One month ago, Congressman Jim Jordan was appointed to head the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

One month later there was a preventable train wreck, releasing poisonous chemicals, right next to his district.

The train belonged to Norfolk Southern, which I have identified, in my third book, as the tool of the House of Payseur.

Congressman Jordan has joined others who have launched an investigation into the response led by the Secretary of the Department of Transportation: Pete Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg has a solid bad guy resume, since he went to Harvard before becoming a Rhodes Scholar, and he served for eight years in Naval Intelligence.

Is this all a coincidence?

Or was the train derailed to distract Jim Jordan?


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  1. Hello my friend. We both know that there are literally ZERO coincidences with this group of black magicians and their cushy-job-keeping career clowns. It is so angering to my core.

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    1. Hi Shari!

      As you say, coincidences, things that stick out, and people acting out of character give the game away.

      Then there is sicko bullshit and moves so stupid they are often hard to spot.

      It is amazing what they will try for and how out of touch with reality they are, while they insist that others are like them.

      Anger is an appropriate response!

      Your pal,



  2. I’m astounded more people don’t find your site. I had no idea about this, and I’ve been researching this event from all angles.


  3. P.S. A reader called Rachel wrote regarding insider-trading at Norfolk Southern preceding the “accident,” so she inspired me to do some further research.

    Thanks to all such readers, who write with useful leads and facts, as we all share information about the cowards, cheats, and perverts who hide in the dark while they abuse each other’s bodies.

    The rocked flipped over to show the following creeping and squirming characters: JPMorgan, Jim Squires, Alan H Shaw, Clyde H Allison Jr , and Steven F Leer.

    Here is an article I found, dated on one of the eight luciferian sabbats, describing how one of Norfolk Southern’s directors, James Squires, sold US$5.2m worth of shares, last year, at about US$246 per share, as he divested his holdings from the company, while insiders did not buy any shares at all last year.

    Here is another article I found from last year, which cites Defense World to show that Jim Squires sold far more than indicated by Simply Wall Street, as he sold $26.2 million dollars of the railroad’s stock, or more than two-thirds of his holdings in the company he directs, in the year before the “accident.”

    Jim Squires resigned as chief executive officer last year, while the effective date of his resignation fell on one of the eight luciferian sabbats, May Day, which is completely unconnected to fiscal quarters, as he was replaced by Alan Shaw, who has sold more than fifty-two million dollars of his stock in the company in the two years preceding the “accident” and his rise to the position of chief executive officer.

    Alan Shaw hails from the programming hubs of Virginia Tech and Harvard Business School, while he was previously Vice President of Marketing (putting forth the particular image of the company), so the appointment of this spin doctor as the railroad’s head, less than a year before the “accident,” seems suspicious.

    While Shaw has pledged “to make it right,” “to support the community,” saying he is “deeply sorry,” he has repeatedly failed to turn up to town hall meetings….

    Clyde H. Allison also retired from his position as Vice President and Controller last year, as he sold his holdings less than twelve months before the derailment.

    Steven Leer is still on the board, although he sold significant holdings, while he is also connected to Arch Coal, Cenovus, Parsons, and USG.

    JPMorgan and Lazard sold a lot of shares last year, too, as they made the required filings with the SEC, which would be easily searchable, for free, on EDGAR.

    In short, insiders to sell in the last two years are as follows: Alan H Shaw ($2,610,645.64), Clyde H Allison Jr ($1,450,650.00), Clyde H. Allison, Jr. ($1,066,710.00), James A Squires ($48,394,713.72), and Steven F Leer ($185,857.00).

    In the two years before the “accident,” insiders sold a total of 210,120 Norfolk Southern shares for a total of $53,953,726.36 sold, reducing their holdings by two-thirds from 0.31% to 0.1%.

    If the SEC had anything to it, which it doesn’t, they would investigate the insider trading and criminality that plainly infest the board of the railroad, but, instead, they prefer to go after Martha Stewart, while they did no investigation of similar insider trading before the false flag attack on 911, staged under NATO OPERATION GLADIO B.


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