What used to be called Judeo-Christian Ethics, now has an extra graft of Islam, so that one hears new and repeated references to something called either the Abrahamic Religions or the Abrahamic Traditions.

What are the Abrahamic Traditions?

The Abrahamic Traditions, or the Abrahamic Religions, involve not Moses, who is used by the New World Order, but Abraham, while both relate to Egypt.


The Abrahamic Traditions involve religious intolerance, as monotheism, the tyranny of belief, is put forward as an advance.


The Abrahamic Traditions involve religious war, and genocide, whether it takes the form of the Israelites’ destruction of the Canaanites, in the Book of Joshua, the Crusades, or Jihad.


The Abrahamic Traditions involve the destruction of world treasures, as a function of extremism, intolerance, and war.


The Abrahamic Traditions involve sexism, as God is pictured as male, and women are denigrated, while the Pope makes excuses for Muslims that rape white women in the streets with objects, while the Jews, in MOSSAD, put them up to it.


And the Abrahamic Traditions involve a deep hypocrisy that was derided by their most famous practitioner, a man killed by the Romans, and Jews, called Jesus.


But what is the story of Abraham, and what were his traditions?

Abraham was the uncle of Lot, a godly man who offered his daughters to be gang-raped by a street mob, in an attempt to protect angelic visitors, so the Lord destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, turned his wife into a pillar of salt, and led his daughters to have sexual intercourse with him, committing incest, when he was drunk.

Abram, who would later change his name to Abraham, pimped his wife, Sarai, who would later change her name to Sarah, calling her his sister, as the Pharaoh of Egypt took her into his harem.

Like Moses, Abraham heard voices in his head.


Abraham sacrificed animals to the Lord, as the voices told him to do strange things.


The Lord gave the Promised Land to the descendants of Abraham, although they had to suffer four hundred years of slavery before they could massacre the people who lived there.

Abraham raped his wife’s slave, at his wife’s insistence, although she later blamed the girl, so that she could have children and fulfill the prophecy, as Ishmael, the Son of Hagar, became the father of the Muslims.

Then the Jewish couple mistreated the slave, who was pregnant, so she ran away.

But she went back when an angel told her to submit to her abusive rapist.

That was when Abraham was eighty-six years old….

At this time, as a sign of his covenant, the Lord ordered Abraham to slice the foreskin from his penis and for all his descendants, and their slaves, to be similarly circumcised.

The Muslims say he used a hatchet….

The same was done to Jesus, on the luciferian quarter day of Imbolc—otherwise known as Candlemas, Candelaria, Saint Brigid’s, or Groundhog Day.


Under Shariah Law, the Muslims apply a similar rite to women, as they carve the clitorises from their bodies in female genital mutilation (FGM).

This kind of stuff is what defines the Abrahamic Religions, as they reach out to the Muslims….

It is the stuff that all three faiths share—the story they have chosen to redefine themselves.

Since he had about as much knowledge of women’s bodies as a Roman Catholic Priest, the Lord told Abraham, who was ninety-nine years old, that his wife, Sarah, would become pregnant at the age of ninety.

Abraham circumcised himself and his son by his wife’s slave, Hagar, when Ishmael was thirteen, as he circumcised his other slaves to celebrate the good news.

Then, not content to have pimped his wife, Sarah, to the Pharaoh, Abraham pimped his wife, again, now that she was pregnant, to the King of Gerar: Abimilech.

Abraham kept telling people his wife was his sister, and it was actually true, since he had married his half-sister.

The next year, Sarah bore a son, whose foreskin was cut from the screaming baby’s penis, as would be done to future generations of Jews and Gentiles.

As soon as Isaac was born, Abraham and Sarah kicked his son, Ishmael, whom he had circumcised at the age of thirteen, out of the house, and he banished the slave girl, Hagar, whom he had raped, into the Desert of Beersheba.

Then, as Abraham continued to hear the voices, the Lord told him to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

That was instead of the usual baby lamb he would slaughter, at Moriah, to make a burnt offering to the Lord.

But the Lord was just testing Abraham….

He didn’t make him go through with it, demanding only the sacrifice of a beautiful wild ram as a replacement.

The Abrahamic Traditions form the provenance of the Jews.


Those are the Jews who killed roughly eight million Cossacks in Holodomor, who founded ancient Israel on the genocide they perpetrated against the Canaanites, and who claim their Holocaust, which was created to create Israel, is the only genocide that counts.


The Abrahamic Traditions form the provenance of Israel, which ties directly to the Nazis, the CIA, and the British Freemasons.


That’s why we see the same symbol, the Seal of Solomon, among the Freemasons, the Nazis, and the Israelis.


That’s why we see so many parallels between Zionist Israel and Nazi Germany, as one artificially created country sprang up just as the other disappeared…..


And that’s why we see the same internationalist companies, and banks, with their ties to the global intelligence community, appear in Germany, Israel, England, and America, as they do harm and talk hypocrisy.


The Abrahamic Traditions form the provenance of the Muslims, who tie directly to the CIA, MOSSAD, and the English Freemasons.


The Abrahamic Traditions form the provenance of the War on Terror, and of ISIS, which are both projects of the luciferian conspirators, just as each of the competing religions is their project.


Why do you think ISIS, which might as well stand for Israeli Secret Intelligence Services, never attacks Israel?


The Muslims show nothing but disrespect for Christianity, but the Christians pray for their enemies, and, following Jesus, show their enemies tolerance because of the Abrahamic Traditions.


The Muslims throw acid in the faces of their own women, whom they keep in slavery, while they attack our women in the streets, in the most horrific ways, but the Secular Swedes make excuses for them.


And if the Germans stand against them, they are called Nazis.


And all the while, the horrific attacks continue, staged by one arm of the Abrahamic Traditions, the Muslims, at the instigation of another arm of the Abrahamic Traditions, the Jews, who secretly put them up to it, and excused by a third arm of the Abrahamic Traditions, the Christians, who make excuses—with other variations mixed in as all three religions work, constantly, against our women.


The Roman Catholic Church is directly connected, particularly through the Jesuits, not only to the Nazis but to the Central Intelligence Agency, while it has committed horrific crimes through the centuries.


The Abrahamic Traditions are put forward by the Roman Catholic Church, as the Papists amass billions of dollars, traffic and molest children, and the Jesuit Pope hides behind a wall, built to keep Muslims out, while he tells Europe to open its borders to the Muslims that gang-rape women in the streets, violating their bodies with objects, and he tells us to pray for our enemies—but his priests deny communion to Protestants.


You can read about the satanic sacrifices performed in the Catacombs, underneath the Vatican, below.


Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all disgusting belief systems put forward by the satanic enemies of all life, as they work to create World War Three, in which they will pit Muslims and Jews against each other, in another Holy War. to advance one world government, while, through PROJECT BLUE BEAM, they script events to the Book of Revelations.


PROJECT BLUE BEAM will allow them to manipulate the imbecilic evangelicals, who form part of the equation, as they support Israel and await the Rapture.


And if you can’t buy the bible narrative, don’t worry: PROJECT BLUE BEAM also involves other stupid beliefs—the fake alien invasion planned by NASA, USAF, and AATIP.


Fuck the Abrahamic Traditions!


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  1. This is excellent work, my understanding is this is spot on. I appreciate you not buring all your expiernces as the pain must be unbearable. Thank you for sharing your knowledge it ties the today’s times together for me. May God bless you and yours.


    1. Thanks for writing, but the pain is not remotely unbearable. The small annoyance that the enemy sends me just makes me more productive. That’s how, in four years, I have built a website with two million hits, written two books, with another on the way, brought court cases, and taught dozens of college courses. They make me productive!


      1. Thank you! Good spot! I have a foolish fondness for George Harrison, and his music, but it’s interesting how he moved from the Roman Catholic Church to the Krishnas.

        According the Jesuit model, the evil inner circle will always use not only bad ones but also good people as helpers.


  2. good read. thanks!

    btw – what about the source of all of these religions?

    the GOD portrayed in the bible is ALWAYS the satan or his proxies.
    what kind of god asks his followers (benevolent entities dont need followers…) to sacrifice another human being let alone your child?!?!

    Think also about moses… according to the stories he is heavily struggling with his assignment and dedicates his life to the force that refuses to show his face (you will die…)
    then, this envious, ego-maniac god punishes him severely, preventing him the big cake of milk and honey just because he chew a bubble gum in the classroom…

    you have to be blind (3d) not seeing lucifer and his proxies deception of every soul he meets and those that follow them (whom he “meets”)


    1. Agreed. I think that the Zoroastrians, who are Luciferians connected with the Freemasons, as they come out of Ancient Babylon at the same time as post-ark-of-the-covenant Judaism, are an important part of the puzzle. Also, my understanding is that Gnostic Christianity put forward the idea that Yahweh, or Jehovah, was an evil spirit that tricked people. That seems rather convoluted to me. The bottom line, as you say, is that the Bible’s god is just plain evil, and the stories are just plain messed up. People can cherry-pick and reshape the narrative, but, really, why bother?


  3. You’ll find the “whole council of His will” of the Biblical God of the 1611 King James Version effectively delivered in recent ministry posts from this Christian counselor of SRA/DID:

    [audio src="https://dougriggs.s3.amazonaws.com/Assemblies/6-18-06+Remnant.mp3" /]


    1. People should certainly be selective, as they think for themselves. I believe the important thing is that we are all fighting the satanists, who with their ridiculous beliefs, do real harm in the world.


  4. Hello, Fighting Monarch

    I hope this question isn’t stupid or hurtful as I believe it’s a doubt most people who learn about MK Ultra from the “outside” would have.

    Why would the CIA go through all the trouble of creating racists, rapists, murderers etc, if people like these aren’t actually hard to find at all? I think there’s a lot of criminals out there who would do stuff for the CIA for free, no mind control required.

    About Abrahamic religions, though you focused more on Judaism and Islam, I feel like Christianity’s excessive emphasis on forgiveness is… Strange. Is Jesus’ religion all about submitting to our opressors, remaining passive and never seeking justice? Is this why Pentecostalism is so widespread among truther circles? Because all evangelical “conspiracy theorists” do is pray and wait for Jesus to come back. We are getting nowhere with this slave mindset that seems to be the formula of Christianism.


    1. Dear Leon,

      I believe you underestimate the program. The criminals you mention have been created through satanic mind control–except the ones that work directly for the Deep State do not have the guts or initiative to commit crimes on their own.

      As for Christianity, you hit the nail on the head: it is a slave religion designed to make people passive, which accounts for its popularity in the Antebellum South and the Early Roman Empire. I believe that Cecil Rhodes, who committed so many crimes for the New World Order, before they took him out, said something like…one missionary is worth one hundred rifles.

      Thanks for writing,



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