As we face the fourth month of the quarantine, summer activities are limited.

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lemonade stand

This is part of the New World Order’s attack on America.

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It’s always a challenge to move kids away from t.v. in summer.

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television big

But now it’s especially bad.

swimming pool closed

Children spend time on the internet, more than they should, and they suffer for it.

child boy internet computer

Some parents welcome internet kids’ challenges, which you can find on YouTube, but these encourage unhealthy behavior.

challenge idiot 2

That’s no surprise, since the deep state developed the internet to attack our country.

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Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and YouTube are financed by IN-Q-TEL, a venture capital fund run by CIA.

NWO attacks our children, our marriages, our families, our churches, our neighborhoods, and our country.


That’s why television, internet, and popular music set bad examples.

television hypnosis

At the CIA, it has a name:  OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD.


Just as hackers can look into your home through the camera on your computer, they have the smart TVs rigged to watch you.

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So what about those internet challenges?  I went on YouTube, I searched for kids’ challenge, and I didn’t find a single healthy one.  They could have challenged kids to do push-ups, or sit-ups, or learn magic tricks, or read books, but they didn’t. 

challenge idiot

You can probably find healthy ones, even on the internet, or just make them up yourself, but a simple search on YouTube generated nothing but junk.

ian fleming goldfinger enemy action

The first internet kids’ challenge that I found encouraged children to drink soda.

That’s not healthy.

fat boy soda

You could do an apple challenge, where children try to tell the difference among Pink Lady, Winesap, and Granny Smith, but that’s not what the internet wants.

apples varietalsMost soda does not even contain sugar cane.

sugar cane

It has high fructose corn syrup.

high fructose corn syrup

HFCS is bad for you, and it causes health problems.

high fructose corn syrup 2

But it’s even worse than that:  The corn in high fructose corn syrup is genetically modified.

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Monsanto is out to get you, and GMOs are always bad.


Don’t forget:  Bill Gates, who runs an enormous amount of the internet, and lies behind the coronavirus outbreak, is one of Monsanto’s largest stockholders.

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bill gates combo

Do not trust this man!

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On I scrolled through results, and another video came up:  the Sour Patch Kids’ Challenge.  

sour patch kids challenge 15

Watch the imbecile below, as he tries to eat three pounds of sugar, corn syrup, corn starch, yellow #6, red #40, yellow #5, and blue #1.

Did you notice how, apropos of nothing, he pauses the challenge to promote Raycon E25 Earbuds?

raycon25 earbuds

I suspect that Raycon is an affiliate of Raytheon, which makes the directed energy weapons used by the deep state.

raytheon raven claw 2

Below you can watch a military video about active denial systems.

Microwave harassment lies behind many ailments.

directed energy weapon dew

From cancer to heart attacks, from Tourette Syndrome to Parkinson’s Disease, from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to Lyme Disease, from MS to MPD to ADHD, the satanic trash in the deep state deliberately cause health problems in targeted individuals.


Doctors are happy to offer false solutions, but they don’t know what’s going on.

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idiot doctor

If you listen to less conventional physicians, like Dr. Rauni Kilde, the Chief Medical Officer of Finland, who was murdered by the Norwegian Intelligence Services, you can learn about touchless torture.

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One thing they will tell you about is smart dust.

sour patch kids smart dust 3

Neural dust contains microscopic robots, and it is used for medical purposes.

sour patch kids smart dust 2

Nanotechnology is also used in mind control programs like MK-ULTRA and PROJECT MONARCH.

sour patch kids smart dustSubliminal commands are broadcast to our brains on frequencies too low to be heard by the conscious mind, just as hypnotic suggestions are laid into the muzak at the grocery store.

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v2k-diagramThese suggestions are mistaken for our own thoughts–if we notice them at all.

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v2k patent 2

CIA spent billions of dollars to develop the technology, and they were exposed by Congress.

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Why on earth would CIA discontinue its mind control programs?


You can learn more about MK-ULTRA in Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent documentary, The Minds of Men.

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STARGATE PROJECT fooled soldiers into thinking they were remote-viewing, using extra-sensory perception, while images were beamed into their minds.

stargate remote viewing

Sound farfetched?  Then why is there a challenge combining sour candy and mental telepathy?

If you’re still with me, you may want to practice not getting scared in the following challenge.

The fellow leading the children looks like a child molester, and the video starts by flashing the sign of the beast:  666.

Then the challenge goes on to introduce children to horror films, either desensitizing them to violence or interesting them in depravity.


Other videos show girls taking off their clothes while they drink Gatorade, more sugary swill loaded with corn syrup, in the Sip or Strip Challenge.

How long until the dares lead to porn?

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Many pose on a dare, and some do worse.

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madonna truth or dare

Another search showed:  porno challenge is a thing.

porno challenge

What kind of parents let their children watch this garbage?

bad parent

Maybe it’s the ones who take these challenges, like the mother below, who tricks her innocent toddler, asking for help only to smear chocolate feces on her daughter.

Or maybe, like me, you just didn’t know any better, and you didn’t spend enough time watching your children’s internet habits.

internet zuckerberg schumer watch kids facebook

That excuse is over.


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  1. My grandmother didn’t let my mother to get Net in the house until I was 18. I am glad she did that — content is traumatic even for adults.


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