Henry Kissinger has killed millions of people.

Henry Kissinger is a subhuman, a war criminal, and a traitor.

While Henry Kissinger orchestrates murder, he disparages the soldiers who fight in his bankers’ wars.

kissinger military men

Henry Kissinger is an affiliate of the Rockefellers, who seek to enslave humankind.

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Henry Kissinger is deeply tied to the criminals that run China.

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After his patron, David Rockefeller, spoke approvingly of the Cultural Revolution, in which over 30,000,000 people were killed, raped, and tortured, Henry Kissinger established diplomatic relations with the monster Mao Zedong.


Henry Kissinger orchestrated the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Chile, he gave the green light to Argentina’s dirty war, and he engineered the death and torture of tens of thousands in Latin America.

kissinger condor pinochet

That’s small time for him.

kissinger argentina

It was only part of CIA OPERATION CONDOR.

Condor South America

And Kissinger’s sex crimes were part of CIA PROJECT MONARCH.


Along with the child molester Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger helped Indonesia’s dictator, Suharto, invade East Timor, where he killed 200,000 people.

kissinger ford suharto

Did I mention that Ford’s vice president was Nelson Rockefeller?

kissinger nelson rockefeller

Henry Kissinger facilitated the murder of hundreds of thousands of Bengalis by Pakistan.

kissinger pakistan

Henry Kissinger plotted the destruction of Ethiopia, where his affiliates starved, raped, and murdered millions of people.

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kissinger depopulation

One of the criminals who did this is Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organization, who is not a doctor, who covered up cholera outbreaks, and who is affiliated with China.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

In NATIONAL SECURITY STUDY MEMORANDUM 200, Henry Kissinger promoted the use of food as a weapon. 

Read the Kissinger Report Here!

kissinger food 2

But Henry Kissinger wasn’t just against black Africans.

kissinger south africa john vorster

Henry Kissinger engineered the destruction of South Africa and Rhodesia, leading to a genocide of whites.

You can see why the man who put this video together doesn’t like him, so he is sometimes intemperate in his speech and conclusions.

Can you believe they gave this shitboy the Freedom Award?

It reminds me of the time they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to the half-white war monger, Barack Hussein Obama, just for the color of his skin.


Although Henry Kissinger engineered the bombing of Việt Nam and Cambodia, he too received the Nobel Peace Prize.

kissinger le duc thou

His co-awardee, Lê Đức Thọ, found the degenerate so repellent that he refused to accept the award with him, turning down his share of one million dollars—since Kissinger almost immediately broke his word.

le duc tho

I am no fan of Bernie Sanders, but even he finds Kissinger to be a repulsive degenerate.

Hillary Clinton has no such scruples.

kissinger clinton 2

How could she?


She’s a murderer, too.


And she’s a human trafficker.

clinton silsby 3

And she’s a rapist with ties to PizzaGate.

Clinton and Kissinger are close.

kissinger clinton 3

One picture tells the story.

kissinger clinton 2a

Just as Hillary Clinton raped Susan Ford, so did Henry Kissinger.

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brice taylor 10

Cathy O’Brien was another victim of the trash.

Read More about Cathy O’Brien and Her Abuse under Project Monarch Here!

Hillary Clinton

Sarah Palin, whom the scum at CIA call Caribou Barbie, while they sexually abuse her, is also the slave of Henry Kissinger.

Learn More about Sarah Palin, Superheroines, and Rape Here!


A picture is worth a thousand words.palin.kissinger5Henry Kissinger is not only a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission, but he also belongs to the Bohemian Club, where degenerates rape children.

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Sometimes they use dogs.

Shirley Temple, who was a Dame of Malta, Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia, and Representative to the United Nations, was also close to Henry Kissinger.

Click Here To Learn More about Pedophile Bait Ambassador Shirley Temple!

Shirley Temple Kissed By Henry Kissinger

So are the satanic traitors in the Bush Family.

Click Here To Learn about the Degenerate House of Bush!


They rape little boys and girls, too.

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George W. Bush appointed Henry Kissinger to head the 9/11 Commission, but the shitdog resigned from the post.

That makes sense, since the survivors’ families questioned him about conflicts of interest.

The destruction of the World Trade Center was nothing but a false flag attack.


It was engineered by MOSSAD.

911hSatanic conspirators like Kissinger engineered an attack against America to draw us into the War in Afghanistan, at a cost of more than $1,000,000,000,000.00.


Afghanistan, like Việt Nam, is the world’s leading producer of heroin.


The New World Order wanted us to pass the so-called PATRIOT ACT.

Tell Your Federal Representatives To Oppose the Patriot Act!

They followed up with anthrax attacks, leading to the promulgation of the Model Health Emergency State Powers Act (MHESPA).

Henry Kissinger has spoken of false flags.

kissinger false flags

Now, like Bill Gates, he is calling for forced vaccinations and the destruction of our rights in response to the bioweapon COVID-19.

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The Coronavirus is a false flag attack.

Click Here To Learn More about the Coronavirus False Flag Attack!

false flag school

COVID-19 comes straight from Fort Detrick.

Click Here To Learn More about the Plandemic!

The pandemic is designed to push us to martial law.

Click Here To Learn about the Plot To Place Us Under Medical Martial Law!

martial law 5

The coronavirus is meant to destroy our economy, swing the election, and kill the very young and very old.

Click Here To Learn More on the Political and Economic Uses of the Bioweapon!

And Henry Kissinger, who has ties to China, where the outbreak was sourced, is telling us how to respond?

kissinger virus

And people are listening?

kissinger vaccinations 2

You got to be kidding me!


Why would anyone listen to a damned thing this degenerate said?

kissinger criminal

Henry Kissinger wants to kill you.


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kissinger nwo


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