Military grade technology is always far ahead of what they show us.

The Freemasons, not to mention the Illuminati, are behind all this stuff.

This is from NATO.

And here’s a patent for a weather weapon.

Did you know the Illuminati used weaponized weather when they created fire tornados?

Did you know fire tornados were real?

Did you know the Illuminati used weaponized weather when they created the Norway Spiral?

Did you know the Norway Spiral was real?

Did you know the Illuminati used weaponized weather when they created the winter that determined the Second World War?

Did you know the Illuminati funded the Soviets?

Did you know the Gateway Arch, in St. Louis, was designed by a man involved in the development of secret weather weapons?

He worked for the OSS—which became the CIA.

Do you know about ionospheric heaters?

Do you know about HAARP?

Do you know about CHAIN?

Do you know about EISCAT 3D?

Do you know what they’re doing with ARECIBO?

Do you know how HAARP is used for weather and mind control?

How about chemtrails?

Do you know about smart dust?

Do you know about MK-ULTRA?

You can learn about mind control programs in Aaron and Melissa Dykes’ excellent documentary: The Minds of Men.

You can also learn a lot from Cisco Wheeler.

Her grandfather’s brother was the Head of Joint Chiefs.

But what would she know about secret military programs?

This is how things work.

Military grade technology is developed in top secret labs.

They give their projects stupid names.



They use the inventions behind the scenes, and, if you know or talk about these weapons, people think you’re crazy!

Then, decades after a weapon is invented, the Illuminati make it semi-public.

This is done through mind control.

Voice To Skull relays ideas to scientists.

So does Image To Skull.

The scientists think they are inventing things.

But the scientists are being tricked.

Nikola Tesla is a perfect example.

Tesla is credited with the invention of radio and other technology used for weather and mind control.

When Tesla came up with his ideas, he saw detailed schematics, in his visual cortex, and he engaged in conversations with people no one could see.

These are symptoms of microwave harassment.

Tesla technology was used on Tesla!

It’s not time travel.

That’s what Q-ANON wants you to believe.

It’s not space aliens.

That’s what AATIP wants you to believe.

It’s a trick.

But let’s move on.

How about the man they used to develop cloud-seeding?

Did you know cloud-seeding was real?

Below you can learn about cloud-seeding.

Vincent Schaefer is credited with the development of cloud-seeding.

He worked for a major defense contractor that partnered with Hitler.

Didn’t they all?

You can read more in Antony Sutton’s book: Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.

General Electric worked with Krupp to build Hitler’s Wehrmacht.

General Electric helped Krupp make artillery shells and parts for the gas chambers. 

After a lengthy trial, Uncle Sam fined General Electric for its work in Nazi Germany.

Their crime?

Artificially boosting the prices of tungsten carbide.

In facilitating the deaths of millions of people, General Electric had violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the Wilson Tariff Act.

General Electric had to pay thirty-six thousand dollars in fines as to a deal in which it made more than one million dollars.

Did I mention that Owen D. Young, the President of General Electric, was a director of the Federal Reserve?

Here he is with Hjalmar Schacht, who was the President of Hitler’s Central Bank.

The Federal Reserve is the enemy of the American People.

After he developed cloud seeding, Vincent Schaefer continued to work for General Electric.

Here’s a film that General Electric put out.

Here’s another.

Vincent Schaefer worked on PROJECT CIRRUS.

The government took twelve years to admit it messed with a hurricane.

In PROJECT CIRRUS, General Electric partnered with the U.S. Army Signal Corps, the Office of Naval Research, and the U.S. Air Force.

Every one of those entities is engaged in mind control programs.

So is NASA.

Why do you think they are putting 100,000 new satellites up in the next eight years?

That will increase the number of operational satellites by more than thirty times.

NASA was built with Nazi war criminals, whom OSS, which became CIA, brought to the United States.


All of these programs involve fascist pair-ups between government and business.

You know how you can trust the government.

You know how you can trust big business.

After he developed cloud seeding, Vincent Schaefer worked on PROJECT SKYFIRE.

PROJECT SKYFIRE involved the control of lightning by cloud seeding.

Schaefer never completed high school, and he doesn’t look like the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

But this uneducated man held fourteen different patents as he worked for a major defense contractor.

How is that possible?

Not only did Schaefer lack a formal education, but he got unbelievably lucky in his “invention” of cloud-seeding.

Schaefer stumbled upon the principle for cloud-seeding through a bizarre series of coincidences.

It was almost as though something led him along.

Do you think it was providence?

Do you think it was random?

Or do you believe in the use of mind control to reveal technology?


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