Professor Antony Cyril Sutton is a hero in our fight against the New World Order, who has written several books of great value.

One of them concerns the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve Conspiracy resembles The Creature from Jekyll Island, another excellent book on this subject.

Here you can read my own speculations on how the Federal Reserve, of which there should be a congressional audit, lay behind the assassination of President Kennedy.

Skull and Bones is also behind the plot, so, of course, Professor Sutton has contributed to a treatise on the secret society.

Below you can watch and listen to Professor Sutton talk about Skull and Bones.

The Bush Family are only some of its members.

You can read more about the Bush Family, which is a satanic pack of child molesters, in my article below.

They are also in my article on Chateau des Amerois a/k/a the Mothers of Darkness Castle, which is known for its one thousand points of light.

And the Bush Family appears in my books, where they receive very amusing treatment.

You can download my books, for free, below.

Here you can watch and listen to Antony Sutton talk more about the games they play.

And here is another rare interview with this heroic scholar.

And here you can download another of Antony Sutton’s books on Energy:  The Created Crisis.

I haven’t read it yet, but I can only assume that the Rockefellers feature large.

Here you can watch Antony Sutton speak briefly about the Rockefellers’ creation of the Trilateral Commission.

You can read about the Rockefeller Crime Family in my article below.

And there’s more about these characters in features by James Corbett.

I highly recommend the Corbett Report.

Professor Sutton goes back to the subject of energy in his book on Cold Fusion.–TheSecretEnergyRevolutionPubConceptsAntonyC.Sutton1999

It’s all about fascism—-the team-up between big government and big business to screw us over.

Here you can listen to Professor Sutton speak about the capitalist-communist conspiracy and how the bankers funded not only the Nazis but also the Reds.

Here you can download another of Antony Sutton’s books:  Wall Street and FDR.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt bears further study, and I haven’t read Professor Sutton’s book on him yet, but it seems worth noting that several members of Skull and Bones tried to kill him in the Fascist Coup.

Antony C. Sutton wrote three books on Wall Street, and another concerns its creation of Hitler’s Germany, in which the Bush Family also participated.

You can read a little about that in my article on IBM’s role in the Holocaust, which MOSSAD seeks to stifle.

That’s because Zionist Israel and Nazi Germany were created by the same people for the same reason:  to start a world war.

Myron C. Fagan also makes this point in his excellent lectures on the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, and the Rothschilds.

MOSSAD and ISIS work for the same masters.

It’s kind of like the way Capitalist Wall Street ran Communist Russia, another point treated in Sutton’s Wall Street Series.

You can watch and listen to him speak about it here.

Here Antony Sutton speaks on The Best Enemies Money Can Buy.

Here Antony Sutton speaks on National Suicide.

Here is part one of a lecture series delivered by Antony Sutton in 1976.

Here is part two.

Here is part three.

Here is part four.

And here is part five.

Antony Sutton is a treasure.

You can read some of his books for free, but I highly encourage you to buy them.

I did.


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