As many know, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shares ties with the STASI, the secret police that oppressed the people of East Germany, as they employ Zersetzung against American citizens.

NSA brought on Markus Wolf, as a highly paid consultant, after the Man Without A Face ran the STASI for years.

That was after the traitors in the Deep State staged the false flag attacks on 911, so they could form DHS.

What could sound more Nazi, or more Commie, than a department to protect the homeland?

This is exactly the kind of rhetoric discussed by Dr. Naomi Wolf in her excellent book: The End of America.

You can learn about connections among the Commies, the Nazis, and the European Union in Christopher Story’s excellent book: The New Underworld Order.

You can learn about the Nazi traitors in the Bush Family in my article below.

And you can learn about the collaboration among the CIA, BND, and STASI–Commies and Nazis–in my article below.

The New World Order loves to set up false choices–between International Socialism and National Fascism, Communism and Capitalism, Wahabbism and Zionism, Republican and Democrat, and so on.

You get the idea.

But how about the STASI? Wouldn’t you like to read their handbook of dirty tricks? Now you can do so here–thanks to a reader who sent it to me.

It’s what they use against us.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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