This is the second article in a series on the deep state’s destruction of its own weapons.

The deep state thinks that advanced computers are problem-solvers that help them succeed, while the Federal Reserve, and the defense contractors, con them with easy credit and planned obsolescence.

The scum that work for them tell lies, and fail at everything they do, so they insist they are winning when they lose.

To work for the deep state, you would have to be a brainwashed slave—not to mention a complete moron.

Governed by systematics, morons hire morons, because the little frauds are afraid of competent workers, truth, and strength, so it’s a race to the bottom.

How does it play out on the battlefield, while their tactical officers tell the high command that they took, or almost took, the hill because they know their bosses, who are nothing but weaklings and losers, need to hear lies?

The scum keep claiming victory, foolishly taunting their enemy, and ignorantly cheering while the other team scores goals, and they destroy their own weapons.

Sometimes they smash their own weapons on purpose—like a bad golfer who breaks his clubs.

They used to have me spending money on wine, and gourmet food, but they purposely destroy my ability to taste, with cybernetics, so, now, for my than five years, my money stays in my pocket and I eat only health things.

They have saved me many thousands of dollars.

But that’s not the only place they have made me stronger.

I spent one million dollars, before tax, happily, on my daughter’s upbringing—something I would gladly do a million times over.

But that’s a lot of scratch, and the scum were able to use the family courts to strike at me for eighteen years.

If they were smart, they would want me to have sex with more women, so there would be another unplanned pregnancy.

And I was dating, and foolishly had sex without protection, five years ago.

At that time, things were shaking out so that I was averaging two partners per year.

If the enemy had left me alone, I would have had ten more partners by this time, and it is a near certainty, even with my preference for older women, that someone would have gotten pregnant.

Instead of using the weapon of sex, and unplanned pregnancy, to tie me up for another eighteen years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, the homosexual losers at the National Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security, Central Intelligence, and their affiliates destroyed sex by combining their disgusting consciousness with mine, zapping my privates and bottom with directed energy weapons, and saying dirty words while telling lies by voice to skull.

There is no way in hell that I would have sex with anyone ever again, given these attacks, which completely wreck the mood, and will never abate, while I cannot even look at a flesh and blood woman.

Over four years ago, I turned down two very plain offers from two different attractive women, and now I put myself out of any offer’s way.

At the same time, I have built this website, which has more than two million hits with traffic from all over the world, as I inspire the enemy to kill and torture each other.

At the same time, I have written three books, which have more than twenty thousand hits, as I inspire the enemy to kill and torture each other.

And, at the same time, I have joined the Advisory Board of Targeted Justice, the world’s leading site for targeted individuals, as I inspire the enemy to kill and torture each other.

This is the price the scum are willing to pay, while they make me stronger, and immune to a real attack, so they play video games with unmentionable parts of my body, say dirty words, and tell lies.

And they actually think they are winning!

Bring it on.

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  1. Timo, I know it’s a rough haul. First, though, I think that sex is highly overrated because of porn, drugs/alcohol, movies, magazines, music videos, and other mediatized products and projections by those sick scumbags. I am so sad that they are *still* messing with you. But of course it just proves how pathetic and stupid they really are, and how strong you are in your Divinity.

    We are the Divine Beings. We will prevail. But it will take a few more reincarnations for most un-jabbed people to have their full revelation (I say that because I’m not sure if people who took the mRNA jab(s) are fully intact living, breathing, spiritual men and women).

    As for myself, I’m not coming back to Prison Planet. This is my last effort at “serving as a role model of freedom and Divine Sovereignty.” The amnesia of the early years — combined with the Luciferian hypersexualization — is too much to bear again. I’ll be going where I can be fully alive as the creative being I am, spark and sparkle of the Divine.

    Wishing you peace and all that is our Divine birthright!


    1. Thank you, my friend. I am a fatalist and stoic with no belief in the afterlife, except for limited extensions through renown and offspring, while, non-attached, but warlike and caring, I embrace the reality of impermanence.

      Robinson Jeffers, the great poet of the 1900s, once rated the equal of Yeats and Eliot, but buried for political reasons, called it right, if you ask me, as I describe him in the afterword to my second book: “Hedgehogs and Foxes.”

      I love the beautiful awareness at the end of Hurt Hawks, where, “in the twilight I gave him the lead gift” so his spirit was unsheathed from reality.

      Hear the nature lover who loved the power of a forest fire, as he lived near Point Lobos at Tor House, which he built with his own hands, reading his poem below:

      I do agree that we need to differentiate real human beings, like us, called the Sons of Adam, or the Elect, or whatever, from the trash that do not belong to our species.

      Evolution did not stop with the appearance of Homo sapiens sapiens, while some of us carry genetics from Homo sapiens neanderthalensis.

      And I also agree that they will never take our spark.

      What a beautiful and mysterious world we are privileged to inhabit, while we take part in the fight for all life!


      1. That is a powerful poem.

        One of our Persian cats passed away in our home a few years ago. I laid next to him on the floor, covered him in his favorite blanket, and rested my hand on his little body. He stared at me the whole time, for several minutes but which felt like days. I saw the golden drops of Life floating in his eyes. The moment he exhaled his last breath, his little-big spirit rise up out of his black fuzzy body and glowed through my hand and the blanket.

        Precious life.

        Thank you for sharing the poem. I read about Jeffers and his Tor house. “Tor” in root language means “heart” and/or “heart friend.”


      2. Thanks for sharing your story. DHS or NSA sneaked onto our property years ago and they poisoned our beautiful bulldog, Rosie, with antifreeze, while at the same time they put a movie on television, which blamed a father for not taking a poisoned dog to the vet in time, just as I delayed treatment for our lovely pet. At the age of five years old, she died in my arms, as I lay next to her, in the hospital, as I spent my last two thousand dollars of credit. I had given her to my daughter for her fifth birthday. For me, the meaning of life is to make the satanic trash pay for their crimes.


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