This is the third article in a series on the deep state’s use of microwave harassment to destroy its own weapons.


The first was on their destruction of connoisseurship, by using cybernetics to manipulate my olfactory bulb, which has saved me many thousands of dollars, and calories, prolonging my life, as I avoid expensive food, beer, wine, and spirits.


The second was on their destruction of sex, by using cybernetics to zap my privates and my bottom, say dirty words, and tell foul lies, while they combine their disgusting consciousness with mine, through hive mind, so they have saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars, which would have been spent because of another unplanned pregnancy.


But my enemies did so much more to make me stronger, while they claim to be winning.

I used to play the video game, Civilization, wasting hundreds of hours, but the deep state drove me from this game, not only with hypnotic commands, but so it won’t even work on my computer.


The imbeciles that violate each other’s bodies while they are kept on deep underground military bases, and associated facilities, make me stronger as they seek unsuccessfully to deprive me of enjoyment.


That’s why this website has more than two million hits with traffic from all over the world, as I have taught others to fight through almost four hundred articles, so I inspire the enemy to kill and torture each other.


That’s why I have written three books, which have more than twenty thousand hits, as I have taught others to fight, so I inspire the enemy to kill and torture each other.


And that’s why I have joined the Advisory Board of Targeted Justice, the world’s leading site for targeted individuals, as I inspire the enemy to kill and torture each other.


This is the price the scum are willing to pay, while they make me stronger, and immune to a real attack, so they play video games with unmentionable parts of my body, say dirty words, and tell lies.


And they actually think they are winning!

Bring it on.

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    Even if you die, come back as a ghost and torture the minds of these monsters even more! Avenging angel you are, get into their heads and tear them apart, now THAT’s mind control for the greater good.

    I can’t believe you’re still here. I hope to God you live to see them fall once and for all, and get your daughter back. Never forget you are a hero, thank you and God bless.

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  2. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to fight back . I was taken advantage of…hooked on HEAVY,HEAVY dope…many suicide attempts. Many hypnotic suggestions to kill, amd meim .

    I suffer from many symptoms that manifest as schizophrenia ( I am not ..but I am diagnosed as bipolar) . People appear in my life , seemingly by random coincidence, just to use amd abuse me.

    I have lost everything ( my vehicle, my job, my faith, my sanity, my humanity, sex drive, happiness; not that I ever really had much of that in my life anyway) . I try to spread this information around the best I can…but I have lost every friend I have ever had. I have no connections. I fear my life is over…and I’m not entirely sure that I care anymore .

    I post this comment as an attempt to ( in the very minimum )as a means to back your claims …legitimize this site; to tell the people. THIS IS VERY REAL! IF DO NOT BAN TOGETHER NOW ; ALL IS LOST! If someone can help me…please contact me. I am not afraid to die. I welcome it. I resent this world , and no longer see beauty or humanity in it. But I want to believe there is something left worth saving in this world …though I doubt it.

    But if there IS any goodness left out there. I am here to tell you this: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

    Even if it costs you your life. FIGHT ! so that generations upon generations will fight back. Even if we all die….there is no shame in death , but a coward never ceases to die. So if anyone can help me …please contact me. If not…just listen to me ,please: FIGHT! I will check my email tomorrow. Then every other day for a response. I really really need help and I don’t know what to do about it…it’s 2 or million against 7 billion. The odds are not in our favour but the resistance is there…FIGHT


    1. Dear Patrick:

      You are correct: the answer is to fight!

      As Shakespeare wrote, “The coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave man only one.”

      Don’t let the satanic trash get you down: it’s what they want. Get physical exercise, don’t drink or do drugs, and take small regular doses of an herbal serotonin booster like griffonia seed (5HTP) or ashwaganda (which you easily and legally buy in any vitamin or health food shop). Some people like St. John’s wort, but it will take longer to kick in. Vitamin D and fish oil are also good for you, and make sure to eat a healthy diet and get as much sleep as possible. Drink a lot of water. Emotions are simply chemicals in your brain. Keeping your spirits up, while you see despondency as the symptom of mind control, is an important way to fight.

      The enemy is attacking your mental, emotional, and physical health, so you need to defend yourself. The part of you that wants to fight is you, and the part of you that wants to give up is them. The part of you that wants to do healthy things is you, and the part of you that wants to do unhealthy things is them. Like all of us, your mind, heart, and body have been hacked.

      This gives you constant contact with particular scumbags who work for the enemy, so you can actually strike back at them through your mind and your life. It will make them crazy that you are pulling yourself together.

      Otherwise, if you have not already, you must make sure your sleeping quarters are safe.


      Study my articles, while you apply them to your life, especially the one below on self-observation.


      Stay away from psychiatrists at all costs, and never take pharmaceuticals.


      Finally, as for me, I fight back through this website, on which you are now helping to fight, too. That’s a good start!

      You might consider setting up a website of your own, because it will give you a means to educate others and to confound the enemy.

      I bet you have a story to tell, and your fight has just begun.

      Thanks for writing,



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