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The Deep State, which recruits from the gutter, and destroys its own, doesn’t have a chance.


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  1. Voices in Their Heads

    I have tried to make a story outlining the tragedy effecting our society that uses both fictional and real characters as we try to learn what is wrong with our mindset!

    I am not fortunate enough to have first hand documentation that might be provided by the American Psychological association, who might have information from their participation in the cia torture operations overseas.

    There are many theories on microwave weapons use, the diplomats in Cuba who were attacked saw traumatic brain injuries inflicted .

    The recent reports in veterans speaks quite frankly about ongoing assaults on American civilians.

    All relevant links provided

    A journey into their world.

    Anchorage Alaska
    The voices in his head never stopped
    Having arrived in Anchorage after his tour in Iraq he at first tried to hide this.
    He knew what would happen to his career. He knew he would let down the ones he loved.
    The voices would not stop.
    As if a light switch being turned on his journey had began.
    He would find sleep desperately unable to escape these voices, a radio station only he could hear,
    He awoke in the mornings not to the sounds of birds chirping.
    He awoke to horrors he had never imagined.
    To screams of anguish, screams of pain, screams of death that never ended, unless they were replaced with the ever looping Chatter.
    Not one voice, not two voices, at times uncountable voices all Chattering endlessly competing for the airwaves in his mind.
    Friends and family and foe alike would join voices of those he had never met, their screams blended with others out of sight, never out of mind.
    He was never short for conversation.
    They were telling him to join Isis, they were telling him to kill. If this was not enough to fracture his mind, the images, scenes played out in what seemed to be like a video only he saw, accompanied by the audio that only he heard.
    Isis training videos.
    There was no escape, there was no getting up and walking out of this “theater.”
    This theater was in his head.
    He was discharged from the Alaska National Guard.
    Struggling to hang on to his sanity as if walking a never ending tightrope, was impossible. With much courage he walked into the Anchorage FBI office not knowing where else to turn for help.
    He explained to them his mind was being controlled by American Intelligence agencies carrying out these assaults, it was the CIA forcing him to watch these Isis training videos, telling him to murder people in the nonstop Chatter inside his head.
    Santiago made it clear he was not planning on hurting anyone, never-less the FBI called the Anchorage Police Department on him and he went in for a mental evaluation.
    He would not be joining Isis, but he would soon after his release be taking a short trip.

    United States of America

    Standing at the mirror, looking at the numerous medals adorning my uniform, I thought it must be done. If we are going to protect innocent men and woman in America from the terror abroad we must be willing to use microwave weapons on our own civilians!

    Air Force Secretary Micael Wynne walked out the door to the waiting reporters.

    If we are not willing to use it here against our own citizens, then we should not be willing to use it in a wartime situation.

    “If we hit someone with microwave weapons and it injured them a some way that was not intended, I think we would be vilified in the world press”, if we used these weapons on our own men and women first.

    Cheering erupted in the room, this man should run for political office some of the reporters noted, what leadership!

    Looking out at the reporters Wynne was relieved to see this reaction. How had he have been foolish enough to question this decision he wondered.

    He knew these weapons could weaken people when they were hit with the pulsing beams, they were also useful in jamming electronic communications,

    This is what America needed, and he was here to serve his country, protect the people of the Homeland he thought walking from the podium.

    Parkland Florida

    It had began at a young age. Some of his first memories traumatized him. That was so many years ago he thought sitting staring into space, tears running out of his eyes.

    The voices never stopped.

    Burn, Kill, Destroy
    burn, kill, destroy

    The Xanax had little effect
    The screams at night lingered through the days
    Only replaced by constant Chatter

    Burn, Kill, Destroy
    burn, kill, destroy

    Kill me. Just f—ing kill me. F—
    He screamed as he emptied the bottle into his mouth.
    The pills were not Xanax

    His Journey had just began

    Newtown Connecticut

    Special Agent in charge, sits in his SUV going over his notes to decide what to put in the reports.

    Although the Lanza kid did breach many levels of national security computers at a young age, he seemed like the average all Americans youngster, actually a little bright for his age.

    His collection of violent videos games, along with a home filled with rifles guns and ammo, was of course every Americans right, the rights he took the oath to uphold, he thought to himself.

    His mother checked out as well, the report from homeland security that had been “faxed” to him, confirmed the fusion centers, nsa, police, had never received a suspicious activity report.

    She was employed with at the local elementary school, Sandy Hook, where she worked with Karin Halstead.

    Karen had checked out as well, her ex husband was involved in fema emergency management training, as well as the Fire Chief for Sandy Hook, just a block from his ex wife.

    His First Responder daughter Karen worked with William as well.

    It was mentioned in the report that we might need to hold active shooting drills both at and near Sandy Hook because we have seen so much violence in this community.

    William could help plan these out and protect this community better he thought.

    With everything checking out he glanced down at the picture of 3-4 year old Adam Lanza grinning, he will fill out one day he thought, if he’s going to carry around all the ammo and guns he’s pictured with.


    He lay in his hotel alone, the pounding in his head never stopped, the ringing in his ears seemed to decrease when he showered.

    But the microwave weapons seemed to be above him now, he got up to nervously glancing out the window when he hear the horn honks.

    The pounding in his head quickly replaced by the pounding on the floor coming from the room above him.

    He layed down again slowly drifting off to sleep as the police sirens faded into the distance.

    It never ended.

    In a later interview, a friend of his in Fort Worth Texas said “he always thought someone was trying to hurt him.”

    The jets roaring overhead as they made there way back to Lockheed Martin after more test flights.

    Aaron awoke to the screaming voices coming from the ceiling, accompanied now by the pulsing and pounding reverberating through his whole body,

    He might not sleep again for many days he thought to himself, laying still, staring at the ceiling, trying not to hear the screams.

    Waco Texas

    She looked nervously at her daughter shaking and crying, covering her ears.

    The spotlight burst through the window again. The sounds never ended.

    This time it was hours of nonstop screaming, the sounds of rabbits being slaughter filled the air, coming from the FBI or military personnel that had surrounded the compound.

    She gently ran her fingers through her weeping daughters long hair, closing her eyes she began to pray.

    John Hopkins University

    The Owl secured in the tube the bone saw went to work. Screwing and gluing the electrodes in place was easy work he thought, wrapping up the task ahead of schedule as he made his way to the parking lot for a quick cigarette. It should be interesting to review the data in the coming weeks.

    The owl gripped tightly by the tube he was confined in stared into the laboratory as the sounds filled his brain and the flickering lights filled his vision, seconds went by as hours.

    Fort Detricks Maryland

    Fort Detricks

    He flashed his badge as he drove through the gates main entrance. Fumbling with his keys he thought to himself, I doubt they left the door open again with all this going on, chuckling.

    Glancing at his watch he hurried his pace, opening the door to his office the paperwork was sitting on his desk where he left it. Grabbing it quickly he made his was to his truck, settling in for the hour plus drive.

    The sun blinding him as he left the parking lot he put on his dark tinted glasses, adjusting them as he drove off.

    Tallahassee Florida

    He sat at his desk looking at his law diploma, the LED headlights hit his window again.

    He did not know how to make people believe him, stalking and harassment every day and every night.

    If the accounts are true, he made a serious mistake.
    How could the pain and suffering of others help relieve his own pain.
    Wasn’t there another avenue that he could have taken.
    He put down the cell phone, glancing at it as it glanced back at him, after leaving a short message for his acquaintance.

    “I do not want to die in vain”

    He had found out about the cointelpro counterintelligence community policing operations years before. Targeted individuals were often do traumatized they offered little help. His post on social media, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook we’re blocked, shadow banned or hacked.

    The NSA data hacking or “surveillance” that all telecommunication corporations participated in left his smart devices often wiped clean of the evidence he had gathered.

    Sydney Australia

    She sat locked in her own home. Little difference it made to her, her home had been her prison for many years.

    She had fled from America thinking she could escape.
    Unaware that these operations were now carried out in every country in the world.

    Surveillance technology sweeping the globe as the 911 attacks had given reason to monitor civilians, the interlinking of intelligence and policing agencies across the globe had created a well functioning Stasi like policing network which targeted any “domestic terrorist threat.

    She glanced up at the magnets hanging above her head suspended from the mobile she had made, watching them swing in the air as she tried to tune out the voices.

    The magnets did not stop them.

    She counted as she breathed in filling her lungs.
    She held her breath as she again slowly counted.
    She slowly exhaled repeating this again and again.
    The scatter frequency playing on her bone conducting head phones competed with the voices.
    She knew better then to respond.

    She tried to clear her mind.

    Fort Worth Texas

    I stayed in Fort Worth a extra month after arriving to document the harassment taking place. Dave was staying in the same hotel.

    Boron, activated charcoal, tumeric, heavy metal detox, infrared saunas all seemed to help the constant ringing in my ears that often changed tones, there was little to do about the pain which seemed to coincide with the high readings on my EMF 390, luckily the worst that had happened so far was the heart palpitations, physically that is.

    I guess if these microwave weapons can keep a bear at bay, they might work on humans too, little matter, where was one to go in this age.

    The stay at this hotel did not see the last of these attacks, nor we’re they the first.

    The advice from the other targeted individuals neither helped or seemed to effective when utilized.

    I tried to move around a lot when this happened, take long baths or showers which also reduced the ringing in the ears or just following my EMF meter to the lowest reading as I carried my blanket with me I would sleep in.

    The closeness of Lockheed Martin was dually noted.

    The planes roared overhead early morning till mid day this day.
    Just a ten minute drive to the base and you could see little.

    I recorded the sitting cars shining their LED lights on me when I smoked, and the constant parade of firetrucks, EMT’s, and of course the honking horns.
    Forty to a hundred honks at a time, usually around forty but at this hotel a truck had pulled into the next lot and endlessly honked their horn.

    I confronted many of the occupants of the vehicles, the officer stationed at a airbase refinished to identify himself, open his door, tell me the name of his commanding officer or where he was stationed.

    The guy sitting outside of a hotel room where I later stayed with another targeted individual told me his cars horn was honking itself?

    The guy that almost ran me off the road in Arlington appeared drunk at the time, extremely angry in the video when we “spoke” the policemen apparently to busy to help, I left.

    The 6-8 men that surrounded me with yard tools at night when I was at a RV park in Arlington Texas with Jason Foust who is a member of
    actually called the police on me after I again walked down to see what the commotion was all night, after previously following Sarah’s dog, tracking the scent he caught after unchaining him following noise harassment, he immediately led me to the street ever 3-4 of these guys were standing but proceeded to walk to the residence in question with me following them. I left without speaking after they entered residence without trespass..

    As usual I posted the videos to numerous sites knowing my hotline account was apparently shadow banned.

    Rick and Cindy Klrich has endured the noise harassment for years, I wondered if they were victims of microwave experimentation as well?

    I placed my cell phone in the small toolbox I had lined inside with neodymium magnets closing it tightly.

    This apparently stopped the microwaves for the text messages would rush in when opened. The microwave oven had not stopped the microwaves from getting to the cel phone, If these were scalar waves I just wasn’t sure how to stop them.

    I had started a website in 2008, yet my attention was directed elsewhere as I had been researching the escalating violence seen in active shootings for many years.

    I again had my research redirected after linking many events in the preceding years to these attacks, and having numerous assaults take place in Anchorage Alaska in 2008-2021

    The box should at least stop the ultrasonic radar tracking.
    I guess it really didn’t matter, but it felt good to take any action at all.

    Anywhere USA

    Looking at the schedule, the date read the same.
    Society was finally excepting the many years of community and school involvement. I glanced over at the retired police investigator, he had a busy schedule.

    It was lucky for the production company that so many knowledgeable individuals were gathered to promote such a diversity of ideas to American children.

    Working hand and in hand with the community policing instructors that helped teach children how to police our nations streets, we have alway felt privileged to spread these messages, though some have seen much tragedy in their lives.

    This is a work in progress, saving as I proceed.

    This is not a exact accounting of course, links provided. Some name have been changed.


    United States of America

    Nikolas Cruz:

    Newton Connecticut

    Aaron Alexis

    Waco Texas:

    John Hopkins University

    Myron May

    Rick and Cindy Klrich

    Sarah Degeyter

    Anywhere USA

    Click to access kirkland-catalog-2021-22-web.pdf

    Veterans Today:

    Gina Kirkland trained at Galvin De Becker which provides security to the Royal Family, Zuckenberg, Supreme Court justices, cia, etc if anyone wants to research this?


    American Psychological Association

    © on Nov 19 2021 12:27 PM PST, Keith Lankdord
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