When I was a teenager, I went to Phillips Academy, Andover, where I encountered the writings of Carl Gustav Jung.


C.G. Jung said my dreams were full of meaning, so I became interested in them.

He had nervous breakdowns, he heard voices in his head, and he didn’t know where they came from.


Later I encountered the work of Freud, under whom Jung studied, and he said that dreams were the Royal Road to the Unconscious.

He said girls secretly wanted to have penises, women had the wrong kind of orgasms, and boys wanted to sleep with their mothers.


But later I found George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, a real teacher, through his student, John Hutcherson, who studied under J.G. Bennett, once the head of British Military Intelligence, B Division, with responsibility for the entire Middle East.

Gurdjieff had his problems, but, unlike Jung or Freud, he is the real deal.

Below, you can read how Gurdjieff rejected the New Age, and also how the enemy can trick you.


One of my teachers said, plainly and correctly,

Dreams are the shit of the mind.

He was onto something.

Gurdjieff’s student, Dr. Maurice Nicoll, was onto something, too, as he left Jung behind.

There’s a lot to the Gurdjieff Work, although it, too, has its share of jibberish.

It’s a journey about which I write in my books, which you can download, for free, below.


Here are press releases.


And here is a brief article I wrote about one aspect of my books, which connects to the beautiful women in Playboy, about whom I began to fantasize when I was at boarding school.


Many years later, I woke up.


I learned about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and I learned what my dreams really were.


They were dependent on cybernetic implants.


They were dependent on voice to skull.


And they were dependent on image to skull.

I learned to fight these things through self-awareness, in my waking life, through methods I describe in the article below.


Here are some more.


In our sleep, and when awake, we receive radio transmissions from the scum in the Deep State, who work for the Illuminati, as they strive to hypnotize us and make us their slaves.

You can fight back, just by being a healthy and good person, just by being yourself, asleep or awake.

It is a theme of my books.

But whatever you do, please do not see your dreams as a source of meaning.

They are a place to fight the enemy, where you are constantly attacked by the forces described in the articles above, which I encourage you to study.

Hypnotic suggestions, from CIA, NSA, and MI6, go awry, as we interpret them in our own ways, and we stay healthy.

If it helps you, you should see your dreams as places where you experience astral attack.

The meaning of our dreams is to defeat the enemy who attacks us, while we remain our healthy selves immune to the influence of the figures who appear in them.

And whatever you do, make sure to bolt, or otherwise secure, your bedroom door, from the inside.


As you can read in my books, based on more than fifty years of experience with the international intelligence community, and the Tavistock Institute, the enemy does not only invade our minds and bodies, through cybernetics, while we sleep.

They also use home burglaries to break into our houses, take us from our beds, and do horrible things to us.


They also use drugs that erase the memories of these programming sessions, or mislead us into thinking real abuse, experience of rape, were only nightmares.


And they also use the power of dreams to lead us to sleepwalk, so that we do ourselves harm, opening the door, or unbolting the door, to their home burglaries, which I have experienced.


If you need to hear it from a series of medical doctors, check out my article below, where they talk about gang-stalking, microwave harassment, date rape drugs administered in people’s houses, and gaslighting—all sponsored by the deep state.


Bolt, or secure, your bedroom, as described below.


Don’t be paranoid, but don’t sleepwalk through your dreams—or your life.

Your dreams are a place where you defeat, or are defeated by, real subhuman enemies that attack you.

That’s what your dreams mean.

Wake up!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

7 thoughts on “WHAT DO MY DREAMS MEAN?”

  1. I’ve dreamt vividly since age 3, sleepwalked for the majority of my life and have had strange flashbacks of being in a room of computers, hearing voices that I can’t escape. I’m currently 40 and having difficulty at night with seizing, falling and feeling as though I’m being raped. Could this all be spiritual attack or maybe I’m just imagining visions that never existed. Bloody, mutilated bodies, snakes composed my earliest visions at night. My memory is full of gaps so I don’t trust it. I was also used as a toddler at church by the pastor’s son, who enjoyed tying me up and molesting me. It’s a possibility I was also raped by him or someone else given I have the physical signs. Any helpful resources to find out exactly what is going on would be so appreciated. I’m trying to put together these memories in a way that makes sense!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You have come to the right place. You are being attacked with microwave harassment, while you are recovering memories of horrific programming by deep state actors (and while they try to implant false memories in you). It is not aliens or astral, which are not real. Read my books, downloadable, for free, below, and you will learn how I awakened, which will help you.



      Also, read my articles, like the ones below, which should help.



      And make sure your sleeping quarters, like yourself, are secure.


      The enemy are trash, pure and simple, who seek to destroy everything in sight in the foulest ways while they destroy themselves, and each other, for nothing.


      1. Oh wow, thank you for the resources. I had my suspicions but needed a little more confirmation it’s not all made up in my head. I greatly appreciate how you are exposing all of this. May God protect and restore you fully, in Jesus’ mighty name.

        Liked by 1 person

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