I have written elsewhere about the depravity of the Central Intelligence Agency and how they seek to destroy everything beautiful, good, and noble.

What They Want To Take From Us (part one)

What They Want To Take From Us (part two)

janet copy

I have also written about CIA’s use of Playboy & their abuse of Playmates.  Many men were blackmailed through the Playboy Mansion, just as many women were raped there.

The Playboy Mansion, Blackmail, & Rape

Playboy and Satanic Cartel Signaling


Marilyn Lange, the Playmate of the Year, is only one.  She and I grew up in the same town, which was deeply satanic, and we went to the same soccer camp, which camouflaged an MK-ULTRA programming center.

Marilyn Lange in Westfield: Playmates, Superheroines, & Soccer Camp


I have written about CIA’s use of marker dates, as exemplified by 911, 322, Halloween, Walpurgisnacht, the Day of the Dead, the Season of Sacrifice, and the Season of Harvest, particularly with regard to the attacks on Lara Logan.

Lara Logan, Osama bin Laden, & Benghazi

How CIA Attacked Lara Logan & Manipulated Her Image


Here I want to talk about another beautiful and strong woman who posed for Playboy, Sharry Konopski, and how they destroyed her.  Miss Konopski posed in 1987, she had two children, and she married twice, becoming Mrs. DeBolt and then Mrs. Randall.  She was born in the Columbia River Valley, and her dad was a logger.

sharry konopski logs

When Sharry was twenty-seven years old, coming home from a cleaning job in Longview, she crashed her car on Spirit Lake Memorial Highway, trying to avoid three deer.  Her car flipped, and she broke two vertebrae, several ribs, and punctured her lung.

spirit lake memorial highway

Sharry dragged herself toward the highway.  Drifting in and out of consciousness for more than four hours, she could hear and see passing cars.  Finally, Jeff Hubbard spotted her car on his way to work, rescuing her.  The beautiful lady was airlifted to Portland, and eventually she returned to her home in Silver Lake.  

silver lake

I know what that’s like.  I’ve spent some of my life in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I remember breaking down, when other people stopped to help me.  It restores my faith in human nature.  It reminds me what America is all about.

blue ridge

As a result of her accident, for the remaining twenty years of her life, Sharry had steel rods in her back, couldn’t control her bladder, and was paralyzed from the waist down.  This is what it took for her get into a car.

Still, Sharry worked, hard, to overcome her pain and her disability.  As her friend said, she was tough as titanium.

Like all of us, Playmates are targeted, and Sharry grew up between the programming center of Portland and the luciferian town of Astoria.  CIA arranged her crash on April Fools Day as a sick joke.

Gravity Falls – More on the Control of Oregon by Satanic Elements within the CIA

Ken Kesey – More on the Control of Oregon and the Hippies by the Satanic CIA

April Fools

They try to make me crash my car all the time, using cybernetics, including the patents below. 

Patents for Mind Control Technology


Under MK-ULTRA, CIA has worked on implants to control bodily movements since the 1950s.  It is well within their power to make someone crash a car.

MK-ULTRA: Cybernetics and the Minds of Men

The scum at CIA love to mark their victims with leopard, tiger, and zebra prints.  They cannot resist cartel signaling. 

Mia Khalifa and Satanic Cartel Signaling


That’s why these subhuman degenerates not only take sadistic pleasure in arranging a car crash on April Fools Day, in the middle of the Illuminati’s sick Season of Sacrifice, to cripple a beautiful woman for life, but they make that same beautiful woman, Sharry Konopski, wear a leopard bikini after they cripple her.  It’s their idea of a sick joke.

When Sharry died, her husband of ten years, Joseph Randall, spoke of the adversity she faced.

This woman went through more adversity and pain, and I don’t know how she did it. 

She was just Sharry. If anybody could do it, she could do it. I just still don’t know how, because she was just constantly getting hit, punched, smashed.  I don’t know how to describe the constant barrage of bad things that came her way, as far as pain and suffering.

That is the nature of targeting, and I know exactly what it is about because I am a third-generation survivor of MK-ULTRA.

Read My Story Here


Sharry went through a difficult divorce and custody battle with her first husband.  Her father became further embroiled in these difficulties when he hired bounty hunters to seize the man.  Neighbors hassled her for owning twenty-one peacocks, filing complaints.  Sharry had shingles and a stroke, as she struggled to make ends meet.  She died of cancer at forty-nine years old.  That’s not just bad luck:  that’s the life of a targeted individual.  That’s the nature of Zersetzung, the STASI methods brought to America by Markus Wolf under the NSA.

Mind Control, Microwave Harassment, & Misdiagnosis

Doctors Who Have Stood Against Microwave Harassment


Still, Sharry fought.  Her second husband said his wife was real, the coolest person he knew, while a friend said she was tough as titanium.

sharry kanopski working out

Once things were bright, and Sharry was strong, beautiful, and young, with her whole life ahead of her.  Then she posed naked for Playboy, and she knew she would encounter some opposition in her small logging town.  When we were both teenagers, Sharry Konopski said,

Some people in Longview are going to say it’s wrong being in Playboy.  My thinking is, it’s like pressing a rose in a book.  Someday, I’ll be a grandma–might as well get a picture of it while I’ve got it.

Normally, I would not post pictures of a naked woman on this website, and Lord knows CIA has manipulated me enough with Playboy–but this is different.  I want people to see how unbelievably beautiful this strong targeted woman was, before CIA smashed her body and destroyed her life.  And I know she would have wanted that, too.


This is what they want to take from us!


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  2. She was indeed a very beautiful woman. I think this nude photo of her is not only a memory of how beautiful she was but it’s also a reflection of how the CIA and the devil misguides women into showing our God given bodies to strangers in exchange for admiration and money. I think she is in Heaven and she realizes now why Playboy was not promoting the empowerment of women and that posing naked for strange men to ejaculate to is not what God intended for the purpose of women. Men are to love us and we are to be respected as human beings and not as pretty pieces of meat to oogle no matter how easy we are on the eyes.


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