Earlier this summer, Dr. Judy Mikovits came out with Plandemic, an exposé of the manufacture of the Coronavirus at Fort Detrick, the use of the bioweapon to promote the New World Order, and the fraud of Dr. Tony Fauci and the Coronavirus Task Force.

COVID-19 is part of the LOCK STEP SCENARIO, planned at EVENT 201, by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation, and their affiliates.

You can learn more about it, not only by watching Dr. Mikovits’s excellent videos, but by scrolling down the right side of this page to read my articles on the false flag attack, or by reading my recent piece on Grace Van Berkum, to which I have linked below.

In the meantime, here is Dr. Mikovits’s follow-up, Plandemic II: Indoctornation, which you can watch below.

You can also visit Dr. Mikovits’s site by clicking on the link below.  There you can download and share her videos, and find more information, which I encourage you to do.

Guided by the meticulous work of Dr. David E. Martin, Plandemic II: Indoctornation, tracks a three decade-long money trail that leads directly to the key players behind the COVID 19 pandemic. The film connects the dots between all forms of media, the medical industry, politics and the financial industry to unmask the major conflicts of interests with the decision makers that are currently managing this crisis.

I strongly encourage everyone to watch and share Plandemic II.


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  1. I KNOW she is absolutely telling the TRUTH!!!! Why?? Because I did the same thing for 35 years! I have PhD in Cellular Microbiology & Virology, and a PhD in BioGenetics, and I worked for several of the Big Pharma’s on numerous clinical research projects from bench to pharmacy. I started speaking out about what I saw as unethical, illegal procedures/practices. Suddenly I started getting “excluded” from project meetings without explanations, and treated like a pariah. My gut told me it was time to go; I took early retirement real quick, and moved. I have tried to get information out over the internet/social media since 2008, but I have come to the conclusion that the general public does NOT WANT to hear the TRUTH!! It terrifies them to even think that their healthcare system, and government is extremely corrupt.


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