The enemy wants to stop us from having real experiences.

They want to stop us from having fun.

Don’t believe their covid-lies!

Don’t put a mask on your child in the heat!

You can read more about the attack, of NWO, against all life, in my books.

My books are free!

And I am deeply qualified!

But, right now, don’t read books!

Or, at least, take them outside!

Take a trip!

Or do something nearby!

Play cards or a game in your house, with your family, that does not involve electronics!

It could be Mille Bournes, as my family used to play, at the beach, when I was a kid—after a day of swimming, building sand-castles, and playing mini-golf— or it could be Zeus on the Loose, as my daughter and I used to play—after a day of hiking, driving the coast, and visiting the haul-out of elephant seals at Big Sur.

That’s my daughter there!

That’s me in Hawaii!

You don’t have to spend money!

Go swimming!

Go to the beach!

Or go jump in a lake!

The weather’s fine!


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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