before, or the two years afterward, from a local gentleman farmer with a single phone call.

That didn’t happen, and it’s not going to happen, but it hasn’t stopped the constant lies from the weakling imbeciles in the so-called intelligence community.

Meanwhile, as to my trajectory, let me describe myself: the lawyer who used to smoke weed, and be apolitical, has set up a website with almost two million hits, written more than three hundred articles, brought multiple lawsuits, taught dozens of college courses, and destroyed countless enemy.

I also joined the board of Targeted Justice, along with a retired FBI agent, a retired police chief, a retired senior governmental official, several neuroscientists, and other freedom fighters.

So what does the so-called intelligence community do?

Aside from raping my body with microwave harassment, saying dirty words, and telling lies?

Aside from making me stronger, every second, while they destroy their own?

Last week, they led me to bump into a woman I briefly dated, five years ago, only to break up with this reefer-smoker, before I had sex with another lady, two weeks later, as I continued to date, for six months, before they destroyed sex altogether, and the real weapon they had, another unplanned pregnancy, through the disgusting rape of my body, by directed energy weapons, combined with disgusting lies, ignorant suggestions, and gutter talk delivered by voice-to-skull, since they thought this would lead me to go to a local polo game, like those held in my neighborhood every week, all summer, although I have gone to only one in the last forty years.

And they do this while I write articles exposing their tactics regarding arranged meetings, sexual attraction, and romantic love.

Now, they bring the guy whose cannabis drove me into the asylum, the last time he did a job around here, a man I could have seen any time I wanted over the last five years, onto my mother’s property, with his marijuana, because they think this will make me hang out with him and my brother.

Since they burned down the only bar I ever went to, and they drove me from the local coffee shop, they actually think they can create a new staging ground, with cannabis, either at the polo grounds, or in my old friend’s cabin, places that are walking distance from each other; and they think they can do this while they rape my body with electricity, and shout through my mouth in forced speech, and they drive me into a random woman about whom they speak constant filth and lies, and they send an unwanted visitor into my yard, driving me upstairs into the office, away, so I can work harder on my third book.

They’re like that fool in Owning Mahowny!

Do you think it will suddenly turn around for them?

Do you think they will stop throwing good money after bad, wasting their resources, as they feed their insane addiction to the video games with which they attack our bodies?

Not with the banksters behind them, whose whole game, while their bodies are violated by their own, is to drive countries into bankruptcy, through not only socialized medicine but through defense spending, while they destroy their slaves….

As you can learn in my books, the enemy’s moves just get easier and easier to spot.

They lose!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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