I just found The Great Global Warming Swindle, which you can watch, in full, below.

The documentary argues that anthropogenic global warming is a scam, so some see it as the definitive retort to Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth.

Still, the film does not dispute the existence of global climate change.

It argues not only that global warming is not caused by humans but also that global warming is over-hyped in the media and by junk-science for political and economic reasons.

Whatever the cause of global climate change, this is the significant bit.

Maybe global climate change is a natural process, just like the earlier Great Extinction Periods, the Ice Ages, or the Medieval Warm Period.

Or maybe it is being deliberately caused by the agents of the New World Order to drive us to one world government.

As I argue in my article below, NWO is purposely littering the ocean with plastic waste to drive the United States to ratify the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), and to enclose the commons of the oceans under the jurisdiction of the United Nations, particularly so the UN can moderate corporate claims as deep-sea mining companies make hundreds of trillions of dollars from untold environmental devastation.

NWO is purposely spraying the earth with chemtrails, containing neural dust and fungus, in connection not only with mind control but with weather modification, through HAARP, as part of CIA PROJECT CLOVERLEAF and USAF INDIGO SKY FOLD.

NWO wants the ice-caps to melt so they can free up the Northwest Passage, and the Northern Sea Route, for shipping.

Meanwhile, in the Arctic, the Canadian Goverment sponsors the murder of millions of baby harp seals while they pretend to care about the environment.

Canada’s masters promote fake environmental groups, where most of the money collected goes to pay officers, and for further fund-raising, while they give schwag and merch to gullible donees.

I believe the Illuminati are deliberately causing global climate change, so they can drive us to the false solution of one world government.

This is a classic false flag attack, which evokes the fear-then-relief response, as explained in my article below.

False flag tactics are not just used against political enemies, or to start wars, but we see them also in the use of the Coronavirus.

And we see them in the plans for a fake alien invasion, NASA PROJECT BLUE BEAM, about which you can read below.

But even if you are not ready to believe my “crazy conspiracy theory” that internationalist scum would cause global environmental catastrophes, and play them up in the media, to make trillions of dollars, you can still find something useful in The Great Global Warming Swindle.

Whatever the cause of global warming, as this film shows, there is a worldwide attempt to use global climate change to promote particular political and economic interests.

The plot to shape human consciousness involves the control of mainstream science.

The plot to shape human consciousness involves the control of mainstream media.

Global warming is not a hoax: it’s a conspiracy.


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  1. Hello,
    I have been researching HAARP and chemical and metal spraying extensively. It is my view that HAARP though supposedly shut down is partly to blame for the warming that is discussed. Tired of hearing every person be shut down who shows video and photographic evidence of these lines being drawn that later turn to cloud. Rosalind Peterson had conducted quite a lot of research on this and was silenced by the mere syntax of the word chemtrail that has been silenced as a legitimate term to describe what is in fact being sprayed, there is ample evidence. These words are used to discredit. Dennis Kucinich even uses the term in the Space Preservation Act of 2001. The word effectively made Rosalind Peterson question her own work that she meticulously collected. Air Force admits to HAARP warming, this is documented. The only thing fact about warming is that it was caused by the average person


  2. Feel free to delete my comment, I have been banned from twitter after only a week of discussing 5g and vaccines and most of my emails are hacked and comments that I leave disappear. My emails are often edited as I just noted here, the wording was changed after I posted this comment. The internet is becoming so malicious that fighting to help others is getting exhausting. I notice at times wording being changed slightly just to make some of the context sound like nonsense or double speak. It is subtle but noticed. The last sentence is not what I read as I typed and before posting. I have had my comments removed from a couple of sites. I am absolutely certain most of my emails are intercepted by gangstalking thugs. My last FOIA requests to inquire on my being on a non investigative subject list did not even generate a rejection letter from them I am ignored. I would like to know thoughts on Academii and Black Stone because I attended UOP online and found out after research that Apollo is invested in this business and oddly I discovered Leon Black was associated with Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates too. I have sought a grievance against UOP twice now because I believe they are stealing intellectual property or did, their affiliations are suspect as is the fact that they changed their name during the first lawsuit against them and a good deal of money seemed to vanish at that time. I have become vocal because it concerns me that Monsanto did not go away they just changed hands that Bill and Melinda Gates invested significantly in them and that Gates is now buying up land in the United States. I have been vocal against this as far as petitioning against Monsanto and GM, we must fight against their evil plan to patent all food and resources and to poison us while killing all our pollinators and microbes.


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