When I called the shutdown, and identified the latest strain of coronavirus as a bioweapon developed at Fort Detrick, and released at the Wuhan Military Games, I was one of the very first people in the world to see the plot.

I described EVENT 201, at which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University, ran a war-game scenario only three months before the outbreak, where they planned a globalist response to a virus they identified, before the fact, as COVID-19.

The pieces were already in place since Johns Hopkins had earlier promulgated the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) in response to the false flag attacks that began the War on Terror.

My identification of the coronavirus as a man-made bioweapon, like my accurate prediction of forced vaccinations, and the shutdown, earned me instant targeting by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

COVID-19 was a follow-up to a plan put forward by the Rockefeller Foundation.

They called it LOCK STEP, while it connects to CLEVER TOGETHER.

Like Bill Gates, the Rockefellers are out to get you.

And so is another proponent of vaccines:  Henry Kissinger.

They use false flags.

And they control Big Pharma.

The little punks spraypaint their gangsigns in our neighborhood, as they promulgated martial law on the Winter Solstice, as they announced the National Emergency on Friday the Thirteenth, and as they declared the Great Reset on 1/1/2020.

Magic days and lucky numbers are important to the imbecilic luciferians that run the conspiracy.

The Lucis Trust openly promotes Lucifer, while it partners with the United Nations.

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Using not only the Center for Disease Control (CDC), but the World Health Organization (WHO), they work to create the outbreaks that they pretend to fight.

The Coronavirus mutated into a nineteenth form, in an unnaturally short time, because it was engineered in a laboratory.

Here’s what’s coming next.

Catastrophic Contagion, A Global Challenge Exercise, was held on the weekend of October 22, 2022 (10/22/2022), by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Health Organization, in the globalist hub of Brussels, Belgium, as they held another pandemic tabletop exercise to plan a response to Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome 2025 (SEERS 2025).

Click Here To Go To Their Website!

Here’s a press release from the official website.

Like their consideration of the Covid Outbreak three months before it happened, the scenario is “fictional.”

SEERS is like SPARS, the St. Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, around which the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security conducted a “fictional” scenario, three (3) years before the Great Reset, which they predicted three (3) months in advance through another “fictional scenario” at EVENT 201.

Thirty-three is a magic number to the freemasons, while Groundhog Day, a luciferian sabbat, occurs on the second day of the second month (2/2), thirty-three (33) days after the satanic holiday of the New Year (1/1).

Ivor Cummins has a good analysis, of catastrophic contagion, using pattern recognition, where he identifies the partnership of governments and corporations as fascism to support population control.

Since the time of the Nazis, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has aimed to kill us all, while Malthusians like Gates drive the thing.

So, as the morons return to the same old playbook, flashing their stupid gangsigns, it’s Groundhog Day.

You can read more in my latest book.

But, meanwhile, know….

SEERS is the new COVID.


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  1. Don’t you think this war in Ukraine is part of the same arranged covid/sustainability plan? Russia is a great exporter of fossil fuels, and in the same year the war in Ukraine happens, after so much media effort to relate covid with environmental issues, those protests in Europe with really weird looking people who are probably non binarian and may like to be referred as “they” (in the singular) throwing food on paintings in museums a little later were “coincidentally” against Russia and its fossil fuels. A war against the great fossil fuels exporter and these protests connected to sustainability blaming this same exporter would be a nice staged reason for the starting of development of alternative ways to fossil fuels, as the luciferians probably understood that a war only wouldn’t be enough reason for this topic to start being discussed as many people didn’t swallow this Zelensky thing? Won’t this all have some connection with this SEER in the future?


    1. Your comment is so full of good points, that I look forward to mulling over your ideas.

      I do think that the Ukraine and Russia are connected to fossil fuels, as you note, and there is certainly an engineered shortage of petroleum along with a push for “sustainable” transportation and energy–i.e. trains (controlling movement and surveilling travellers) and solar (very far from clean and connected to mining in Afghanistan and on the sea floor as the United States is pressed to ratify UNCLOS).

      Venezuela seems worth watching, too, since it has enormous proven oil reserves.

      I also think you are correct to say that they want to use plandemics to reshape the world as the United Nations describes in “Nations United.” There they say the worst possible thing would be for us to go back to the way things were.

      I also believe they are gearing up to stage World War Three, per Project Blue Beam, which will be made to look like the Book of Revelations (Apocalypse).

      Anyway, thanks for writing, since I always enjoy your comments.


      1. YOU are worthy of praise. They’re just destroying my sanity. Like they’re destroying Venezuela. My father spent his last 15 years (after retirement) sitting on a chair, drinking wine while listening to Pink Floyd in a zombie like state of consciousness, like he had been shut off. We could barely understand him speaking to the point some people thought he was a foreigner. It would be damn funny if it wasn’t MK tragic. They’re doing the same to me, not with that boring band of course.


  2. But Yemanjá was not sincretized with Virgin Mary only because of persecution like official history tells and like it is written in the text above. A famous icon of the Orthodox Coptic church names Mary also as Stella Maris so it is not something new (Coptic church is almost as old as Jesus):

    Groundhog day has its origins in Candlemass/Candelaria holiday: which is related to water anyway (winter= rain, snow) and related to the Virgin Mary. At least I used to follow Masses at Our Lady of Candelaria church in Rio de Janeiro. So all of that is in a certain way connected? February 2nd is a sabbatic day in Brazil’s northeastern city named Salvador because there (which was the country’s first capital) the whole programming of TV is interrupted only to show that festival. Why would they do it if it’s just some religious-turned-to-ecumenical festival?


    1. Candelaria is also big in the Canary Islands, while it falls forty days after the true winter solstice (depending on the year), while it forms the luciferian sabbath called Imbolc. Some people call it St Brigid’s Day, and I believe it is supposed to be the day that Jesus was circumcized.


    1. Dear Scott–

      Thank you.

      I hope you’re also reading my books and that you do what you can to circulate whatever seems right to a broader audience.

      It means a great deal to me that intelligent, brave, and good people, like you, are on board.

      Friendly regards,



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