The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin, describes the use of the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund to bankrupt national economies and place us under one world government.

Read The Creature from Jekyll Island Here!

Likewise, James Corbett has an excellent documentary on the Federal Reserve, an international cabal of bankers that seeks to enslave America.

Click Here for a Transcript and Sources for the Video Below!

Corbett has done another good piece on the World Bank.

Click Here To Read Corbett’s Article – What Does The World Bank Do Exactly?

world bank 3

The World Bank doesn’t just wreck economies and ruin people’s lives:  it also destroys the environment.

Environmental disasters are not accidental side effects of investments, but they are purposely created by the satanic conspiracy that stands behind the world’s financial system.


Just look at Ronald Bernard, the currency trader who blew the whistle on child sacrifice.

Click Here To Learn More about Ronald Bernard!

He was in the same business as the World Bank, they’re hooked up with the United Nations, and the United Nations is a front for human trafficking.

Click Here To Learn How the United Nations is a Front for Child Rape!

The Rockefellers are behind it all.

Click Here To Learn about the Rockefellers and their Crimes!

Rockefeller Gang Poster

The Rockefellers started the Federal Reserve, they started the World Bank, and they gave the United Nations the money to establish its headquarters in New York.

rockefeller united nations

The Rockefellers are not only criminals in high finance, internationalists hell-bent on world domination.

Rockefeller Gang Hand Signs

The Rockefellers, who lie behind the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations, are luciferians.

urizen rockefeller center

Just look at the art on their buildings….

Click Here To Read Rockefeller Center – A City Within A City!

rockefeller center snake book wings

Some of it might look cool if you didn’t know what it stood for.

Click Here for More on Lee Lawrie, Who Created Art for the Rockefellers!

lee lawrie rockefeller art

But some of the luciferian art is just plain ugly–like Man the Controller of the Universe, scheduled to appear on May Day, when Rockefeller Center made its debut, but soon taken down.

man controller of the universe rockefeller center

Luciferians believe that, if they spill blood on magic days, they can feed their gods and they can drink from the sacrifice.

Click Here To Learn about Sacrifices, Marker Days, & the Satanic Calendar!

babylon cylinder seal child sacrifice

So I would not be surprized to find environmental disasters occurring on satanic holidays.

luciferian calendar

The First of Spring begins the Season of Sacrifice, so it is commemorated in the crest of Skull and Bones.

Click Here To Learn About the Bush Family Who Belong to Skull & Bones!


That’s the day that David Rockefeller was killed at the age of 101 pursuant to a soul contract.

stonehenge vernal equinox

On this date, more than one hundred and fifty short-finned pilot whales stranded themselves at Hamelin Bay.

whales hamelin bay 2

That’s not a coincidence.


The whales were purposely driven ashore with directed energy weapons–just like the active denial system you see the Marine Corps use on humans in the video below.

Click Here To Learn More about the Use of Directed Energy Weapons!

The Illuminati seek to destroy everything good, beautiful, and noble–for nothing.

Click Here To Learn about NWO’s Destruction of our Churches, Culture, & Women!

This does not only include our children, our women, and our churches.

Ste. Rita

But it also includes pagan sites of historical, cultural, and aesthetic importance.

Click Here To Learn about NWO’s Destruction of World Heritage Sites!


cia isis 4

CIA gets off on destruction.

CIA loves false flag attacks.


The New World Order is purposely polluting the sea with plastic bottles, so the United Nations can take over two-thirds of the earth’s surface, paving the way for deep-sea mining, while it purports to offer a global solution to a global problem.

Click Here To Learn about NWO’s Environmental False Flag Attack!

Not content to kill millions of innocent sea creatures, the satanic trash pollute our skies with chemtrails containing aluminum, barium, strontium, slime mold, fungus, and nanotech to facilitate mind control and weaponized weather.

Click Here To Learn about Chemtrails & Neural Dust!

CIA PROJECT CLOVERLEAF and USAF INDIGO SKY FOLD create pollution, purposely killing the world’s apians to make way for the robotic pollinators of Monsanto:  ROBOBEES!

Click Here To Learn about Monsanto’s Destruction of our Planet!

NWO purposely creates environmental disasters, so it can offer preplanned solutions–causing havoc to drive us to a satanic one world government that pretends to be our friend.


It is a classic false flag tactic, which evokes the fear-then-relief response.

Click Here To Learn about False Flag Attacks and How They Work!

false flag 20

So we should not be surprized to find the World Bank creating environmental disasters.

Al Jazeera | The World Bank Has an Accountability Problem (Online)

Al Jazeera | The World Bank Has an Accountability Problem (Archived)

world bank 1

In India, the World Bank funded the construction of a dam that displaced 2,000,000 people, flooded 360 square miles, and wiped out 81,000 acres of forest, while it claims it wants to build safer dams.

india dams

In Brazil, the World Bank spent a billion dollars to destroy the Amazon. 

International Rivers | World Bank Tells Brazil To Fast-Track Amazon Dams (Online)

International Rivers | World Bank Tells Brazil To Fast-Track Amazon Dams (Archived)

dams chart

The World Bank has deforested an area half the size of Britain.  

brazil amazon yuckMeanwhile, as in India, cheaply built dams collapse, killing people and animals.

Still, this is nothing next to the New World Order’s plans to blow Three Gorges Dam, in China, in a false flag attack.

Click Here To Learn about the Planned Terrorist Attack on Three Gorges!

Three Gorges 03

That will kill hundreds of millions of people, start a war, and be blamed on Taiwan, which is not a member of the United Nations.

Three Gorges

In Indonesia, a transmigration program has devastated tropical forests.

indonesia transmigration

This is the last home of many endangered species.


The World Bank funds projects to destroy the earth.

International Rivers | Groups Protest World Bank’s Destructive Dams

International Rivers | Campaigns against the World Bank

dam tibet

Having caused these crises, the Illuminati seek to drive us to false solutions.

false flag school

Prince Charles, whose family is deeply involved in criminality, is hard to trust.

Click Here To Learn about the Degenerate House of Windsor’s Crimes!

Charles used to hang out with child molesters like Jimmy Savile, whom his mother knighted.


Charles is the President of the World Wildlife Fund in the United Kingdom.

charles wwf

The eugenicist Julian Huxley, UNESCO’s first director, was a founding member of the WWF, when he wasn’t sterilizing human beings.

Click Here To Learn about Eugenics, Birth Control, & Genocide!

The World Wildlife Fund finances, equips, and works directly with third-world thugs to torture, rape, and murder people.

Buzz Feed News | The Crimes of WWF (Online)

Buzz Feed News | The Crimes of WWF (Archived)

wwf 2 panda leaks

Meanwhile, George Soros plots to destroy our country through blue-pill causes.

Soros_evil empireSoros runs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a former bartender and freshman legislator who participates in staged, hyped, and allegedly spontaneous meetings with the Speaker of the House:  Nancy Pelosi.

Click Here To Learn about the Dangerous Lunatic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!

ocasio cortez

As Soros’s puppet claims she champions the environment, AOC has tried to take over our government and destroy our rights in the Green New Deal.

Click Here To Learn about the Green New Deal!

Dr. Naomi Wolf worked closely with Vice President Al Gore, who made An Inconvenient Truth; so, when she tells you to oppose the Green New Deal, you know there is a dark side to some purported environmentalists.

While Emmanuel Macron orders his thugs to shoot people’s eyes out, brutally repressing the Yellow Vests, he supports environmental causes and green rallies.

Click Here To Read My Article about the Yellow Vests!

Macron Palace

Look at this bullshit where “Democracy Without Borders” calls for global government.

Democracy without Borders | On the Need of a Democratic Global Government (Online)

Democracy without Borders | On the Need of a Democratic Global Government (Archived)

climate strike

The Illuminati pose as our saviors:  they create environmental crises, global problems that require global solutions, so they can twist our noble intentions and drive us to satanic one world government.

Learn More from Myron Fagan about the Illuminati’s Plan for Us!

wolf in sheep's clothing

Support groups like Sea Shepherd, who mean what they say, as they fight to stop wildlife crime on the high seas.

Click Here To Visit The Website of Sea Shepherd!

sea shepherd 1

Avoid phony Hollywood causes like Oceana.


Be green, support local or specific causes, and don’t fall for global environmentalism.

trojan horse ms

It’s a trojan horse.


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Our enemy depends on silence.

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