Our schools are nothing but programming centers, which is why you should home-school your children.

While your children are brainwashed and vaccinated, by strangers, outside your care, they are taught dualistic thinking, while they are fed false choices at lunch, through sports, and clubs.

While your children are taught to obey strangers, and those strangers, who have substandard educations, pretend to help them think, your children are taught about the American Revolution, or the War of Independence, whose largest battle was fought on September Eleventh in my backyard.

There’s a reason the schools don’t even teach our children dates, while they do teach them a false version of history, sometimes pretending that they encourage free thought.

They teach our children about the fake revolution, while they pretend to encourage thought, so students feel independent, like rebels, when they say that England had the right.

There the thinking stops, and you never learn much more about our early history, as, at best, we repeat the lies told about our Constitution, just as the English do in their country.

So the schools encourage a false feeling of unity between America and England, while we have foolishly continued to fight in one world war after another to support the interests of Great Britain.

It’s something you can read about in my books, available, for free, below, as I was brainwashed in England.

You can also read about the conspiracy that makes America a slave to England in a different history book:  The Anglo-American Establishment.

Stop watching Downton Abbey, the King’s Speech, and the other dreck put out on PBS.

See your television as something no different from the brainwashing system of the schools.

England is not our friend, or our cousin, but it is a bunch of slaves who seek to be our masters.

NATO is only one part of the equation, as the English strangely dominate our military.

The Federal Reserve, which was purposely based on the Bank of England, as they led us into World War One, is another.

Keep America First.


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Our enemy depends on silence.


  1. Yes, Schools don’t teach.
    Except ruining your health and be slave for Hivites. You cannot even organise your own school because it is forceful to be part of state programming.
    Criminal organisations, pedo hunting grounds, mk ultra trackers. But no educatiohs here.


  2. The same in Brazil. The Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (aka Rockefellers) demands school curriculums to be in accord to their program, even religious ones. Before “independence” Brazil was ruled by Peter 1st, Portuguese emperor, because the country was subordinate to the Portuguese crown. But Portugal had an infinite debt with England (aka Rotschild), and the riches extracted from Brazil went straight to British ports, which means Portugal was not actually the real owner of the Brazilian colony, it was the Rotschild. No wonder Brazil became independent in the hands of… Peter 1st! He was the emperor, he declared independence and he paid for the Rotschild to have that recognized, and then he became the ruler of the independent stte! Brazil is the only country that didn’t even receive a hipocritical independence, having at least a mind controlled puppet substituted for another, it was the same damn person. Peter 1st was born Peter 4th in Portugal, and his room, still preserved there, was decorated with Don Quixote theme. He was programmed with Don Quixote. That’s why Brazil is always fighting against windmills never reaching anywhere. Peter later left Brazil, and his 5 year old son inherited the throne. He even became a popular emperor later, different from his father, but a few military men made a coup d’etat led by Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca, when Peter 2nd was in Paris and already old. Most brazilians didn’t agree and these few ones did that so called revolution following US orders to establish the Republic there. And did any popular take part in this Republic revolution thing? No, they learned about that in the following day, through the newspapers. It is always like that. It is so clear how they fake everything here, I don’t even believe election results, they try hard to convince people through the media that the county is polarize but i think most people don’t even vote for the two so called must voted ones but they can’t express themselvea. By the way the “Republican” flag of Brazil was exaclty like the American one, but green, yellow and blue, while the Empire one had a pentagram and now it’s a blatant seeing eye.


  3. They just made this republicanist move to drive Latin America to be under US control – actually, British control, actually Rotschild control, that was the real reason they wanted Latin colonies to become independent and then subordinate to the US, it is actually subordination to the British, which are Rotschild slaves. Weakening Portugal and Spain which are also Rotschild slaves. The ones that choose to become independent of US-Israel fall under Russia-China dependance, which is basically changing from one side of the coin to the other, it is not like changing coins.


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