Creepy Joe Biden, who was once a junior associate at my law firm, has executed a series of unconstitutional executive orders with respect to vaccine mandates.

Good thing he had politics to fall back on when his career as a lawyer flopped.

I had thought before that the NWO, NSA, or CIA would kill this loser, but, now that he’s doing everything they want, they’ll probably give him a pass—unlike other presidents such as Lincoln, McKinley, or Garfield.

Not to mention Kennedy—whom the Federal Reserve killed.

There are lawful means to resist the unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Below you can read two articles that I wrote before the shutdown, which predicted what was coming.

Here’s an article I wrote on the ineffectiveness of masks with links to some others.

Here’s an article I wrote on what they call the New Normal and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Also, here’s an article I wrote on language I used to obtain a religious exemption from the jab.

I have recommended membership or contact with the John Birch Society before, and they have been fighting the plot since day one.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that they just published an issue of the New American, cheaply priced, and downloadable, that outlines your options in response to the unconstitutional vaccine mandates.

Buy a copy: it costs the same as a cup of coffee.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


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