As George Orwell, who worked for MI-7, described the matter, we are fed fake history, as our lives are governed by the New World Order.

Your television is a mind control device that watches you back.

Winston Churchill was not the man you think you know—the hero held out by Hollywood.

Winston Churchill was a homosexual traitor, who hated women, as he was controlled by the satanic Lord Rothschild, through blackmail, boys, and wine.

Winston Churchill was brutal in his repression of trade unions.

Winston Churchill was brutal in his repression of the Irish.

Winston Churchill was brutal in his repression of India.

Winston Churchill made hypocritical speeches about the Iron Curtain, but he gave away Eastern Europe, to Joseph Stalin, after Britain entered World War Two to defend Poland.

That course of action makes sense when you see that Churchill was associated with many known communists and homosexuals, that Churchill had no principles, and that Churchill was blackmailed at a time when it was illegal to engage in a homosexual act.

A.C. Bruce served in the army with the future prime minister, who, he said, “participated in acts of gross immorality.”

That was only the start.  

Sir Edward Marsh was Sir Winston’s private secretary for twenty-five years, as the fastidiously handsome man developed crushes on young writers and actors, speaking in a wispy falsetto, while he enjoyed pulling off the boots of men returning from the hunt.  

Eddie Marsh was not only a groom and a huntsman, but he introduced his pal, Winnie Churchill, to queer theater types like Noël Coward.  

You can learn more about Churchill’s friend below.

Eddie Marsh introduced his pal, Winnie Churchill, to another flamboyant poof: Ivor Novello.

You can learn more about Churchill’s friend below.

Somerset Maugham asked Churchill, in his old age, if he had ever had a homosexual experience, so the prime minister answered,

I once went to bed with Ivor Novello:

It was very musical….

No wonder when Churchill was First Lord of the Admiralty, and he met Eddie’s bisexual protégé, he quickly arranged for “England’s handsomest poet” to join a unit under his control.

Sir Winston appointed Lord Boothby, a degenerate who liked it rough, to positions of trust, despite open criticism of his policies.

As they moved through the underworld, Winston Churchill’s buddy, Bob Boothby, befriended the Kray Twins, the cockney gangsters who ran Esmeralda’s Barn.

It was a gambling club for perverts in Swinging London.

Brendan Bracken was another of Churchill’s boyfriends, who served as a prep-school master, famous for his flogging, before he launched on a career of gate-crashing.  

Upon their first meeting, Churchill asked an acquaintance,

Who is this extraordinary young friend you’ve been hiding away?

I would like to see him again….

Bracken showed up immediately afterwards, at Sussex Square, so he became a fixture at Chartwell, while Churchill appointed him to positions like the First Lord of the Admiralty, and asked him to serve again, saying,

I want you beside me, my dear….

Lord Bracken never married, his diaries indicate that something was going on with the Boy Scouts, and he “borrowed” money from homosexuals like Gavin Henderson and Evan Morgan, while his assistants, Robert Lutyens and Garrett Moore, believed he was in love with them.

Churchill’s wife showed only disdain for her ginger rival.

Sir Winston took Archibald Sinclair, the First Viscount Thurso, under his wing, getting the boy, who lacked brains, an appointment as aide de camp to a general before he became his second in command, his personal assistant and confidant, and eventually his air minister, so that others called him “the head boy’s fag.”

Sir Desmond Morton was a homosexual spy who was very close to Churchill.

Other homosexuals favored by Churchill included Victor Cazalet, Alan Lennox-Boyd, Ronnie Cartland, Jack Macnamara, Valentine Lawford, Patrick Kinna, Robin Maugham, and Andre de Staercke.

The communist homosexual traitor, Guy Burgess, would visit Churchill at his country place.

Burgess was a member of the Cambridge Conversazione Society, more commonly known as the Cambridge Apostles, along with another of Churchill’s boyfriends, Eddie Marsh, and other Soviet spies like Michael Straight, Guy Liddell, Leo Long, and Anthony Blunt.

Lord Balfour was a member of the Cambridge Apostles.

John Maynard Keynes was a member of the Cambridge Apostles.

Ludwig Wittgenstein was a member of the Cambridge Apostles.

And, of course, Victor Rothschild was a member of the Cambridge Apostles.

Up until World War One, more than ten percent of the Members of Parliament were Apostles, and some of the other homosexual members included Lord Rosebery, Oscar Browning, Goldworthy Lowes Dickinson, Roden Noel, Nathaniel Wedd, and J.M.E. McTaggart.  

Here is Sir Jonathan Miller talking about his membership in the Cambridge Apostles.

Apostle E.M. Forster said he would rather betray his country than his friend, and Richard Deacon followed up with a correct assessment of the secret society:

It was evidence of how the homosexual mafia can operate and how from the earliest times it has tended to be a crypto-protection society in that the bond of friendship has been used to cover up all manner of questionable activities and sometimes even to protect members from being prosecuted.

The pillow-biters swear a curse, a vow of secrecy, before they explore the love that dare not speak its name.  

In the words of Apostle G.E. Moore,

When I came up to Cambridge, I did not know that there would be a single man in Cambridge who fornicated; and, till a year ago, I had no idea that sodomy was ever practised in modern times. My discoveries on these points have naturally brought the subject very much before my mind, and perhaps made me attach an undue importance to it; though, I had been long familiar with the extent of the vice in Greece and Rome, and had often read of it merely to indulge my lust.

The Sodomites keep records in the Ark, a cedar chest that contains a leather diary, called the Book, just as the Israelites kept the Ten Commandments in the Ark of the Covenant.

But the Writings of the Apostles—the Book you would find in the Ark—are a little different from the Ten Commandments….

The Apostles have written papers like  “Achilles or Patroclus,” “Are Men more Amiable than Women,” “Why Not Try the Other Leg?,” and “The Bedroom, Brother?”—not to mention “The Fruit of the Tree,” “Shall We Delight in Crushing our Roses,” and “Violets or Orange Blossom?”

Apostle Guy Burgess, or, properly, Angel Guy Burgess, for former members take the latter title, flitted down to Chartwell, to visit Winston Churchill, with whom he spent several hours, while he formed part of the Cambridge Spy Ring, which combined communism, treason, and homosexuality.

Other members of the Cambridge Spy Ring included Donald Maclean, Kim Philby, and Anthony Blunt—not to mention Victor Rothschild, who worked for MI-5, as the Fifth Man, while he kept the prime minister plied with wine and boys, making him easy to control.

Churchill’s administration would investigate homosexuality, as it sponsored the Wolfenden Report.

It’s kind of like the way J. Edgar Hoover, the Head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, wore women’s underthings, as he amassed a file on sexual deviants, which measured almost ninety-nine cubic feet, while it contained more than three hundred and thirty thousand (330,000) pages.

See the thirty-three—in the 330,000 pages of Hoover’s perverted files?

See the ninety-nine, or three times thirty-three, in the 99 cubic feet of Hoover’s perverted files?

Those numbers are significant.

So you’ll need to remember them later.

Churchill cracked jokes about buggery.  

When the gayboy, Tom Driberg, married an unattractive woman, the prime minister quipped, 

Bitches can’t be choosers.

Churchill described the traditions of the navy, which he led, chuckling over drunken buggery and sado-masochism,

Rum, sodomy, and the lash!

Churchill praised the vigor of criminal homos, when a Member of Parliament was caught having sex with a naked Guardsman, in Saint James’s Park, saying, since it was the coldest night of the winter, it made him proud to be British.  

Sir Winston was rude to women, walking naked in his house, before his maids—not to mention his male visitors—when he wasn’t wearing his silk underwear, contemplating suicide, or bursting into tears.

He often put women down, and he encouraged his promiscuous mother to use her sexual influence to obtain choice postings when he worked as a military correspondent.  

Later, Churchill would bond with his daughter-in-law, the famous whore, Pamela Harriman, but first there was his mother, another insane strumpet, who appears, below, dressed as the Empress Theodora.

Winston Churchill married his wife at the age of thirty-three, a masonic signal, and he showed little desire for the beard, who spent eighty percent of their marriage away from him.  

Winston Churchill ran on slogans like “Vote for Churchill and Never Mind the Women!”—not to forget “Put Churchill In and Keep the Women Out!”

Winston Churchill led the attack against women who sought the vote, and fair treatment, while the police beat them up and sexually assaulted their bodies.

On Black Friday, three hundred women were attacked, in public, for six hours, so twenty-nine female demonstrators described sexual assaults.

One woman said,

Several times constables and plain-clothes men who were in the crowds passed their arms round me from the back and clutched hold of my breasts in as public a manner as possible, and men in the crowd followed their example…. My skirt was lifted up as high as possible, and the constable attempted to lift me off the ground by raising his knee. This he could not do, so he threw me into the crowd and incited the men to treat me as they wished.

Under Churchill’s orders, the police beat and kicked the protesters, while they dragged women away from the crowd, down side-streets, to be raped.

A crippled woman, who protested from her wheelchair, described the treatment she got from Churchill’s goons:

At first, the police threw me out of the machine [i.e. the wheelchair] onto the ground in a very brutal manner.

Secondly, when on the machine again, they tried to push me along with my arms twisted behind me in a very painful position, with one of my fingers bent right back, which caused me great agony.

Thirdly, they took me down a side road and left me in the middle of a hooligan crowd, first taking all the valves out of the wheels and pocketing them, so that I could not move the machine, and left me to the crowd of roughs.

Winston Churchill, who was Home Secretary, encouraged the police to attack women, so he had over one hundred protesters arrested, with two women killed by his thugs, while he rejected calls for a public inquiry.

No wonder Theresa Garnett assaulted Winston Churchill with a horsewhip, crying as she beat him,

Take that in the name of the insulted women of England!

In response, Winston Churchill claimed he was not hurt, and he refused to press charges as a private individual, although, in his capacity as Home Minister, he personally ordered the force-feeding of Miss Garnett, so that a tube was shoved down her throat, when she was held for thirty days on the lesser charge of disturbing the peace.

Winston Churchill had no sexual experience with women when he married, and his closest friends, after he entered politics, were three confirmed bachelors, and another exceedingly good-looking fellow, who called themselves the Hughligans, while they regarded the homosexual who had served as prime minister, Archibald Primrose, Lord Rosebery, as their mentor.

In short, Sir Winston was a homosexual deviant, who hated women, who consorted with communists, and who was easily controlled by Lord Rothschild.

It is a common profile among politicians, soldiers, and spies: they are weakling narcissist homosexual slaves, who hate women, while they are mastered through secrets.

Churchill was not an Apostle, although he played with the Angels, but he was a Freemason—which puts him with another group of homosexual criminals who sell their countries.

The Masons love to put out secret signs, advertising their control of people, like the handsign Churchill always flashed.

You can read more about that sign and others in my article below—one of over three hundred on this site, which receives traffic from military installations in Malta, Gibraltar, and the Falkland Islands—not to mention Iran, Greenland, and Antarctica.

Today, the Masons are at it worse than ever, as they arrange for women to be gang-raped by Muslims, over years, in England, while the police do nothing.

Rotherham and Rochdale are only two of the more conspicuous examples.

See the masonic numbers?

The grooming gangs resemble other horrors arranged, by the global intelligence community, as women are assaulted in taharrush.

Do you see the masonic sign of the crescent moon, used by the Muslims they control, needlessly placed, in color, next to a blindfolded girl, over a description of systemic gang rape and conspiracy, in England’s leading newspaper?

Look how widespread the attacks have been, while, now, the English lock down their country, over a virus, and they feed you stories of Downton Abbey and Winston Churchill, as their fascist police state does nothing to protect women from the vilest forms of assault by foreigners.

If you speak out, you’re labelled as a racist, but few say anything about the racism of a man who arranged the death of four million Indians in the Bengal Famine: Winston Churchill.

Meanwhile, through NATO OPERATIONS GLADIO A and GLADIO B, the English destroy their own liberty, spreading fear among their own people, while Military Intelligence stages terrorist attacks in their own country, which they blame on the Irish and the Muslims.

The disgusting assault against Lara Logan, arranged on Lupercalia, which surrounds Valentine’s Day, and publicized on Walpurgisnacht, Beltane, or May Day, when they claimed to have killed Osama bin Laden, is only one example of the masons’ sick satanic signalling.

The gang rape of more than one thousand women in the streets of Cologne, on New Year’s Eve, is another example of the masons’ sick satanic signalling.

And since we’re dealing with deviants, who get off on homosexual rape, the murder of Consul Christopher Stevens, in Benghazi, on September Eleventh, which Mrs. Logan investigated, exactly eleven years after the September Eleventh, on which Osama bin Laden was blamed for the attacks on the World Trade Center, is a third example of the masons’ sick satanic signalling.

Churchill’s satanic masters, who arrange for a false tale to be fed to you, lie behind it all.

Although Sweden encourages these atrocities, granting asylum and making excuses for the ever-increasing number of muslim immigrants that gang-rape their women in the streets with objects, they chased Julian Assange all the way around the world, on a trumped up charge of rape, when he blew the whistle on the international crime syndicate, and the English held him in jail for more than two years, as they conspire with the scum in the NSA, CIA, FBI, and DHS.

Here Churchill is making his famous sign a different way, which sends another signal from the Masons, while they taunt us with the rape of our mothers, wives, and daughters.

In England, that means: Fuck You!

Someone even put out a billboard, during the Blitz, to show the prime minister had been bought and sold.

Churchill did untold damage to real human beings as his shock troops attacked the Irish, as he crushed the labor unions, as he arranged assaults on women, and as he sold out Eastern Europe.

While he did nothing to bomb concentration camps, in order to stop killings, Churchill made sure that Dresden, a beautiful city with absolutely no strategic importance, was destroyed, so he murdered tens of thousands of innocent people.

Still, it was nothing next to the Bengal Famine he arranged, killing millions, while he disparaged the Indians.

In Dresden, the scum gave another coded signal by arranging the firebombing on the satanic holiday of Lupercalia, February Thirteenth to February Fifteenth, which surrounds Valentine’s Day—the same time Mrs. Logan was assaulted.

You can learn more about the luciferian calendar, satanic sacrifice, and signalling through days, in my article below.

Churchill pushed the use of poison gas—and I don’t mean his farts and cigars.

At the command of the Freemasons, Churchill committed crime after crime.

Some involved the Zionist Homeland, as the Masons signaled their control of the Jews.

Controlling the Nazis, they made the Jews wear the Seal of Solomon in the camps, and then they rebranded the masonic sign as the Star of David, so the Jews would proudly fly the thing in the homeland to which they were next relocated.

I wonder if Victor Rothschild had a masonic jewel, attached to his masonic pocket watch, when the Apostle said he had no time for Schnorrers….

The whole purpose of World War Two was to enlarge the Soviet Union, to create the United Nations, and to form Israel on the same lines as Germany.

No wonder the Apostle, Lord Balfour, personally sent to his fellow Apostle, Lord Rothschild, a copy of his declaration to support the Zionist Homeland.

No wonder Sir Winston joined the chorus, expressing his love for Jews, whose genocide he did nothing to stop, bombing Dresden rather than Auschwitz, Buchenwald, or Dachau, while he secretly gave the finger to the Schmoes.

Like the two-faced masonic politician he was, Churchill lied to everyone, as he shifted sides, backing Conservatives and Liberals, Fascists and Communists, Zionists and God-Knows-What.

Israel is just as much a lie as England—just like everything in your history books.

The same goes for the movies and the television—mind control devices that make England look like a lovely place, where our cousins value fair play and root for the underdog, while Churchill looks like a hero.

But, in reality, Churchill even arranged for an attack on the Lusitania, to kill Americans, as his masters drew us into World War One—something you can learn in my books, available, for free, below.

Winston Churchill does not deserve your admiration.


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    1. Thank you, my friend. Like Benjamin Franklin, on whom I plan to write an article, Churchill has everyone buffaloed.

      For years, I taught his speeches and his little book on painting in college writing classes, and I had no idea of the man himself.

      Nor do most of his biographers!

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