Whenever you find yourself doing something that doesn’t make sense, that goes against your inclination, it is the result of mind control.

This happens when you do things that you shouldn’t—and when you don’t do things you should.

It could be failure to exercise, or overindulgence in food, or alcohol, or failure to succeed in school, or any number of things.

Losers control your mind, as they seek to hurt you.

They use cybernetics to do it.

They use voice to skull combined with hypnosis.

And they use subliminal image to skull.

You can learn how to fight mind control.

But first you need to spot its effects.

Military Intelligence is made up of psychopathic losers, who have been raped with objects, and humiliated, by female degenerates, in programming sessions.

Their impotent hatred is moved into gang rape, and further into homosexuality, as a male degenerate will appear in a programming session as an apparent rescuer, who teams up with the male victim, as they gang up on a second female, moving into sodomy.

The woman, whom they hate and fear, is only an excuse for them to be around each other’s penises.

That’s what they really want, but they’re not man enough to come out.

After their experience in “male bonding,” the degenerates have a shared secret, and an embarrassing one, which makes them easy to control.

The enemy uses three-person programming teams, they rape each other with objects, and they move into gynophobic homosexuality.

The whole thing is deeply homosexual, which explains why the losers who work for the deep state—-whether it’s DHS, NSA, USAF, or whatever—-all watch gay porn.

It’s simple.

We are dealing with satanic weaklings who have never had a normal sexual experience, and who have no self-esteem, as they try to destroy their betters.

These victims of child abuse, who model after their attackers, seek to replay the attacks they suffered, when they were enslaved, as they assume the role of aggressor, which they foolishly believe to be powerful, while their controllers gain further blackmail material to control them.

You see this in the United Nations.

You see it in the Vatican.

You see it in the Deep State.

You see it in the military.

And you see it in Hollywood.

None of this worked on me, and, for years, I didn’t even remember the programming sessions to which I was subjected at summer camp.

That’s the camp where the Playmate of the Year, Marilyn Lange, who lived in my home town, was also entrained.

In my programming sessions, I always sided with the junior female, as, I believed, we fought together against rapist trash.

Still, the female programmers, who are just as bad as their programming partners, and who have been trained to submission through incest, invariably betrayed me.

I didn’t remember for many years because drugs like hyoscine, or sodium pentothal, were given to me.

Eventually, the woman-hating scum destroyed the female programmers who were their only hope of controlling me.

It’s so them.

You can read about the whole thing in my books, which you can download, for free, below.

Here are press releases.

Sometimes the enemy’s suggestions worked, a little, but, usually, their commands backfired.

I didn’t even notice the idiots who destroyed themselves as they tried to take me out.

I read real literature, but they tried to use comic books against me.

When they tried to send me to fantasies involving Wonder Woman, I went to Thor, who protects a woman against a hypnotist.

Another comic I read was Thor vs. The Destroyer.

And, of course, there was the ad for a swimsuit poster, with Raquel, at the back of each comic.

Along with ads for how to hypnotize women to make them your slaves….

Little things give the game away, as people flip, or succumb to, suggestions.

I preferred to read the Nibelungenlied, and Norse Mythology, but I found myself occasionally flipping through a stack of comic books.

Look for things you do that don’t make sense, and you will spot suggestions either working or going awry.

The enemy sought to program my sexuality in the 1970s and the 1980s, a time when the internet did not exist and our television had only seven channels.

As a boy, I was keen to get my hands on pictures of naked women, but it would be years before I could buy Playboy.

There was one book in our house, exactly one, that had a detailed color representation of a topless woman.


I know it doesn’t look like much now; but, back then, it was the only color topless lady available, aside from the naked black people in The Last of the Nuba, whom the Nazi director, Leni Riefenstahl had photographed.

I had no interest in black people, while, meanwhile, the enemy imbecilically tried to turn me into a homosexual white supremacist who wanted to get naked with black women, or perhaps black men, in the Sudan.

Hung up on the Norse and Celtic gods, I hadn’t yet found the rape-laden Bullfinch, which would soon appear on our shelf.

In my unsated lust, there I would even go to pictures like the following—a further sign of mind control.

I wanted to fantasize about the lovely gnome, who reminded me of a classmate, but, instead, I found myself, mysteriously, not doing so.

Instead, over and over again, I went to MAD, which had a roughly drawn pen-and-ink sketch of a woman forced to stand topless by her captors, with her back turned to the viewer, so you couldn’t see anything.

And, again and again, I went to MAD, which had another roughly drawn pen-and-ink sketch of women in bikinis about to be ravished.

Why would I prefer roughly drawn black-and-white pictures, where you couldn’t see women’s breasts, to a painted color picture, where you could?

I have never been anti-woman, and would never assault anyone, but they were trying to program me—-and, back in the early 1980s, they had technology in my head.

Imagine what they are doing now.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


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