As the chart below indicates, the conspiracy to establish satanic one world government can be pretty complicated….

NWO Flowchart

Many brave people have made it their life’s work to expose this evil.

Cathy O’Brien described the horrific abuse she suffered when she and her underage daughter, Kelly, were raped by George Bush, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton under CIA’s obscene PROJECT MONARCH.

Cathy O’Brien – An American Hero

Susan Ford, writing as Brice Taylor, exposed Bob Hope and Henry Kissinger as abusive pimps and handlers under the same obscene CIA program.

Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor

Dr. Rauni Kilde, the Chief Medical Officer of Finland, exposed the reality of microwave harassment before Norwegian “intelligence” murdered her.

CIA Mind Control: Doctors Who Stand Against Microwave Harassment

FBI Special Agent in Charge Ted Gunderson exposed satanic child abuse, and he was poisoned for his efforts.

FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson, His Fight Against CIA, PROJECT MONARCH, and the Ritual Abuse Of Children

Senator John DeCamp exposed satanic ritual child abuse at the heart of the deep state.

Child Sexual Abuse Underlies The Deep State: A Conspiracy of Silence

Myron Fagan, a political writer, delivered an excellent lecture series exposing the Illuminati’s influence on geopolitics and history–i.e. their centuries-old push for satanic one world government.

Myron Fagan: His Stand Against Globalism, the Illuminati, and Rothschild Scum

Christopher Story wrote, as an intelligence insider, about the New World Order, its roots in Nazi Germany, and corruption in the European Union.

The New Underworld Order by Christopher Story

Andrea Davison, who also worked for British “intelligence,” exposing illegal arms deals and satanic ritual abuse, wrote me to say “the royal deception runs deep.”  She’s an English hero, but now she is a refugee in Argentina.

English Heroes and Traitors: Andrea Davison and the “Royal” Family

Svali, a former Illuminati programmer, explained how programming works, and she described the worldwide conspiracy.

Svali Speaks: Breaking the Chain

And Fritz Springmeier worked with Cisco Wheeler to write books that helped me understand my own programming.

Books by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler on Illuminati Mind Control Techniques

There are so many others in our fight, friends whom I have described in my article below (which describes the unusual traffic on this site). 

My Website Traffic over the First Ten Months: Who’s Watching? And Who’s Reading?

Dr. Katherine Horton, an Oxford-educated physicist, who worked on the large hadron collider at CERN, is only one of them.  Dr. Horton has more than one site, many podcasts, and ongoing court cases.

Stop 007 – All Systems Become Psychopathic With Time…But Some Are More Lethal Than Others

The Joint Investigation – Looking Into Cases The Police Will Not Touch

You can watch Dr. Horton on the Richie Allen Show (as well as on YouTube).

But here I want to draw attention to Fritz Springmeier and his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati.  It concerns the so-called “higher-ups” in this pile of human refuse, and you can read it below.

Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier

You can watch Springmeier in the videos below.  Those videos have been taken offline more than once—always a good indicator that CIA does not want you to see them….

Know your enemy!


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Our enemy depends on silence.



    1. There is a 13th line called Merovingian which is royalty/ aristocracy from all over the world. They are the ultimate elite in the occult


  1. What about Forbes lineage… Why haven’t you dealt Forbes in your studies?
    Forbes lineage starts with Duncan “Evil” de Forbes, Sheriff of Aberdeen. He was descendant of Moravilla Princess of Scots. Her lineage goes directly down to Tigernmas High King of Eire, the establisher of Crom Dubh cult, whose lineage goes directly down to King Solomon. Forbes lineage is much more important, mysterious, and hidden than you think. I know because I belong to that lineage although my twig is a far far away branch off from a main trunk of Forbes family tree.


  2. The new micro chip implants sting like a bug (electric pulse similar to 9 volt on Tonge in affected area) and self heal with a laser?!?!?! It seems impossible but it is fully functioning now. implant in back of neck and run nano threads through blood vessels under skull (from back of neck). The nano wires interpret signals from cell phone towers and satellites. Very easy to get lost in the voices. The torcher method involves ai scrambling your families’ voices in your mind telling you to do horrendous activities. They capture voices and use ai to mimic them in the transmissions. I have sensors in back of neck and under arm. Elon Musk is involved, DARPA, Facebook, State and local agencies and LIBERAL NUTBAGS, CIA and NSA are gimmies. I’ll post names of all officers and intelligence soon.


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