World War Two was set up, long in advance, to achieve globalist ends.

Hitler was hypnotized to act self-destructively, so Germany could be rebuilt under the Marshall Plan, which led to the Common Market, which led to the European Economic Union, which led to the European Union.

The American industrial interests who had build Nazi Germany made more money fighting Nazi Germany and still more money rebuilding a New Germany—not to mention the other European countries they destroyed.

The central banks, which fund both sides of any crisis, while they drive governments into bankruptcy, so they can be taken over through austerity measures, cashed in.

And the Nazis who committed crimes went scot-free, just like their criminal enemies, as they rebuilt the country they destroyed.

Many Nazis came to America under OPERATION PAPERCLIP, so they could abuse Americans under the mind control program that is disguised as the space program.

The internationalists had built Communist Russia, while American  companies made the Five Year Plans possible and the banksters stood behind the whole thing.

Then they built the criminal organization of NATO in response to the communist threat they had created, while they continued to bank on both sides.

But what did they do in the Pacific Theater, where they reshaped Japan under something worse than the Marshall Plan?

The bankers who financed the Communist Manifesto, which states as a central plank the need for a central bank, while they had also financed the Russian Revolution, wanted to create a poster child for the New World Order.


To create Red China, they needed another false flag, so they caused Japan to invade the mainland and commit atrocities, which was the only way they could bring the false solution of a communist government.

Did I mention Mao Tse Tung was sponsored by Yale University, who gave him his bookshop, while satanists from Yale, like George Herbert Walker Bush, ran our diplomatic relations with China?

Did I mention that David Rockefeller, whose family lies behind the staged Covid Crisis, praised Chairman Mao’s murder of more than seventy-six million (76,000,000) people in the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution?

But the Jews, whose country was created through a staged war in which Communist China and Communist Russia emerged as the victors, demonize the Nazis, whom the New World Order put up to it, for killing twenty-one million (21,000,000) people while, simultaneously, they excuse our Communist Allies who killed one hundred and thirty-eight million (138,000,000) people….

Communist Jews killed seven million (7,000,000) Cossacks in Holodomor, but they say that only the six million (6,000,000) Jews killed by Nazis count as a genocide.

But let’s return to Japan, whose insanely aggressive behavior, which killed a mere six million (6,000,000) people, was needed (a) to break American neutrality through the imbecilic attack on Pearl Harbor, and (b) to catapult the Chinese Reds to power through the Manchurian Invasion.

The New World Order used a combination of mind control and weather weapons to create a militaristic Japan, just as they use these weapons today through programs like OPERATION CLOVERLEAF and INDIGO SKY FOLD.

The use of mind control on the Nazis is very clear, and my own grandfather was brainwashed by Dr. Mengele in the United States, a story you can read in my first book, available, for free, below.

Plus, the New World Order used the CHAIN HOME STATIONS to send an unusual track of cyclones to cause the hardest winter in recorded history, which determined the outcome in the European Theater of World War Two.

You can learn more in my third book, available for free, below, including about the resonant-cavity magnetron, which the Tizard Mission showed off, to the Rockefellers, and MIT, as the Americans said it was one hundred times more powerful than anything they had ever seen.

To advance the globalist agenda, the conspirators would use the same weapons on Japan.

They already had a nuclear device, as the explosion at Tunguska, in 1908, clearly indicates.

The secret nuclear program shows up in the predictions of Walter Russell.

The secret nuclear program shows up in the books of Rudolf Brunngraber.

The nuclear program was used to create an earthquake fifty years ago at Kamchitka, Alaska, in OPERATIONS MILROW, MANDREL, GROMMET, and CANNIKIN.

The ability to create an earthquake with an underground nuclear explosion is well-documented.

So is the ability to create a fire whirl, or fire tornado, with weather weapons, as we see people driven into FEMA CAMPS.

And what a coincidence!

The event that changed the entire course of Japanese History, causing Japan to invade Manchuria, and bomb Pearl Harbor, was an extreme earthquake, accompanied by a fire whirl, which killed more than one hundred thousand people as it drove tens of thousands into aid shelters.

While the imbecilic conspirators signal their actions through gangsigns, magic days, and lucky numbers, the Great Kantō Earthquake levelled Yokohama and Tokyo on September 1, 1923, exactly twenty-two (22) years to the day from the formal surrender of Japan to the Allies, on September 1, 1945, while the Nazis also chose to invade Poland, starting the war in the European Theater, on September 1, 1939.

Fire killed many, coming in part from stoves and ruptured mains, but its effects were exacerbated by a fire whirl, or firenado, which struck Tokyo.  

As the freak event wound its way across the city, burning three hundred feet in the air, the Dragon Twist engulfed the Rikugun Honjo Hifukusho, which had formerly served as the Army Clothing Depot, so that forty-four thousand people were incinerated in the place where they took shelter from the earthquake.  

One hundred and forty thousand people died, and, following the disaster, right-wing forces grew bold.  

Before the earthquake struck, there were friendly relations between Japan and the West, while Yokohama provided a forum for the growth of liberal ideas, which would be destroyed by the government that led Japan into World War Two.

Initially, people worked together, but, then, the Japanese suddenly grew to resent the Westerners who gave aid, while Americans felt the Japanese were ungrateful for the help they got.  

As relations deteriorated, there was a chance to kick foreigners out, and to change national policy, at the very moment Japan was poised between military expansion and peaceful trade.

All this was connected to the cybernetic implantation of people who were given aid, as they disappeared and returned changed, forever, because of brainwashing—just like what people receive in FEMA CAMPS.

Only because of the earthquake did Japan invade Manchuria.

Only because of the earthquake did Japan attack America.

Mainstream historians agree that these effects grew from the earthquake, but they fail to spot the secret agenda, the weather weapons, or the mind control.

According to the historians, whose job is to analyze history, sometimes shit just happens….

But I believe in conspiracies!

Still don’t believe me?

Check this out.

Duško Popov, OBE, a Serbian, whom the Germans called IVAN and the English called TRICYCLE, worked as a double agent for MI-6, to which he was recruited by Johnny Jebsen, codenamed ARTIST, as he passed the Nazis fake information under the DOUBLECROSS SYSTEM, while he played a key part in OPERATION FORTITUDE through which the British misled the Nazis as to the Invasion of Normandy, on 6/6/44, code-named OVERLORD. 

He was a master spy, who inspired Ian Fleming to write the James Bond books, which were later turned into the popular movie franchise, while segments appeared in Playboy Magazine.

Believing they ran him, under the codename, IVAN, the Abwehr sent Duško Popov to the United States to establish a network of spies for the Axis.  

He was given ample funds and an intelligence questionnaire, with a list of intelligence targets, later published as an appendix to The Double Cross System, a book written by the spymaster, John Cecil Masterman, OBE, who chaired the TWENTY COMMITTEE.

That book was published by Yale University due to the support of Norman Holmes Pearson, who served as the wartime head of the counter-intelligence division, or X-2 CI, of the Office of Strategic Services before he helped to organize the Central Intelligence Agency.

Of the three typewritten pages on the questionnaire, used by Duško Popov to recruit agents for the Nazis, in America, one entire page was devoted to highly detailed questions about the defenses at Pearl Harbor.  

Popov knew what the Nazis were up to, and he was really working against them, for the Brits, under the codename TRICYCLE; so, on August 12, 1941, four months before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, to draw the United States into World War Two, the Serbian master spy told the Federal Bureau of Investigation that the Japanese were planning to attack Hawai`i.

In response, our government, which had already started to rebuild its army in connection with the Lend-Lease Act, while it enacted the first peacetime draft through the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, took absolutely no precautions to prevent the attack, clearly a false flag, that drew us into World War Two, as it was made possible by the earlier false flag of the Great Kantō Earthquake.

The United States Government had four months of notice that the Japanese would attack, at Pearl Harbor, and they did absolutely nothing.

The fix was in.


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