Military grade technology is always far ahead of what they show us.

Cybernetics are one example.

Weather is another.

The Illuminati are real.

Here’s a video about the Illuminati.

Here’s a book about the Illuminati.

The Illuminati are into satanism, science, and what they mistake for power.

The Illuminati are perverts that play stupid games.

The Illuminati are the enemies of all life.

The Illuminati are cowards that dare not show their faces.

And the Illuminati seek to destroy everything that breathes.

The Illuminati use ionospheric heaters to create weaponized weather.

Below you can learn more about ionospheric heaters.

Here’s some more about the one in Puerto Rico.

Here’s a patent.

There’s HAARP.

There’s HIPAS.

There’s CHAIN.

And there’s EISCAT 3D.

Here you can read the contractors bragging about EISCAT.

EISCAT connects to SPEAR.

Plus, there’s ARECIBO.

There’s CUTLASS.

And there’s SURA.

All of these connect to UAS.

It’s in Antarctica.

The Illuminati have ionospheric heaters all over the world.

The Illuminati use ionospheric heaters to create storms.

That’s why we have more and more super-storms.

But don’t listen to me.

Listen to MIT Professor Kerry Emanuel, who published this conclusion as part of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to bad weather.

The Illuminati used an ionospheric heater to create the Norway Spiral.

Check it out!

It’s real!

Here’s a video of the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly.

Here’s another video of the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly.

And here is another video of the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly.

Here are the bad guys talking about the Norway Spiral.

Here are the good guys talking about the Norway Spiral.

Here is the Norway Spiral again.

Here is what the Norway Spiral did to Europe.

Here is what the Norway Spiral did to England.

And here is what the Norway Spiral did to the United States.

The Norway Spiral happened right after CLIMATEGATE, right at the beginning of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and right before extremely severe weather hit North America and Eurasia.

Does that sound like a coincidence?

But the Norwegian Spiral Anomaly isn’t the only case of weaponized weather.

Now the show-offs are making fire tornados!

Firenados are real!

The Illuminati are using man-made fire whirls in connection with other high tech arson to burn people out for a highspeed railway, while they use global warming, out-of-control fires, and other man-made natural disasters to drive us to one world government.

That’s the United Nations—which they formed through the creation of World War Two.

Firenados are real!

The Illuminati are trying to use fire tornados, along with their control of the media, to drive us to the United Nations.

They say that only one world government can solve the problems of global climate change.

You probably didn’t believe in fire tornados until this moment.

But fire whirls are real.

The United States Weather Service issued a fire tornado warning!

No jive!

Firenados are real!

It’s a Brave New World!

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s not.

What else sounds like science fiction?

The Illuminati funded the Russian Revolution, and they maintained a stake in Soviet Russia.

You can read about that in books like The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Professor Antony C. Sutton says the same thing.

You can read his book below.

Since the Illuminati backed the Reds, they helped them win the Second World War.

Incidentally, they also backed the Nazis, but they had no problem selling them, and later the Soviets, out!

As Myron C. Fagan points out, the Illuminati love to play both sides against the middle.

Since the days of Napoleon, the Rothschilds have been the ultimate hedge fund managers.

The Illuminati always betray their own, taking out their own assassins, and turning their slaves against each other.

The Illuminati would have had access to the first ionospheric heater.

In the 1930s, the Illuminati put an early ionospheric heater in the Soviet Union.

The secret weapon won the war.

The Soviets spent millions of soldiers, male and female, as they beat the Nazis.

But that alone was not enough.

Hitler was about to win the war in 1941.

Nazi troops were about to take Moscow.

That would have been it.

Then, the rains came early and hard.

The roads turned to mud. 

Tanks sank six feet deep.

Winter struck.

It was the coldest winter of recorded history.

Even by Russian standards, it was brutal.

And I mean brutal.

Temperatures plunged—well below freezing.

Tanks and equipment froze up.

Diesel engines would not start.

Soldiers froze to death.

Some were left to lie.

One was stuck up like a signpost.

Ice covered the land.

The ice storms were so deadly that an American cartoonist compared them to another deadly enemy of the Nazis.

The pilots of Russia.

The fool probably thought that men flew the planes that dive-bombed Hitler’s army.

And he probably never even heard of Russia’s beautiful lady snipers.

But, as to the winter, don’t take my word for it.

Listen to the Arrhenius Laboratory at the Department of Meteorology of the University of Stockholm.

You can read their scientific paper below.

If it hadn’t been for the extremely unusual winter, the Nazis would have won the entire war.

With the Soviet Union knocked aside, Nazi Germany could have turned all their might elsewhere.

The Nazis would have had three million (3,000,000) extra men at their disposal—not to mention the vast oil reserves and the vast raw material provided by the land they conquered.

No one could have stopped them.

Do you think the winter that saved the Soviet Union was a freak accident?

Do you think it was Lady Luck?

Do you think Divine Providence saved the Godless Communists?

Or was it the world’s first ionospheric heater?

If the Illuminati had one back then, they sure as hell would have used it.

And Russia is exactly where they would have used it.

Remember how ionospheric heaters can be used to make cyclones?

Check out the unusual number of cyclones in the Russian Winter that beat the Nazis….

And how about another bizarre coincidence?

Three years before the Russian Winter stopped the Germans, and the Russians pushed back to take Berlin, Sergei Eisenstein filmed his masterpiece for which Sergei Prokofiev wrote the score.

Alexander Nevsky.

You can watch it in full below.

The film shows how the Russians defeated invaders from Germany in the Battle on the Ice—exactly seven hundred years before.

The Russian counteroffensive in 1942 fell exactly 700 years after the Battle on the Ice.

Not more, not less, but exactly seven hundred years.

And it happened only four years after Eisenstein’s film.

It’s almost as though someone planned the whole thing before the war even started….

Did I mention the Illuminati have a thing about magic days and numbers?

Or that the Nazis began their invasion, code-named BARBAROSSA, on the Summer Solstice?

Or that the Summer Solstice is an Illuminati holiday?

They could have started earlier, but, since Hitler was also controlled by the Illuminati, he picked a magic day.

The Illuminati had their bets hedged.

And, just in case things went wrong, they had a Nazi king ready to move back onto the throne of England.

Remember that seven-hundred-year coincidence?

Seven is one of the Illuminati’s magic numbers.

The teutonic knights look pretty cool in Alexander Nevsky, so the Nazis could have appropriated the film if they had won the war.

Seven was going to be lucky for the Illuminati either way.

It wasn’t just heroic people, fighting for their homeland, who won World War Two.

It was a secret weapon!




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  1. I’ve long wondered if weather weapons won the day for Russia in that brutal winter when Hitler’s forces were turned back. Hitler was once a British agent, and probably remained so, as he succeeded in assuming power of the German war machine. I strongly suspect that power went to his head, and that he went rogue on his masters in his decision to invade the Soviet Union and go straight for Moscow, instead of only taking Poland and conducting a limited invasion.

    Wall Street’s Soviet Union was not supposed to fall completely, and stringent measures had to be employed to save it. This is the first time I have seen an explanation of why that critical winter was the worst on record.


  2. “It’s always good to hear from you, and I was hoping a real Russian would chime in.”
    If you need some info please ask — I will try to answer as good as I can.
    “(The Chinese, on the other hand, are total slaves).”
    We actually lack of reliable source from them — whenever I go I see only satanic ones.
    ” the Cold War,” From both sides there were satanic liars who tear our countries from within. Still remember in 1990 — 1991 how they locked food and goods on the fabrics to make people angry on some non satanic people in government.


  3. I remember reading three or four years ago in another good web site an article showing how the massacre of Tianamen Square was staged and fake. Too bad I don’t remember the site’s name or address. It also had articles about the Columbine staged shooting, Jim Morrison and his mind controlled life, the staged fire at a museum in Brazil, and Beatles’ Paul or Faul. There’s no proof current Paul McCartney is Faul McCartney but I wouldn’t doubt the Illuminati frequently make their agents disappear by killing them or giving them new identities (Che Guevara, Saddam Hussein, Michael Jackson and bin Ladin for example), or substitute them with others.


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