English constitutional history is often seen as a positive development through which the power of Parliament steadily rose while the power of the Crown steadily declined.

This is painted as Progress, the Rise of Democracy, and the Rights of Englishmen; but nothing could be further from the truth.

The rights of the English People have been destroyed, while the Freemasons arrange the rape of their children by Muslims.

Rotherham and Rochdale are only some of the more conspicuous examples.

See the masonic numbers?

Thirty years ago, when I came up to Cambridge, street rape was common.

So were bombs and bomb threats, arranged by MI-5, and NATO, under OPERATION GLADIO.

This while GCHQ, at Cheltenham, surveilled every move of every person in England.

MI-7 runs the news, as they fuck you with the BBC.

It’s almost as though people were hypnotized.

Free speech is the province of loonies in Hyde Park.

And, in England, a free press is non-existent.

The plandemic has given NWO the excuse for a total shutdown.

The Country has been destroyed.

But the Crown grows richer and richer.

Prince Andrew is a rapist, like his uncle, Lord Mountbatten.

And Parliament is full of child molesters.

That makes them easy to control.

How did this start?

There has been a conspiracy, involving drugs, hypnotism, and blackmail, since the English Reformation, to destroy the Rights of the People, to enrich the Crown, and to control or destroy Kings, Lords, and Commons.

The deposition and replacement of monarchs did not stop with Warwick the Kingmaker, who alternately placed Henry VI and Edward IV upon the throne.

Just look at Henry VIII, who suffered a personality shift, from an athletic virtuous man to a fat paranoid lecher, as he stripped assets from the People’s friends in the monasteries and deliberately eroded the rights of his subjects.

What lay behind the change in personality that accompanied the change in government?

Lust makes people easy to control, as the Illuminati use hypnotism.

So it’s not surprising that Henry fell in love with Anne Boleyn, divorcing his wife and founding the English Church, only to accuse her of witchcraft and incest as he moved to his next victim.

His son, Edward VI, would be poisoned because he took protestantism seriously.

His daughter, Mary, would fall in love with a Spanish prince as she burned her subjects at the stake.

And his other daughter, Elizabeth, would fall prey to drugs and hypnotism, as she fell for the Earl of Essex.

One of the slave’s masters was her astrologer:  John Dee.

See the masonic compass in his hand?

The Illuminati are behind it all.

Their slaves, the Masons, sit in the real Chambers of Parliament.

Parliament gained its ascendancy when Charles I was executed by the religious maniac and war criminal, Oliver Cromwell–another man who suffered a personality change.

Here’s a picture of Charles’s execution.

His grandson, James II, was deposed by the cabal in the Glorious Revolution.

His son, Charles II, was easy to distract with a series of mistresses.

And his father, James I, was still easier to control through drunkenness and pedophilia.

Anne, who built the British Empire, was plagued by a lifetime of illness, as they destroyed her health with poison, filled her court with scandal, and turned her into a lesbian.

George III was driven mad by an early form of microwave harassment.

Benjamin Franklin, a member of the Hellfire Club, whose cellar contained the bodies of his child victims, made that happen.

Together with Matthew Boulton, a member of the Lunar Circle, he did experiments with sound and electricity.

You know? Like voice to skull, which can be shot not only into a cybernetic implant but off the jawbone?

Not to mention the drugs they gave to George III, to drive him mad, causing his urine to turn blue, while he suffered mysterious aches and pains.

The conspirators would replace him with his wastrel son, George IV, a drunken whoremaster who presided as Prince Regent and was easy to control.

Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, was poisoned.

His son, Edward VII, was a drunk and a whoremaster, to whom the English lords pimped their wives.

Those lords voted for their own disempowerment in the Parliament Act 1911.

And they voted for it again in the Parliament Act 1949.

You know? So the government would be more streamlined without the checks and balances of an effective executive or a bicameral legislature….

Now they could make all kinds of crazy laws.

Edward VIII was driven off the throne, as he conspired with Hitler, and his brother, George VI, was microwave harassed and poisoned, all so Elizabeth II could come to power.

They leave this slave alone, while Parliament lets the country go to hell, for exactly one reason.

She’s in on it.


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