The Western News has demonized the Russian invasion of the Ukraine, an area that has belonged to Russia for hundreds of years, where everyone speaks Russian, while Russian separatists are tortured and killed by the Ukrainian Government.

Here’s a map of Tsarist Russia—to which the Ukraine belonged.

Here’s a map of Soviet Russia—to which the Ukraine belonged.

Given the history of the region, and the aggressive and criminal behavior of NATO, which has marched its forces right to the border of Russia, Russia’s desire to occupy the Ukraine is entirely understandable.

If Russia does not take over the Ukraine, it will be taken over by NATO.

Russia did not start the War in the Ukraine, but the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has put Russia in a position where it has no choice but to invade, while the Ukrainian Government has declared martial law against its citizens.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a criminal organization.

That’s not surprizing since Adolf Heusinger, who served as Operations Chief of HItler’s General Staff became the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, while NATO never left its Nazi roots.

It’s kind of like the way Reinhard Gehlen was a spymaster for HItler before he became the head of West German Intelligence….

So, it’s easy to imagine how, for Russia, the advance of NATO across Eastern Europe looks just like the advance of Hitler, which they barely staved off.

NATO has killed tens of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen over the last twenty years, and Russia does not want to be its next victim in a war that will make the others look small time.

NATO used cluster bombs, banned by the British Government, indiscriminately, during the 1991 Gulf War, the Campaign in Kosovo, and the 2003 Iraq Invasion, so the British Government claims it does not know how many unexploded cluster bombs still threaten civilians in Iraq, Kuwait, Serbia, and Kosovo.

In Yemen, NATO has arbitrarily killed people, while its allies rape and torture the innocent, as it helps local forces commit war crimes by besieging cities, shelling civilian areas, targeting civilians with snipers, and recruiting children to fight, so that fourteen (14) international aid agencies have expressed their outrage at the crimes of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

In Yemen, NATO’s crimes have been highlighted by another hotbed of conspiracy theories—the United Nations.

In Afghanistan, NATO oversaw the rape of boys at military bases, run by Americans, a practice so common it has a name.

Bacha Bazi!

In Iraq, NATO committed similar outrages.

At Abu Ghraib, CIA raped, sodomized, and tortured prisoners, in incidents that humanitarian organizations including the Red Cross, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch said were typical of overseas detention centers across Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay.

The Secretary General of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, was implicated as Danish forces transferred Iraqi prisoners to the authorities, knowing they would be tortured, sodomized, and raped.


President Bush authorized the torture of civilians.

But the crimes were not limited to one party, since President Obama said,

We tortured some folks….

Meanwhile, in Fallujah, insurgents associated with a terror apparatus created by the Central Intelligence Agency killed four military contractors.

These were employed by Blackwater, which is a criminal organization that has threatened federal investigators, lied to Congress, and committed war crimes, as it massacres civilians.

NATO retaliated against the civilian population through OPERATION PHANTOM FURY, which followed eight weeks of aerial bombardment.

Violating the 1980 Convention on Certain Chemical Weapons and the Geneva Protocol, NATO used cluster bombs, white phosphorus, and napalm against unarmed civilians, as they burned them to death.

Violating the Geneva Convention, NATO cut off the city’s water, power, and food supplies, as its soldiers committed horrific crimes.

NATO said it would let civilians out of the city, but it tortured them, person to person, with blowtorches, as it accused them of being insurgent fighters, while children, women, and the elderly were shot dead when they tried to sneak out through non-authorized checkpoints.

At the end of the day more than seventy-two percent (72%) of the city’s fifty thousand (50,000) homes were destroyed, and ten thousand (10,000) civilians were killed—mostly children, women, and the elderly.

Because of the use of depleted uranium shells and chemical weapons by NATO, there has subsequently been a dramatic increase in birth defects, infant mortality, mental retardation, and cancer—not only in Fallujah but also in Basra, Samara, Mosul, and Baghdad.

According to a study released by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, in Switzerland, “the increases in cancer, leukemia, and infant mortality … in Fallujah are significantly greater than those reported for the survivors of the A-Bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.”

Across the country, three million (3,000,000) Iraqis were forced to flee their homes in an exodus that constitutes the biggest movement of displaced people, in the Middle East, since NATO’s friend, Zionist Israel, began to displace Palestinians.

NATO promised things would be different in Libya, but, of course, they weren’t.

In Libya, eight thousand (8,000) prisoners were held without trial, as people were tortured and killed in detention, and NATO sponsored the ethnic cleansing of Tawerga.

While the death toll in Libya was under two thousand (2,000) before NATO intervened, NATO killed thirty thousand (30,000) people, including thousands of civilians, in the six months after it showed up with a mandate, to protect civilians, from the United Nations.

In Libya, NATO refused to investigate or even acknowledge the deaths of dozens of children who were killed in seven separate bombing raids on non-military targets, while Human Rights Watch released a report on their murder.

In Libya, Muammar Gaddafi was demonized by the Western Press, while the truth was far different.

Under NATO’s direction, Colonel Gaddafi was beaten to death while rebel fighters forcibly sodomized him with a bayonet.

Hillary Clinton made jokes, and looked tough, as she sold out American Consul Christopher Stevens, who received similar treatment.

After Gaddafi’s murder and gang rape by “soldiers” sponsored by NATO, Libya fell into the grip of rival warlords, as militias fought each other.

The government installed by NATO clamped down on freedom of speech, disqualified election candidates who criticized its crimes, and gave legal immunity to criminals like the ones that gang-raped Colonel Gaddafi with objects.

In this environment, American Consul Christopher Stevens was gang-raped with objects, and murdered, in an incident staged by NATO.

Thus, they worked to discredit the heroic reporter, Lara Logan, who was gang-raped with objects, as CIA strove to sexualize her assault.

It’s no surprize since almost all of these military characters are homosexual cowards that rape each other with objects, a practice that existed when the British arranged an identical assault on General Charles Gordon, who was gang-raped with objects, as he was murdered, at Khartoum, by muslim maniacs the low-lifes put up to it, so as to give the British an excuse to invade the Sudan.

It seems obvious that NATO arranged the rape of fifty thousand (50,000) women in Bosnia, as it made a further excuse to bomb civilians.

It was a classic false flag attack—just like the ones staged by NATO, in its own countries, to justify a repressive response, crack-down after crack-down, with popular and media support, through OPERATION GLADIO.

Using their control of the press, the homosexual deviants lie to us, while the cowards paint themselves as the good guys.

There are several books on the subject.

It’s the same with ISIS, which is simply an arm of CIA, MI-6, and MOSSAD.

OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, combined with MI-7, feeds us lies to cover crimes funded by the taxpayer, while your television is nothing but a mind control device.

That’s why you never hear these stories about NATO, which has invaded and destroyed so many countries, but suddenly you hear stories about the Big Bad Russians picking on the Ukraine, a country where everyone speaks Russian, which has belonged to Russia for centuries, while NATO strives to take control of the area, claiming that the Ukraine wants to join its ranks, so that NATO, which was originally formed to fight Russia, will have one member after another touching Russia’s border.

Look at the expansion of NATO, step by step, toward Russia, on the following map, and you will see why Russia feels it must defend itself by taking control of the Ukraine.

The Russians may not be angels, and they have committed plenty of crimes themselves, but they are not the maniacs the press paints them to be, and this fight, in a country where Joe Biden has sizable criminal contacts and investments, has nothing to do with the United States.

Below you can read the official government report by the United States Senate on Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Corruption, as you wonder to what extent NATO aggression is tied to the investments of its leaders….

And you can use the link below to contact your representatives.

Tell them you want the United States to withdraw from NATO.


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    1. Okay. Thanks for sending. I would add that I’ve probably been nicer to Cathy O’Brien in the past than I should have been. Although I believe she is a good person, and I believe her story, which exposes real evil, she has some markers of mind control on her (as do we all). These include the promotion of Christianity, the promotion of romantic love, an almost pacificistic attitude where it is “time to heal,” and a man, Mark Phillips, who plainly seems to have been her controller. I would guess the video is worth watching, and I thank you for sending it, but I believe we should all take what COB says with a grain of salt.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hello! I am writing to you from Russia!Thank you for writing all this! I have been reading your resource through an auto-translator for more than two years. Sometimes I don’t quite agree with you as far as Russia and Stalin are concerned, but in general I agree with you in many ways.

      About the Holodomor in the USSR. Did you know that Israel screamed very strongly about anti-Semitism when they published archival lists of the perpetrators of the Holodomor in Ukraine? The surnames and names of the perpetrators of the Holodomor in Ukraine are entirely Jewish


    1. Yes, Putin is a globalist too, friend of Chinese, creating a eurasian power, something like european union, let develop vaccines for fake virus, was a friend a kissinger and schwab, wants to follow agenda 2030, etc…

      All these rich countries are faking a war to change the “master” : US/UK->RU/CN / WEST->EAST.
      The real war is between psychopaths/super rich people and the people, as it’s always been.


  1. thank you for all the extraordinary work you do!

    i share on nearly a daily basis. daniele ganser german interview 2 weeks ago regarding the background of the ukrainian war meets exactly your position. i am a survivor of mk u from frankfurt germany and we are many. and the ones who survived are strong in their will to expose and to talk publicl . there is a network building up and as in the hands of god all will come to the surface.. many blessings and courage…


  2. People for the most part are not very smart, dread responsibilities and would rather live like pigs in their stall than make any effort to be free as long as you don’t mess with their little illusion of comfort (TV, games, tech gadgets and food).

    The TV is aptly named idiot box. I know of idiots who are scared of nuclear bombs while living thousands of miles from Kiyv.

    And by the way, Rus (Russia( was founded by Rurik in Kiyv.

    The difference between Russia and Ukraine is the same as the difference between Bavaria and Austria (very little if any)…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for this knowledgeable and instructive article. Some very tough scenes and depictions of the horrors committed by NATO…

    I’d be happy to reblog and repost if you don’t mind.

    We’re not dupe about wars and politicians of all sides, however these truth about NATO need to be presented to a larger public to counteract the insane propaganda going on these days.


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