Much like Rome, the Church of England is full of homosexual weaklings, child molesters, and other criminals.

Just look at their head, who fails to speak against the violation of his body or the murder of his wife.

Not to mention his rapist brother….

It’s no wonder they want to trade a king for a pope.

Talk about a false choice.

Canada has the same thing, and it is directly connected to the Papists.

You can learn more in the Church’s Darkest Secret.

The priests are child molesters.

And they are in it together.

No wonder they burn incense at high mass.

The scent is to hide the stench.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

7 thoughts on “THE STINK OF INCENSE”

  1. I agree. Why did we let them to go away with it? Why did we blindly follow another Hivite’s dog fight against each other.


  2. Have you done much research into Buddhism? I am starting to think chanting may be some form of mind control, similar to kundalini activation….

    God Bless Brother!


    1. I think you are onto something, so here are my quick thoughts.

      Certainly chanting involves phasing out, while it can involve forced speech, and kundalini-type stuff, which is really just microwave harassment.


      Zen approaches where people think of nothing, and zen masters hit students with sticks seem particularly suspect….

      There are Buddhist activists, people like me who fight without attachment to results, or identification, but Buddhism can be an excuse for passivity.

      Also, although I believe the Dalai Lama is a good man, I also think he is being used, as he receives funds from Central Intelligence and is played up by Hollywood.

      And I also think Tibet was an ancient programming center, a place where people were kept as slaves into the twentieth century, so Tibetan Buddhism, or Mahayana, seems particularly suspect.

      There is one life for each being, one, and only one, so the idea of reincarnation is incorrect, while karma is used to describe addiction circles in which the enemy traps people while the enemy’s role in these repetitive patterns is obscured.

      Still, I do think there is something to Buddhism, and I have compassion for real living creatures, but not the scum that seek to destroy all life while they earn a form of karmic retribution in that they simply put themselves around each other, in places where no one can hear them scream, so they torture and kill each other.

      Serves ’em right, I say, which, I guess, would make me a small wheel rather than a big wheel Buddhist.

      In short, I think there is a lot to Buddhism, far more than the jibberish of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam; and I do not doubt that some people get something positive from it, but I strongly believe it is important to be selective.


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