There was a secret agenda behind World War Two, which was created to push the world to globalism, through the United Nations, the World Bank, the Marshall Plan, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, not to mention its communist counterparts, as Zionist Israel was purposely formed to resemble Nazi Germany, all so the plan could be repeated in World War Three.

In World War Two, the secret plan worked, through mind control, in the Western Theater in Europe.

In World War Two, the secret plan worked, through mind control, in the Eastern Theater in Asia.

Under OPERATION PAPERCLIP, thousands of Nazi scientists were brought to America, where they formed NASA.

Although formed by Nazis, NASA takes its name from the language of the Jews.

NASA is not about exploring space through rockets but controlling earth through satellites.

This is tied to weather control, to mind control, and to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The moon landing was fake, as the murders of Astronaut Grissom and Inspector Baron plainly indicate.

The fact that the government-controlled television could make people believe that a space jalopy could carry astronauts through deadly radiation to a place we never revisited is only one aspect of the mind control effected through NASA.

Just wait till they lay the fake alien invasion on us.


Back in the day, the Nazis, with their V-2 rockets, came to White Sands Missile Base, not to mention Randolph Air Force Base, and it was the very beginning of NASA.

Back in the day, Josef Mengele worked for what became the Central Intelligence Agency, as it began the cybernetically driven PROJECT MK-ULTRA.

As he tortured Americans, and performed experiments on us, Doctor Mengele called himself Doctor Green, or Doctor Greenberg, while he pretended to be a Jew.

As you can read in my first book, available, for free, below, Doctor Mengele brainwashed my grandfather in this country, while he worked for the Rockefellers at ARCO.

ARCO built HAARP for weather and mind control, although this is only a small part of the network of ionospheric heaters that includes those at Platteville, Arecibo, Lagos, and Svalbard, not to mention EISCAT-3D, which is more than one hundred times more powerful than HAARP.

My grandfather was not the only one in the family who would encounter Nazis, as I went to college with the grand-daughter of their criminal cyberneticist, Doctor Heinz von Foerster, who worked for Central Intelligence and the Pentagon, while he claimed to be a victim because he had Jewish Blood.

You can read more in my second book, available, for free, below, as I describe my meeting with this innocent lady, thousands of miles away from our college, in Vienna.

As I describe in my first book, Doctor Mengele not only brainwashed my grandfather, at Atlantic Richfield, in Reading, Pennsylvania, but he also produced two children, as the genetic offspring of Hitler, in a different ARCO facility in Monaca, Pennsylvania.

It was like the Boys from Brazil.

There is actually a town, Cândido Godói, Brazil, in which Doctor Mengele was spotted, where the rate of twin births is ten times, or one thousand percent (1000%), the frequency of the global average.

Doctor Mengele was never caught, as he moved through Latin America, because Central Intelligence and the Pentagon were helping him, in connection with the School of the Americas, renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, or WHINSEC, which supported OPERATION CONDOR.

The Roman Catholic Church, which molests and traffics children, as it works with the Central Intelligence Agency, helped Doctor Mengele, while the Jesuits target innocent people.

You can read more in my third book, available, for free, below, not only about the criminality of these institutions, and their attempts to control people’s lives, but about their obsession with genetics, as my daughter, her mother, and I each come from related bloodlines more than one thousand years old.

The Rockefellers were one of several families who came to fund genetic experiments, as they financed KWIA, a supposed medical organization, with which Doctor Mengele worked on genetics.

Doctor Mengele was obsessed with identical twins, and he performed horrendous experiments on more than three thousand people who each met this profile.

Doctor Mengele’s experiments on twins involved germ warfare, such as the coronavirus, which is tied to genetic experiments, as it is supported by the Rockefellers.

Doctor Mengele’s experiments on twins involved transsexualism, in a program that is supported by the Rockefellers.

Doctor Mengele’s experiments on twins fed into experiments conducted by one of his military-corporate successors.


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration connects to only one set of defense contractors tied to the Nazis, to the United States, and to criminal activities involving murder, mayhem, and mind control.

There are many more.

And many more than that.

While CIA has always partnered with the Catholics and the Nazis, its investment arm, IN-Q-TEL, provides the financing.

Through OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, CIA controls your television while it partners with Military Intelligence Section Seven, or MI-7, not to mention Army Seventh Psychological Operations Group.

They should be able to control the television through which they watch us, but they just keep letting things slip.

The imbeciles are so stupid that they leave evidence of their activities in plain sight, while they broadcast documentaries about their own programs.

So, the other night I found a show about experiments involving twins that were directly connected to Doctor Mengele, although he was not mentioned and they occurred in New York.

Deliberately Divided is one book that covers the Neubauer-Bernard Study, in which twins were deliberately separated prior to adoption, while Jewish scientists monitored their development.

Identical Strangers describes the incredible trauma inflicted on these innocent children, who were unnecessarily separated from the first people with whom they ever bonded, and needlessly scarred for life, at the direction of the Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services.

But I saw yet a third documentary on the subject:  The Twinning Reaction.

The Jewish Board worked with Louise Wise Services, which was headed by Doctor Viola Wertheim Bernard.

Like Doctor Peter Bela Neubauer, who played the part of her accomplice in the Bernard-Neubauer Study, this psychiatrist was a follower of Doctor Sigmund Freud.

And before you object that these people were Jews, who should have known better, think how Nazis like Doctor Mengele or Doctor von Foerster masqueraded as Jews.

We’ll never know what happened in the study that damaged twins for life because the records have been sealed until 2065.

Yale is the college that holds them, while it also contains Skull and Bones, where its members dine off swastika-marked china owned by Hitler.

The members of Skull and Bones, which feeds the Central Intelligence Agency, while its college hides the twinning records, include the scum that financed the Nazis.

Do you really think that Doctor Mengele, who was never caught, didn’t have something to do with this study on twins done by Jews?


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  1. Excellent piece, Timo. I have no doubt that these disgusting “twinning” practices were and still are the work of wayward wizards. I also believe that it was Sidney Gottlieb who was sent from Nazi Germany to the University of Wisconsin in Madison to continue his “research” in MK-ULTRA. My sister recently said that she believes it is Racine, Wisconsin, a city directly east of Madison, that is THE hub for child trafficking to and from the Finger Lakes.

    On a related note, our mother *desperately* wanted twins, but did not conceive as such. So she raised my sister and me — who are only 23 months apart — as twins! This, of course, backfired big time, as we are very different in our interests and abilities. But it shows how deep the programming goes. Why would my mother, raised in a very blue collar town in the Iron Belt of northern Wisconsin, be so obsessed with bearing twin children?! Perhaps she herself was a separated twin who never found out but felt in her soul that she had a twin!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Shari–

      Thanks for writing, as it is always good to hear from you.

      Those are some excellent observations. I have heard Gottlieb’s name before in this context, and all universities are heavily suspect. Plus, it’s always my goal, as I state in the afterword to Playboy’s Progress, that people apply this kind of detective work to their own lives and histories, so they see how the enemy moved, and is moving, against them.

      Your pal,



  2. Great article!

    “The imbeciles are so stupid that they leave evidence of their activities in plain sight” – and people insist on turning a blind eye to everything so they can carry on their lives feeding ilusions.

    You said it all in the last paragraph. Let’s remember that before j3w5 became the most accepted (and silently hated) people of the modern world, they were, before, more numerous, and were persecuted and killed, even in 15r43l. There was a documentary I saw in 2005 that showed how for many biological experiments there (that would end up in death, health problems, sterility etc) they used to choose jewish children of darker complexion. This j3w15h population has been squeezed until only a majority of mind controlled people is left. But for what it seems, the evil scum that rules our numb humanity will do this to every group until they will have their paradise of mind controlled puppets. The j3w5 are just a sample that changed from being despised and persecuted to become the hypes that dictate (weird satanic) fashions and rules. And the message is that out of every people only scum like that will be left o.o

    Liked by 1 person

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