Bill Gates doesn’t just want to control your access to information, jobs, and food, through his control of MicroSoft, Linked-In, and Bayer-Monsanto; but he wants to kill you.


Every day more of the truth comes out, as people share information about the New Normal.


I was one of the very first writers in the world to identify the covid plot.


The Center for Disease Control has been spreading disinformation.


Masks are harmful, and they should not be worn.


Vaccines are dangerous, and they should not be taken.


You can learn more, not only in my articles, easily searchable on this site, but through videos like those by Dr. Judy Mikovits.


Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is an important source of information.


Dr. Andrew Wakefield is an important source of information.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is an important source of information.


Grace Van Berkum is an important source of information.


Spiro Skouras is an important source of information.


And now my friend, Sharine Borslien, has sent me a link to Died Suddenly, just as my friend, Andrea Davison, had earlier sent me links.

Don’t be someone who died suddenly.


Be someone who watched Died Suddenly.


You can use the links above, while you ask yourself why my platform won’t let me embed the videos.

Died Suddenly, by Stew Peters, does not begin with evidence from physicians.

Died Suddenly begins with the testimony of embalmers, who have seen the blood of corpses every day for decades, and, suddenly, worldwide, the blood of people who never got the disease but got the shot, while they died young and sudden, looks different from anything they ever saw in their entire career..

But don’t listen to them….

What would undertakers know about death?


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Our enemy depends on silence.

7 thoughts on “DIED SUDDENLY…”

  1. Vaccines and viruses are myths to kill you and make you disabled. In russia, hellhole abomination for all 1 year old vaccines were forceful.
    To hell Russia, to hell USSR and to hell all hivites.


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