Do you want to learn the real story of Anthony Fauci, through a site where I exposed the plot before the shutdown?

Do you want to learn the real story of Anthony Fauci, through a site where I taught readers how to avoid vaccination?

Do you want to learn the real story of Anthony Fauci, through a site where I taught readers about the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Then watch the film below!

It follows up on what a real doctor, Judy Mikovits, exposed, with the support of Bobby Kennedy’s son.

Fauci is a fraud.


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7 thoughts on “THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI”

  1. The Illuminati love the environment…

    So they train their slaves to condemn us now if we have books made of paper. Because it destroys the trees and accumulate dust and bacteria. But they can destoy nature as much as they want to expand their multimillionaire farms and build their industries.

    The Illuminati love the environment…

    But they release a virus that demand us to wear disposable or fabric masks. And now many people are discharging them.

    Where will all those masks go, if they say, at least here in Brazil, that they can’t recycle 98% of the recyclabe garbage? And that’s why the world is in danger woooooo.

    Now they have COP27 happening. Soon they will say we need to leave lots of green areas untouched. And blue areas too (sea). So we won’t be able to afford ranches and small farms to produce some things on our own and spend the weekend with family and friends there because that will destroy the environment wooooo.

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      1. Thank you, I’m going to read now. Some strange spirals and lights are being seen in brazilian skies and it’s being news for a couple of days. There must be some connection between this weather/climate illuminati hoax and these ufo spiral bluebeam appearances, do you see any connection between them? I read your article about the norwegian spiral, and I think they are doing exactly the same artificially arranged event here.

        They have sustainable stadiums for the world up in Qatar, made of containers that can be disassambled. Even the world cup is sustainable! They’re just not sustainable with human kind, as slave work is being widely used in Qatar. Before we used to speculate these unecessary world cup stadiums would be used as concentration camps in case of epidemies. They were in fact used like temporary hospitals during the plandemics. I think this sustainable stadiums are there because they don’t need any more stadiums as concentration camps for events that may happen in the future!


      2. I believe you are 100% right, and I will check these things out. But all this leads me back only to my earlier conclusion: you should set up a website of your own, so your voice can be heard, and you can fight back harder. Stop giving me excuses, and set up a website! I will promote it here!


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