The Roman Catholic Church is a deeply criminal organization that is worse than the Mafia.

The Jesuits are directly connected to the Central Intelligence Agency, while they commit crimes, involving sexual blackmail, and they rape each other’s bodies.

The criminal, Jorge Bergoglio, who calls himself Pope Francis, has covered up the rape of children, moving child molesters from place to place within his organization, while he lies to protect them.

This is not a good man, and real people can easily sense it.

The satanic trash perform human sacrifices in the catacombs beneath the Vatican.

More than one credible witness has seen it happen.

Their entire religion is a lie designed to fleece their sheep, while they lead them to the slaughter.

Kevin Annett has exposed the criminality of the Vatican.

While he forced the resignation of Joseph Ratzinger, who called himself Pope Benedict, this former priest has exposed the systematic rape, trafficking, and murder of thousands of children.

But what would he know?

Like the Central Intelligence Agency, which is run by criminal Catholics, the Vatican cannot help but advertise its illegal activities.

Look at their leader.

Their priests refer to their own parishioners as a flock of sheep, and they call themselves father, while the foundational stories of their religion concern a father’s willingness to sacrifice his son and sacrifices by shepherds and others of these innocent animals.

There are many examples of satanic cartel signaling around the Vatican.

Since their priests are not only child molesters but they are the victims of sexual abuse, who take a vow of obedience, they wear collars.

These are just like the submission collars these curs were forced to wear when they received their training as male submissives who themselves became sadists.

How appropriate.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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